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Its good that your family members are safe.

Concerning what to do in such situations, if you had not stopped, the Innova guys could have lodged a complaint against you. Its tricky in that you would not know what to do and you would want to do the right thing.

If people act civilized, we wouldn't have such problems in the first place.

Originally Posted by Judemayne View Post
My question to all BHPians "Are we aliens in our own country just because we do not speak the local language?"- Col J H Mayne
Sir, it should really be a sad thing for a Army man to see such things. Somehow, we think the others(?) should be at fault. Can happen if one owns a costlier vehicle (the others)

@shankar_balan, I thought taxes are uniform to all !! The problems are national in nature.
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taxes indeed are uniform to all - there is an old saying - Nothing is permanent except Death and Taxes.
Yes it is definitely a National problem - this kind of parochial behaviour. It is not confined only to one or two states. I have seen it in a number of places - for example Bombay, Madras, Bangalore, Gurgaon etc.
Since I live in Bangalore I see it more often here which is why I took that example.

Originally Posted by srishiva View Post
@shankar_balan, I thought taxes are uniform to all !! The problems are national in nature.
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I would suggest getaway from such a situation and lodge a complaint in the next police station. If you dont lodge a complaint and those guys get your registeration they could make an FIR with all their imagination in it and one would be in soup..
What you can do is get to any police station on the way and let know the incident; they will direct you to the right police station as per the jurisdiction.
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Default Re: Accident near Salem - Cousin and driver beaten up.

My experience in highway taught me that i should never stop. The driver for my dad keeps insisting that if i hit anything from a cat to a idiot at the wrong place do not stop to help or check and drive to the nearest police station and not to the next village. The least is get to the toll and inform the police station. Travelling with a weapon in the vehicle will only worsen the situation. It might instigate more violence from the people around. If i were in your cousins shoe i would not have stopped and kept driving till the next police station. Hope this experience does not put them off from taking trips.
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Default Re: Accident near Salem - Cousin and driver beaten up.

Originally Posted by ampere View Post
This is really bad. Good that every one was safe. The best run to the nearest police station and return with the police. Else no one listens.

once an incident happened in a village area in TN. I was turning my car.. it was my mistake i took the car to the pocket road in reverse and was taking forward i local guy ( the guy looked like a pakka gunda as we see in tamil movies) came and hit my car and fell down 20 feets away.i was so scared as i didnt knew any one there i thought i going to beat me up like.... suddenly he ran to the bike took the bike and flew
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Default Re: Accident near Salem - Cousin and driver beaten up.

Its good to know that no one was severely injured in this mishap.

However it amazes me what our society is coming to, even after seeing that there was a lady in the other car, the Innova people did not stop bashing the driver. Sad is the word that comes to my mind. On the other hand, if in such a situation specially at night the ladies, if any, should be sincerely told to be inside the car at all times. You never know how these hulligans would react, more-so ever if they are drunk then matter can get much worse.

Such accidents really dont have a set rule or guideline which one should follow such as going away to the nearest police station, or to stop and check what happened etc. It's all a matter of thinking at that moment. Any bad decision and things can go totally wrong.

And yes we indeed are aliens in our own country if we do not speak the local language. I am presently in ahmedabad , having been brought up in North India i do not know Gujarati and hence i can testify to this fact.
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Default Re: Accident near Salem - Cousin and driver beaten up.

This situation certainly warrants a little care while overtaking especially if you see Taxi Innova's, sumo etc. First you will need to indicate you want to overtake once or twice and then wait for half a min before you make a move. After travelling so much on expressways of TN this is what I learnt. But I hope the fear has gone now after 2 years since the incident.
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