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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

A nice outing this morning with the ‘96 Jeep Cherokee.

The Scale Model Thread-a7cbf33455314e47b4baf4d503bb7748.jpeg

The Scale Model Thread-5c36e3aeeb364a2fb1c06f4ec27208b5.jpeg
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

F1 GTR (long tail) which took part at Le Mans in 1998 in 1:18 scale from Minichamps. This model was limited to only 304 pieces.

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0098.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0097.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0100.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0104.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0106.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0107.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0108.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0113.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0122.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0133.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0150.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0152.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0161.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0162.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0176.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0188.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0189.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0198.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0200.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0211.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0215.jpg
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

I have been a Hot-wheels and match-box collector ever since I started earning, but wanted to post something very serious about scale models scenario in India. In fact, I would say this needs a separate thread altogether!

Mattel's Hot Wheels and Match-box brand scale models are no longer available here in Pune, you will be lucky to get one from a toy shop near you. The prices of models online have increased manyfold

Just 8 months back in December 2022, I brought a Mercedes A-Class and a Porsche for 120 Rupees a piece, guess what is the price you will see online for the same today ???

The Scale Model Thread-hw_porche.jpg
Got this car for INR 120 !!!

The Scale Model Thread-hw_subaru.jpg
And this one for INR 80 2 years back!!

These tiny cars costing 120-300 Rupees are now selling at 1500-2500 Rupees.

I asked the local shopkeeper, he said they stopped taking these models from distributors as they know they are too expensive for anyone to purchase, especially when you have cheap imitations coming from China. Even big shops like Hamley's are not having these models in stock, same is the case for other brands like Wellys and Bburago. They are just not there on the shelves anymore :(

Guess what the cheap Chinese cars cost now?
They cost Rupees 120 a piece, previously I could get it for 40-60 Rupees from a local shop. They are quite flimsy and will break if you step on them. The chassis is screwed to the body instead of riveted like original HWs.

My brother staying in UK has the same concern, he says this HW model costing a Pound or so is now about 6 Pounds.

I am not sure what triggered such a drastic increase in price of the scale models, but as a collector I am disheartened by this. My kid and my nephews are all crazy about these models which I used to purchase after a lot of searching. I have had some of the best cars but they took away all my collection

Here's a recent one taken during summers, my kid was playing with this on the 'fort' that we built in Diwali, which was in ruins in summer ...
The Scale Model Thread-land-rover.jpg
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Its a long time since I came to this thread. It is my favourite thread in all of team bhp. As a total scale model car nut case collector I should sit and photograph and catalogue my entire collection, the bulk of which is in 1:43 and 1:64.

Anyway thats something on the ‘to do’ list. And in these last so many years, Ive been steadily adding to my collection, especially in these last 3 years pandemic notwithstanding.

Here are just a few pics. And I ll use this thread from now on as my motivation to photograph and post more from my collection. (The larger majority of my collection still repose in their original boxes and/ or blister packs - unopened but admired and gloated over.)

(In that sense I am definitely a bit like Tolkien’s Gollum and his Preciousss.)

Ive just received several more little cars with a few more expected in the next few days so I shall definitely spend time to photograph and post.

I just love these beautiful pieces of scale model Art!
Attached Thumbnails
The Scale Model Thread-57a25ace673a4b0bb0dbeda2bf016ab2.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-827f02ccb880428e949f6aa91abf57eb.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-c9c796f1ed1c4bd5accd392bbf4e9a5b.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-b493d3768c624a35a928477a3931273e.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-3d9c4c7d448a40039caa072c8084b22a.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-a804742f512c4e0480079b8065bf6af5.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-8475fdf151714082a774bc58e3ef08ad.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-6b931fc4a4994119a06be5a604c098ae.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-9785631b92274442a7cdcc27215930b1.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-8ffab1964dcc411c9bfcb128f93d29d9.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-d0f6e2a4ff234716b8b87f5a42c43a96.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-3dc9742ba8eb41b9949b6a5d07a0cc72.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-340751ee587b4910a585a021f7cc8b02.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-4c24533fec65485ea7808490c0274889.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-5e6d71f5bf534b11a087852478d8c46c.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-0572019505eb4ae7abce12e5edefca10.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-a660ac8f23c548778778d609b4bdbca0.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-ed0c469ca42847b8acf05eac2e391197.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-80e07929b13147a881742d27f1de5902.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-2e44ae70f1d84dc89e41b8d9c9fe38f7.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-7257862af64f4ff08eec14fc3eabdbf5.jpeg  

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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Not your convention model, but it's still made to scale (1:2)....

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220627_195411.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220627_195337.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220619_213135.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220619_213103.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220619_213029.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img20220502182342.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img20220502182332.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img20220502182353.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img20220502181325.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img20220502181349.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img20220502181444.jpg
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Here are some more of my little cars.

A few more… and many more to come by and by..
I really need to sit and catalogue all these lovelies.

And more little cars. Some of these tiny Tomicas are really well detailed.

Couldnt resist posting this.
My tiny 1:64 Matchbox Mini Cooper S R56.
And my real one as well.
Photographed roughly at the same angle.

The Italian Job Mini Coopers.
I just could not get the White one to complement the other two.
And a couple of Land rovers and the 007 2CV and so on…

And a few more to go here….
Some rare ones and some classics too.
Attached Thumbnails
The Scale Model Thread-32576e97b345496cb76d268cefc11b0d.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-9d6a9e276dd94d5d8d5726c5c3a0be99.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-1198058398844e02adb2caa8a107e009.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-ab5f70e2a7994902aaf6c59d767aeafa.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-9b6358e7a79049858a41452b353ea78d.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-f0f6068cff584c8cb0e7d1526f1ab9cd.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-6c6e5e41770547169de47b37bd89e123.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-b395c912ca344008aa8a389cdab76c91.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-84d46ec2adf54275b34ab4a632153a19.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-e3449800d3e849938eb8bc4ae4cffb00.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-95a7da76d6bf408a9d6915b684b5fead.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-435230dca67b40a989cc1791b94fdb5e.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-7e28c78f44b8464d90e1d81433bb0478.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-0ad6e981374848fa878c74806c983704.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-b200281784a84c59b5d573288df59634.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-09a83f8decfb4575978fdfa02b1f0e15.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-da9ce1e854144f6286de29546979d27e.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-0a112b1d81594c4ebae24dab83ed59c6.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-f027ad8e2f7a4ec1b3b1cbda1b925b82.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-75f67d0b513d4f76ae44574574f02caa.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-86f610f3027846eda1804b1428887207.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-bcfcafad0e104c889ce05efbeefe7e9c.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-a95781e67487420bb3e9b342dcb2227a.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-5fadbafa28fa4687b1610ea60c7926a2.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-4c13a25ffbd341f6bc1ae26027c4ce9c.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-c9955c53572f4660873f38a1af6c48a3.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-84f2ec32ac3c45cb8cbd840e0828c263.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-fdcd59f264a54009b797133bd500fb7f.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-9a25824675064dabb2faa50b6d4ab5bd.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-5ddff4b41f574fa5b10ed8d15c6bd260.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-3bf005a075ea42c8ac06a751e8ad1dca.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-f521cbef07ce4afeb310013d40816975.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-aaa6403de15c41c98fb2e82cdb05d0ca.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-941ae2c28f92425384273c1b2deffca8.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-b4dce52971d2466fad951552576b5361.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-2aff1c6ab8bf4906b48c52ea8656cc25.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-cb99dfb7875c4c31ab8ed204b04983dc.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-60c4a098ec7449a4a50275e11d8616dd.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-725465fc1abc48548c66a3fc7781545f.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-993bfbcc5df74e488f5deaa5345f7665.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-7da383192fb34062bf5027d6ea766296.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-9290bfbe59e04fbd88a74efb7315b138.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-3b69bbdcb7c64fe6bcaf1beb56491b36.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-6164745c118248bc9c03de047ee24ec4.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-60f550356e8b44769b8785b109eca42c.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-19b6a9e0f96d4e45ab7af36cc2fa27b0.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-64ebefea6b8f4336a5e9a0327d839ef8.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-dc48934f9863443bb536e599c8ac0d32.jpeg  

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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

This is a 1:18 scale model of the Koenig Specials F50 from GT Spirit which had a limited production of 999 pieces only.

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0001.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0002.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0003.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0004.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0006.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0009.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0015.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0021.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0024.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0032.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0023.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0037.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0043.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0044.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0047.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0050.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0052.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0055.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0063.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0068.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0071.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0072.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0073.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0075.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0080.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0084.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0095.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e0090.jpg
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

A bunch of 1:43’s… all picked up on various travels and several bought here in India too over the years.

I know the photos can be better with the covers off but I dont want to remove the cars from their boxes.

Yes before you ask, indeed there are some repeats. But thats because if I like a particular car then I sometimes buy multiple examples of it.

But thats just me. Like I said before, Im a bit like Tolkiens Gollum with his Preciouss.
Attached Thumbnails
The Scale Model Thread-754dd50c23fd48b5a53ffe3b768675ec.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-aa06cf8b1b074c4088a4ad8a72108afc.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-824cc82c99a84736930632ee34a47a81.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-ffa90276e54c49d4998893bfd5509262.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-6306d268e45d4f4f9b39221842d39c74.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-716b1c04e62d48728e8159a54e7dc78f.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-d05349de98304ec799fd00c1267f6f95.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-ad83c693365b4f93aaacc10ca16fd8f8.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-bc97e46b3dc546b194cdde463a9bdd3e.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-8c2e4160efc341c9873daedfc0a509c4.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-eefee58b3d974762b56c73c203ad1b1b.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-b473e36159d545ca82381fa0a4faf886.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-5f041999f327451c829061f7b18a3f91.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-4883d6b7d6eb4209abee173c0836a479.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-806333b7a9fc47079161e00ac0dcc442.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-4e2520ae96034f199b35873332f7afa0.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-60244c47cd3745388c996c01c0d6098e.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-0a5a5bcbad434bf6ba7bfff998667452.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-d024b54d821d46f7876c3916f396889d.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-9edd91cd8efc43cc8fe473c1ff42bdd2.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-73a2114e20ba441cba7eea003d704673.jpeg  

The Scale Model Thread-19810219439143978387328bd493f9d1.jpeg  

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Some Random shots of my favourites

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220614_222035.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220614_222207.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220614_222313.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220614_222413.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220614_222534.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220614_222600.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220614_222628.jpg

Some night shots....

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220614_212810.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220614_212935.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220614_213050.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220614_213110.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220614_213221.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220614_213706.jpg

Off-roading somewhere near Jim Corbett

The Scale Model Thread-1img_20220529_053106.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-2img_20220529_053116.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-3img_20220529_053617.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-4img_20220529_055449.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_053453.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_053459.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_053507.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_053534.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055116.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055124.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055133.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055152.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055157.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055213.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055228.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055235.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055244.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055250.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055625.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055634.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055736.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055743.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055755.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055759.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055802.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055805.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055817.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055823.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055832.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_20220529_055843.jpg

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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

1971 Datsun 510 designed by Jun Imai the founder of Kaido House and built in collaboration by MINI GT in 1:64 scale.

The Scale Model Thread-img_e4539.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e4540.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e4541.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e4542.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e4545.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e4547.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e4555.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e4556.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e4557.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e4563.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e4573.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e4582.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e4593.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e4594.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e4599.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e4602.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_e4604.jpg
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Added this 1:64 Stance Hunter Fiat 642 RN2 Transporter Ferrari Bartoletti Diecast from 1957 in my collection.

The Scale Model Thread-img_1685.jpg

My friend Rian Dutta from Kolkata is an avid collector of 1:64 scale models and he has a keen interest in collecting Ferraris. I got a chance to shoot my Fiat 642 RN2 Transporter with his collectibles -

The Scale Model Thread-img_1666.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_1670.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_1677.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_1687.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-img_1694.jpg
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

The Scale Model Thread-20220629_131115.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-20220629_131153.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-20220629_131205.jpg

The Scale Model Thread-20220629_131138.jpg

I also own the same scale sourced by Rian, I must say he is not only a great collector but also a great importer of die casts.
Among all of my scales present in my collection, this one is one of the best casting. Both interior and exterior detailing of this Fiat 642 is awsome.
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Guys, is there an online site where I can order scale models? I found few on Flipkart and Amazon but the detailing on them looks cheap. Plus the good ones seem to be imported and would take too long to arrive. Please do let me know
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

Sure there are;

Here are a few


Originally Posted by udidecoy.2302 View Post
Guys, is there an online site where I can order scale models? I found few on Flipkart and Amazon but the detailing on them looks cheap. Plus the good ones seem to be imported and would take too long to arrive. Please do let me know
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Default Re: The Scale Model Thread

I must say some of the pics and collections is just... faboulous!

I wanted to have a scale model of vehicles I owned - Fiat Palio, Chevrolet Beat and Suzuki S-cross, but none of these are available in any of the sites listed above. Is there still a way to get them?
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