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In the videos at around 300kmph this beast has enough acceleration to do a wheeli. How come the driver is still holding on! At these crazy speeds wont he be pulled off the bike due to the drag?
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Originally Posted by 1Day

Note from mod : Thread merged. Please post car and bike videos only in this thread and do not start a new thread
Already posted earlier, see page 14....
Post #199 .... more bike vids there....
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amazing car control video. nsoy......

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Boing 747 vs mondeo and a citreon.
Top gear guys tried to find out what does being behind a jet angine feel like
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Its entertaning to watch sideways action. But when its with a 747, its purely exhilerating
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Bugatti Veyron take off -

You will not believe what you see. Frankly, the initial kick of this car is much greater than an F1 car (which struggles to put it's power down uptil 100mph).

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Default Honda : Impossible Dreams Video

Came across this today, As usual a great advert by Honda

================================================== ==

Impossible Dreams (02:00)
Released: December, 2005

This humorous commercial just about sums up Honda's approach to impossible dreams: By aiming for the impossible, Honda makes impossible dreams happen.

================================================== ==


p.s. Mods I searched before posting but couldnt find this posted anywhere, just in case its already posted please feel free to delete the thread :-)

Note from moderator : Threads merged

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Default Audi RS4 Avant Humbles M5
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Default Indiatimes Land Cruiser Video - Amazing

Hi Guys

Saw this amazing video and thought of sharing with you guys

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Old 14th August 2006, 17:41   #295
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Default Absolutely Amazing Automotive Acrobatics...

I'm dumbstruck. Just watch, and you'll know what I'm talking about.

This is for those who mock the Sonata...this guy's skills are- mindblowing.

This guy is simply...amazing...he's drafting a LEXUS....!!

This Beemer is....nuts....the damn opponent gets a 1-2 second lead, yet the BMW smacks him right up....

Ok. This guy is nuts. But we get to see the M5's brutal force.

There are some more, too....
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Default All BHP'ians - This is a must view

The last few seconds of this video are an absolute bliss ...

Not to be missed ... at any cost !
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Default 11 million hits in 6 hours

case history details on this advertisement.
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So you want to buy a super car? You may want to watch this video before signing the cheque.

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ha ha ha see this kick hasss buggati 400 kmph
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Hey Guys,

While browsing for some videos I stumbled upon this amazing video, check it out.

MODS: Incase this is not the right place please shift this to the right section. Placed it here since this was an international Automotive scene

Thread Merged

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