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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

I had no particular theme in mind when I started collecting scale models and would pick up models of cars and bikes which I always wished to have in my garage.

But now I have started adding some detailed models in my collection and wanted to build up a collection of cars with the V12 engines.

Will post detailed pictures once I take them out of the packing completely. Till then some unboxing pictures of the first two additions

The Scale Model Thread-6381198120b54cf389635368fd6012c6.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-492beb505bd14a62a83a5e38fa3f7381.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-bb30b99f9eaa4ec7ab79a615af5a16ba.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-fb62c7a638644653b23824653fbc8b87.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-7e7f153e695542968e12fd53cf652982.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-1b8d657e6d5441f6925f278abb459eea.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-51bcaf2d56a046e4ba4ffba1a65f9ea9.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-38c78aa2999b4db5b0b7bc4953d56609.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-0d49c6ac8c45434b8e3cd68d432ef508.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-fd4e07755c9848429ff7d64652a25dd6.jpeg
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Bentley Continental GT scale model

Name:  SmartSelect_20200808141233_Chrome.jpg
Views: 1608
Size:  145.7 KB

Each Bentley Continental GT 1:8 scale model has been made up of over 1,000 individual pieces and assembled by hand, and took 300 hours to build.

Name:  SmartSelect_20200808141245_Chrome.jpg
Views: 1608
Size:  183.3 KB

It measures 78 cm in length, 40 cm in width and 24.4 cm in height. Details seen in a full-size car cabin have been mimicked carefully in the miniature.

The tiny steering wheel features impeccably-copied cross-stitching. The 1:8 model costs 6,995.

Name:  SmartSelect_20200808141257_Chrome.jpg
Views: 1558
Size:  187.8 KB

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Picked up these two.

A 1:43 Pagani Huuaaayyyrraaaa. 1:43 is not my scale of choice and I picked it up because I loved the silver color on it and it would look good on my work desk.

The second model is a 1:18 288 GTO in my favorite color combo. Black with tan interiors. I just need to get a 1:18 F50 and my Ferrari5 collection would be complete! I have it in 1:43 already.

The Scale Model Thread-imageuploadedbyteambhp1596904453.878470.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-imageuploadedbyteambhp1596904490.286270.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-imageuploadedbyteambhp1596904505.726996.jpg

Also ordered a 1:18 AutoArt Huracan Performante which should be here next week. The exact same model as the reference pic below.

The Scale Model Thread-imageuploadedbyteambhp1596904552.060395.jpg

Happy collecting!
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

First from the V12 collection is a CMC 1:18 1969 Ferrari 312P engine along with a flanged five speed transmission

The Scale Model Thread-89a3bf4b5d5c4ee198b2408480f3ba39.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-abe11eb98b1d46ec9a84f3116a051d3d.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-6bcd90f260534db4b61c9408dd6ec2f7.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-8e81e7c52c7546118c40feffe8004c0c.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-52a0ce145e824b82b4b960ebaf1fed46.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-67d3c75070db4f49a052b2b21bd7497e.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-36e5c5b663604ae69a9b40cd6e008b75.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-ea7d0a172f3346e2a724b51cd16a5619.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-8d011cfaed0e4bae8b82d6aaecc0873b.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-55a9249c63934651b11a0ef9c7f1e073.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-028b05282ae042fda954057927c407aa.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-b722c65fec2d4d15992a51a706505c71.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-e3e06b417e0a4235b90e3736a578ac6a.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-d2ebf1f9258547f4b726ed54250c1f86.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-c0f183f4c47c4b1f9544d4637e6c9825.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-984d6bcfc03c40b3918b78829cdca9ce.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-44a044f3ed2e463ebff0d2c0678047df.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-984153faa8e549f0a4090b99d9b087be.jpeg

How the real one sounds. My dad thought the scale model would actually start as it is so detailed

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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

The lockdown gave me an opportunity to try something I had always wanted to.

Built it over a period of 4-5 days and it was an immensely enjoyable journey! Even without proper tools Just this kit, liquid cement (as they call it), and 3/4 acrylic colors (black, brown, white, red, yellow).

The attention to detail is mind-boggling. You even get 3 different styles of decals in the kit if you want to be absolutely authentic. I just picked my favourite bits from all 3, and skipped some

The Scale Model Thread-20200709_131753.jpg
The Kit

The Scale Model Thread-20200711_132132.jpg
Painting the wheels

The Scale Model Thread-20200711_135550.jpg
Engine mounted on chasis, the engine itself is a 4-5 piece build

The Scale Model Thread-20200711_135833.jpg
Test fit for the body over chassis+engine

The Scale Model Thread-20200711_195656.jpg
Suspension bits, exhaust system added to the chassis

The Scale Model Thread-20200717_194357.jpg
Interior bits go in, seats, gear levers, steering column

The Scale Model Thread-20200717_201901.jpg
Test fit for the wheels, look at that stance

The Scale Model Thread-20200717_203249.jpg
More engine parts go in - radiator top, horn, battery etc.

The Scale Model Thread-20200717_233727.jpg
Adding color to the rear - pintle hook, lights, reflectors

The Scale Model Thread-20200718_114854.jpg
Windscreen attached, some accessories (guns) painted

The Scale Model Thread-20200718_114907.jpg
Windscreen up

The Scale Model Thread-20200718_114918.jpg
Interiors bits and bobs with some accessories - axe, spade, gun etc. Notice the glove box decal

The Scale Model Thread-20200718_210235.jpg
Decals applied!

The Scale Model Thread-20200718_210323.jpg
Final look - rear 3/4

The Scale Model Thread-20200718_210537.jpg
I love this look though! Absolutely drool worthy

The Scale Model Thread-20200719_124740.jpg
I won't share the driver's seat, so he'll have to be content with the rear bench

Pardon the quality, as the compression seems to have made them a bit choppy.
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Fullfilled my long time wish to get an F40.

Presenting the F40 in 1:24 by Bburago. Will be joining my F50, Enzo and LaFerrari in 1:24. Now search starts for a 288 GTO in 1:24
Attached Thumbnails
The Scale Model Thread-img_20200814_1847432.jpg  

The Scale Model Thread-img_20200814_1847232.jpg  

The Scale Model Thread-img_20200814_1847072.jpg  

The Scale Model Thread-img_20200814_1846532.jpg  

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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

New addition.

The Ducati Desmosedici
Attached Thumbnails
The Scale Model Thread-bc7f4c2e6ed047eebb5703d73129df85.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-f48ec3d8d4844d0ab9aede0ac255a4c2.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-a2a651f97a9b4579a43bd0ff4b931ae4.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-7e77b27f0d8b40a997d2bfaf19558c95.jpeg  

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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Thanks to BM Designs for sending these images in. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing them with other enthusiasts via this Team-BHP page!


I send herewith, some photos of my creation. It's a handmade miniature of the Maruti Gypsy King modified version. All things, except the tyres are hand crafted. It took 3 months to complete it and is made of a pvc foam sheet and mount board.
The Scale Model Thread-img2020081316180101.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-img20200815wa0210.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20200815_153648_492.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20200817_185240_737.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20200817_110941_362.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img20200815wa0208.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img20200815wa0211.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img20200815wa0212.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img20200815wa0215.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img20200815wa0213.jpg

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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

That is beautiful, you have some real talent sir!
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
Thanks to BM Designs for sending these images in. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing them with other enthusiasts via this Team-BHP page!
That looks too damn good for a scale model. The proportions and details are perfect. Does anyone know where you can get a good Gypsy scale model.

Here's is my play time during work.
Attached Thumbnails
The Scale Model Thread-psx_20200821_122841.jpg  

Attached Images
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

When it comes to "AtmaNirbhar Bharat", I do not know any company other than Centy Toys who manufactures scale models. And I am a big fan of them. Before I got to know about Bburago, Maisto, Welly, Mattel etc. I already had a few collections from Centy Toys (and some Shinsey too) since my school days and still collecting whenever they launch new models.
Although all are plastic models, the proportion is immaculate and build quality is reasonably good for the price. But almost all models are unlicensed and so the exact names were not mentioned in the packets.
Here are pictures of some of my collections:

The popular Creta, branded as KRT1.6 by centy
The Scale Model Thread-creta-front.jpg
The Scale Model Thread-creta-rear111.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-auto11.jpg

This one may be MB G Class, labeled as 'G-Power':
The Scale Model Thread-mb-g11212.jpg
The Scale Model Thread-mb-g-1111.jpg

Vitarra Brezza:
The Scale Model Thread-brezza1.jpg

QUV 2.4, read: Qualis
The Scale Model Thread-qualis111.jpg

This one is labeled as 'Tiger SUV', might be VW Taigun:
The Scale Model Thread-tigun.jpg

One of my favorites- the Force Traveller Ambulance variant with reasonable inside detailing:
The Scale Model Thread-tt111.jpg
The Scale Model Thread-tt-rear.jpg

Tata Magic cargo:
The Scale Model Thread-tempo.jpg
The Scale Model Thread-magic-rear.jpg

And my most favourite, perfectly rendered Tata Truck. Only drawback I see is that no dual paired rear wheels:
The Scale Model Thread-telco111.jpg
The Scale Model Thread-telco2111.jpg

One Ashok Leyland Tipper:
The Scale Model Thread-al-truck.jpg

A DCM Truck with a raisable deck:
The Scale Model Thread-dcm-truck.jpg

A Tata Oil Tanker:
The Scale Model Thread-telco-tanker111.jpg

A less common bigger sized greatly rendered XUV500, might be around 1:18 scale:
The Scale Model Thread-xuv500.jpg

A few still unpacked models: a Tractor, Skoda Octavia and Toyota Fortuner:
The Scale Model Thread-set1.jpg

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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Picked a couple of 1:24 models from Hameley's Mumbai way back in 2012. A Lambo from Motor Max and a Range Rover from Welly. The Land Rover seems to have a connect to the elephant.
Attached Thumbnails
The Scale Model Thread-20200821_234538.jpg  

The Scale Model Thread-20200821_234848.jpg  

The Scale Model Thread-20200821_234702.jpg  

The Scale Model Thread-20200821_235005.jpg  

The Scale Model Thread-20200821_235052.jpg  

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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Second from the V12 collection is a AUTOart 1:18 scale Lamborghini Centenario Roadster in clear carbon with yellow accents. This is my first scale model from AUTOart and my first and only Lamborghini in the collection yet.

Some pictures:

The Scale Model Thread-b6dba202291b42558a943fcf16dc6383.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-ae184fceb85b4b55bebde6c4b5fbc120.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-8ca03c82b5644660a0c0b9943d674f09.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-740fa82fc9ca444296d3fca36cd1d075.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-022656921a2446e7a5740a5eca33f66c.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-b130afa01d8a4caab9bd15f208ce3b6e.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-d923154297dc4e7384dd19f7edf712d4.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-ab691647fd314e11a31556ab7154b83a.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-f8ff0554ed1b434c98eef991bc2ffc3e.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-5eb773e49d4c44cfaeaac0058f7c6f81.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-21d07fd21df04d3a81d866e68aaf8324.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-8e51a4a1fbbf4770a2b01d6b6dc359a9.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-ec7819c9e3484aba96e8dcb6833342f1.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-947043d9ba1945538e70cb038105b959.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-d6f07267e81b4c79a1897b35a398141b.jpeg

A video on the Centenario by James aka TheStradman

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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Originally Posted by virajmore03 View Post
Some 1:64's from the collection.

Civic type r
Gt3 rs

Make - Majorette
Nice realisitc shots. But Majorette is not generally 1:64 scale. The scale is mentioned on the plastic base. I also collect them, for their realism and lensed headlights (which is basically a part of the plastic windshield / windows). Though their wheel rims can be more realistic.

Actual scales are:
Hypermobil Exsis-i 1/68

Civic Type R 1/58 ? - I think (I have a CR-X but not the Civic)

Porsche 911 GT3 1/59
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Some shots of the 288 GTO

The Scale Model Thread-imageuploadedbyteambhp1598686933.297503.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-imageuploadedbyteambhp1598686960.988598.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-imageuploadedbyteambhp1598686977.105791.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-imageuploadedbyteambhp1598686991.313683.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-imageuploadedbyteambhp1598687008.336225.jpg

The classic black exterior with tan interiors!
The Scale Model Thread-imageuploadedbyteambhp1598687026.226269.jpg

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