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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Originally Posted by NDMS View Post

Some more Centy and local stuff. The blue classic is dedicated to your dad cyrus. Isuzu dump truck, another jeep, a vintage chocolate delivery van, a hot wheels rally beetle, gypsy, even a maruti 800 with sunroof.

Pranav, Can you please advise on the make of this Jeep.

Name:  DSC00679.JPG
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Here is my humble collection:

McLaren MP4-12C (Bburago 1:24)
The Scale Model Thread-12c.jpg

Mercedes Benz 300SL (Bburago 1:24)
The Scale Model Thread-300sl.jpg

Ferrari 458 Speciale (Bburago 1:18)
The Scale Model Thread-458-speciale.jpg

Ferrari 488 GTB (Bburago 1:24)
The Scale Model Thread-488.jpg

Porsche 918 Spyder (RMZ City 1:36)
The Scale Model Thread-918.jpg

Porsche 911 GT3RS 4.0(Bburago 1:18)
The Scale Model Thread-997-rs-4.0.jpg

Porsche 911 GT3RS (Kinsmart 1:36)
The Scale Model Thread-997-rs.jpg

Mercedes AMG GT (Kinsmart 1:36)
The Scale Model Thread-amg-gt.jpg

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster (Bburago 1:24)
The Scale Model Thread-aventador-roadster.jpg

Lamborghini Aventador SV (Bburago 1:24)
The Scale Model Thread-aventador-sv.jpg

Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible (MSZ 1:43)
The Scale Model Thread-bentley-supersport.jpg

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG (Welly 1:43)
The Scale Model Thread-c63.jpg

Ferrari California T (Bburago 1:24)
The Scale Model Thread-cali-t.jpg

Porsche Cayman S (Kinsmart 1:34)
The Scale Model Thread-cayman-s.jpg

Bugatti Chiron (Maisto 1:18)
The Scale Model Thread-chiron.jpg

Ford Escort RS2000 Mk1 (Jada 1:43)
The Scale Model Thread-escort-mk1.jpg

Lotus Evora (Bburago 1:24)
The Scale Model Thread-evora.jpg

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (Bburago 1:24)
The Scale Model Thread-f12.jpg

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Mk1 (Bburago 1:18)
The Scale Model Thread-gallardo-sl-mk1.jpg

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera LP570-4 (Maisto 1:38)
The Scale Model Thread-gallardo-sl-mk2.jpg

Alfa Romeo Giulia (Bburago 1:24)
The Scale Model Thread-giulia.jpg

Maserati GranTurismo S (Kinsmart 1:38)
The Scale Model Thread-granturismo-s.jpg

Ford GT (Kinsmart 1:38)
The Scale Model Thread-gt.jpg

Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 (RMZ City 1:36)
The Scale Model Thread-huracan.jpg

Jaguar XKR-S (Bburago 1:24)
The Scale Model Thread-jag-xkrs.jpg

Ferrari LaFerrari (Bburago 1:24)
The Scale Model Thread-laferrari.jpg

Lamborghini Murcielago (Maisto 1:24)
The Scale Model Thread-murcielago.jpg

McLaren P1 (Kinsmart 1:36)
The Scale Model Thread-p1.jpg

Audi R8 V8 (Maisto 1:24)
The Scale Model Thread-r8-v8.jpg

Audi R8 V10+ (Maisto 1:18)
The Scale Model Thread-r8-v10.jpg
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Next up is another very special and unique VW T1.

Known as the Carlux this was a creation of Ernst Auwarter who was of German origin and was known for making minibuses.

He wanted to give his creation a different identity from the popular VW T1 and gave it a completely new look with a higher roof ( so passengers could walk to their seat instead of bending down) with curvature and tinted glasses, tall side windows and a front windscreen which was fully curved.

Only 24 models were made between 1960-63 and were bought by a travel operator from Switzerland for shuttling tourists especially in the Alps offering its 8 passengers more space and an incredible panoramic view.

This is a limited edition 1:43 Resin model made by Matrix and a total of 408 pieces were created of this particular 1963 version of the original Bus.

Some pictures...

The Scale Model Thread-85489dfa6a8149719e90243d0f68aed5.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-593f3b757ac7457cb7d3820c94d5f5c6.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-29438e3f557b4a1794fd8271af528268.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-c222681589ad4b7196b12a0a08a0fd65.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-1274618d6b9942a2a62faf28d7e5163c.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-0988d45f6102495893397e0889eeb3be.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-4682291ff3214888b37e205f0ddc6378.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-52129980a58b4d35a44db7abed487fa0.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-303733a2c0324941989099618aa5faf6.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-bc63209404134a128d2dfc072987dc6b.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-91a8ac9b1c1e45b6861294e6fbe2ced4.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-8a30a6542aca4471861a6db1eb446590.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-d24ac1d0c65d4e9ca7f5c6bd12725284.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-502e92c02beb4f449ae6b182d9fff99f.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-aaefc5498efe43aabb91b05600996973.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-6e542110f3ef40aa95423be678e7ebc1.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-6f933f78003c4e68b489a64e0b7c3bb1.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-1a26876f8bf14d0fa1ba08629f6bbd6f.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-2fcf62d8787e44e8b52f78014099fda9.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-2826d9dbb0dd414f899580665cd347fc.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-5de8aaf86d9d477abb2c1d8e1ceef22f.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-acb91d7dc9f04dd7b05b4f6ce5fe2c91.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-dfd774fe583748e99f9a137e89e76580.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-5ed13567c3fd430499e03b64d563019a.jpeg

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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Bought a 1:12 model of the Royal Enfield Meteor in Stellar Blue yesterday. A touch expensive, but it's quite well-detailed. I highly recommend it for collectors, fans, and owners of the bike !
Attached Thumbnails
The Scale Model Thread-20210207_000650030101.jpeg  

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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Some F1 scale models that I have not taken out of the packaging. 1:43 scale models are from Altas and the bigger 1:24 scale are from IXO.

Also a 1:64 scale RWB Porsche 930 with the transporter from How Wheels.

The Scale Model Thread-f02958c32f4e4992a6f5f265e52c7384.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-2d50a9d6f1ae4d42b539c5c9a99f0118.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-6b0c1c9f886f43e88d55882acad5f789.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-e81fea1234684a1d9800a8aebc6a6bb7.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-231721d139864b14842dd2f59f7a00af.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-3689920fff2341ffa1d43a45402967f0.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-1d693efa14d94a4bba5bbeb281ae91a0.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-b4195212566e4bb0b359a4825ffe8223.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-9c5bd816176a46a8b90e9b3f1312a521.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-8acee2518a6d4e22abda9c5089e2ddfc.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-7e4f48307ae34876adccdd3316293395.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-93903489423c4b8092da1a42a652b115.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-edc1649f04694e338380d6fc0832c70d.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-1b0e0219bdbd405b8ec67272d9ac1c05.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-482c5bc9bc394f0486e0338e91a0a840.jpeg
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Japanese manufacturers had tasted success in F1, Rally and other forms of racing except endurance racing especially the 24hrs Le Mans. This was changed by a relatively small company based out of Hiroshima named Mazda.

In 1991 they created history by not only being the first Japanese company to win at Le Mans but also the only company to win with a rotary engine a record which stands till date.

The Mazda 787B was an improved version of the 787 developed and designed by Nigel Stroud which were raced in the 1990 event, but unfortunately had to retire due to excessive engine heat. The engine used in the 787B was the R26B which had 4 Rotor totalling to 2.6l. This engine was capable of producing 900hp (in 1991 ) but was restricted to 700hp to improve reliability and would produce 608nm of torque. And to top it all was the sound of the exhaust which was just brilliant.

During the race despite starting from the 19th position car no 55 was instructed by the team manager to go flat out as he and his engineer had seen how reliable and fuel efficient the car was during testing. This strategy helped in the early stage of the race and the car eventually moved up to third place. Totally the car covered 4,932.2 kms in 24hrs with an average speed of 205.38 kph to win the race.

This is a 1:18 scale model of the winning car no 55 made by CMR.

Some pictures...

The Scale Model Thread-8e4ad76962284d1eae4cdf51206141ad.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-ff888b30ae0a4e23b6a93a6e63aea390.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-dc3c90edb8484b018c104129e1d57be7.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-8eba21b2d5974be5a7965cfd31ed7af1.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-0b2174f92f18414a91e865aec424cbc6.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-ce7da7418a2a49fbbc1f477b720fdc03.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-b38ee918377947eebe26933bc4b7f8df.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-954b7b06ed404b2d920205d906a40d56.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-95d5614afc89476eae76b02f99cc2e30.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-06b99427b36f421db2a61134bb8c65a4.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-2b57ca1ea839424a88cd53985bbc51bc.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-87e2e2c4986b4fea9e7db8a1bd6c0993.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-f143d1ce87c84895aa96a44f3f003c15.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-47e6242e7e2a48348f960f6196cd2309.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-6a5b7dac2c76426794b715d910a3bc08.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-e517c01778aa4502b379b9682330ca41.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-9650c6e8fd6b4e4ba9c9c1a6ad955092.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-dc1b5859c59e4f4ca1a11edba7ec7d15.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-5a7645911ecb4fb8bdc91a26f8da5113.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-19ac0655feb2475894ed6ac4185e5985.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-1d98b5c8c1954918a47b98f9039af3d9.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-09b5243ae3434b6095486367a4feccdc.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-b49cc089a3ed4d018a6b5b293a23057a.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-d548d3c12c8c45a6b8c6cd266005efc3.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-2a8120390b174a6f9168be75f2d97536.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-35280308911149f1b3ec12e195436981.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-ae72d20b957a40c7b07fe3c3db2ca8c5.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-0ce71e3dd4fd4790b5700c0607383389.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-1a92d0a2509e426086b1c1ddece9501a.jpeg

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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Made this from an old cycle tyre to display some of the 1:64's
Attached Thumbnails
The Scale Model Thread-76122596c5b34d8da4afd134922ca777.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-f6ccc73b3df041eb89a16628f18b8598.jpeg  

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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

The legendary Ferrari V8s!

Just acquired this 488 today.
Attached Thumbnails
The Scale Model Thread-img_20210222_230951__01.jpg  

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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

1:87 scale Land Rover 88 with trailer and Mini Cooper from Schuco.

The Scale Model Thread-79c8cd034be94c9487be50e3e38e6e60.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-5ed1cc3683304dc098531bc9ced1d52f.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-ac2df9eaadc84bb495ebe953faa925b1.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-8564e83446f648df8c3ea3a623a14ce9.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-d31c550dbd8a4f4ba0cf595e432eed09.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-b19f09bb83ab4fd792a26e2bbfd331c2.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-86bad131e0bf469c81f47d23e4f6fff1.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-7b7012a331a44e79b3558642705556c3.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-2ba963f7318f4d65ab103551cfe3cfd2.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-09123c2453664a15ac77be33437ff54d.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-b5739310227d4b368b23ffef7c52da85.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-081ba2472ce04eab82af79bd68f9577a.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-17420664d0b84d08a053818bcb40c88c.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-d56de72c81b442bb8ca84284f78d0f01.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-d22e98400b044d9e8da5bcdd59a178fc.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-bab23e9afdc34b6bafc51d4151ff6333.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-beb3dc9741bb43e291da74e834618dd8.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-83350a539fc14a3e9f4efcada20d1af8.jpeg
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Originally Posted by virajmore03 View Post
Made this from an old cycle tyre to display some of the 1:64's
What’s that six wheeler at the bottom right corner? Could we have a few close ups please?
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Originally Posted by Jeroen View Post
What’s that six wheeler at the bottom right corner? Could we have a few close ups please?
Looks like the G63 AMG 6*6
Attached Images
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Originally Posted by Jeroen View Post
What’s that six wheeler at the bottom right corner? Could we have a few close ups please?
Its the G63 AMG 6x6 from matchbox
Attached Thumbnails
The Scale Model Thread-270ceaff274248c4bc40cc5feff39aab.jpeg  

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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

This 1936 Rolls Royce Phantom III was unique in many ways from having a massive 7.3 litre V12 engine that could take it up to a top speed of 145 kph to a odd front-slopping windshield that made it 15% aerodynamic. Also, this was one of the last Rolls Royce model to get a V12 engine as the next V12 came after a gap of almost six decades.

Mr. Alan Butler who was the Chairman of the De Havilland Aircraft Company, originally ordered the opulent sedan. He specified it from coachmaker HJ Mulliner for the front-sloping windshield and the car also featured an enclosed spare tire and sculpted tail.

The car was later bought by General Bernard Montgomery (Monty) who had served in both WWI & WWII. Out of his three Rolls this was his favourite and used it as a daily up to 1962.

This is a 1:43 scale model of the same car made by TSM Model

Some pictures...

The Scale Model Thread-bf527b4d53ca4686a47e2ae3d59aaa37.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-5148433619714506bf4f5e6266dbc50d.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-931c10356fa6472fb1d9f83555a69e45.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-62735a63a70f4c5f8e2d3be045806173.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-0143a0b5016e413d8d57336b6b20bfa7.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-101153b80f064e549184a1fb20372da5.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-75908e31d2d149e58c5c8c6cd2d99fed.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-dc53aeb41740483cbbe90a2cbdd875db.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-dad908c8eaf749a1b1c404db7c810283.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-b3dc377b0dab459c903c4011335d01d3.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-cfa000abdeb4414484329c5563998ecc.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-3ca41140e23c45b5b50a13c315deb872.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-d2fb94f5c08e44b5b468df0509981a42.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-30151ba653b44a52b0500b152eece5f4.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-56bd45ed7c754b30ad705c0555cb55d8.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-8cdde21c06594ba2a84a30b1123ca650.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-12a75aebf070411b94cd2cbce509a0dd.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-908e02b95eda4b23a019d7b1eb55cc5e.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-5da62ce0c38447c0bf3aad0c0857aa02.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-dd6f1d33677c4d1382bcbcbff6aaf8ac.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-e8b1b2779a4b4947a235fd0fa31a5bab.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-0e910f46780a48f39544cea5247e39dc.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-3000cb9fd77143628d9c4304c1cea7f6.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-af9abee1d6ad4c749f5fe4d0406878be.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-d4a3747fda7146fe947d60fbdc1a94dc.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-7e1835aedf194a3dace1c75ea9b0cf9d.jpeg
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Had the purchased this model almost two years ago, but only managed to get my hands on it today. Totally worth the wait.

This car quite eloquently summarises what F1 is all about.... Innovation. There's a whole lot to read up on the internet, tons of videos and a lot of technical analysis about this car (so not going to write anything here).

Presenting the 1:18 Tyrrell P34 driven by Jody Scheckter at 1976 Swedish grand prix (model made by Exoto).

The Scale Model Thread-img_20210326_202649.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20210326_202801__01.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20210326_202730__01.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20210326_202659__01.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20210326_202714__01.jpg
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

A few 1:43 scale models from the V12 collection

The Scale Model Thread-0769761abd76475b90eca053f503cfa7.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-231bf866dd014e9aa641226e0dcf853b.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-743be8de62234e94834568ed01608f79.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-8fcf45d9afde48adb9caf7f087da5ff9.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-d95a9c7b7fd2413380e1c890e1aa32c3.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-f96fe8162eab44c1ac69d8b0a67c892f.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-0e16a8ca853f4e72b92316860b6cb54c.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-ed51231d685b4bbab3f4674b0a169cf9.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-a8c6d7b2bd0a4c8aa8029de9ccc15e35.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-1a1db661141a41859f63424f2f714c56.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-b1a5c9f137474319bc67240bb77a986a.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-13dc14666dfe4eb4aab24d7ba0fbbfcd.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-21d9b41be01a42f8bdfc37c2025a9cfb.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-45a07a2c0d244f6e9e64b942ce418578.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-35f8220f5b194cf0a935ee5749953f8c.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-2c25b1b290c74516b9c76c0d30f2fd4c.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-ad9d3404ae664ad7b81754fa51fc73cd.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-25727dc9b52049db943a0c6ccb7091d6.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-41f09a7e6c114636b2d7735df205ce81.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-c07157491c1f4ac1ab5c0d9b464efda9.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-297d91da478b4aaa90f761e4ebebfee7.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-96b50fcf88fc4e54b04fbb50cb7b0315.jpeg
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