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Default Re: R.I.P. Mihir Saxena (ethanhunt123)

Guys.... just a thought; and I don’t mean to turn this into a commercial conversation. But someone should maybe give Ducati Corporate a heads-up about ethanhunt123, and about his unabashed love for their 90 degree V-Twins. Also to tell them about how Mihir did everything he could to evangelise Ducati’s unique brand of engineering in the biking community in Bangalore and beyond.

Maybe they will appreciate knowing what a massive Ducatista he was till the very end and who knows, maybe they will find a way to honour a respected (albeit unofficial) spokesperson in their own way.

(I say this because my first ever bike was a Monster 750. I still fondly remember the rumble of that (relatively small) V-Twin 20 years after I had it. And yet despite the obviously positive impressions that I carry of the bike and of the brand, I haven’t said a word to anyone around me to get them to give it a go with Ducati.)

In any case, I never expected to be so affected by Mihir‘s passing. It certainly has been a tough couple of days. Actually, who am I kidding?! It has been a monumentally shite year.

P. S.

BROZ guys; all of you rock. Best Wishes.

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Default Re: R.I.P. Mihir Saxena (ethanhunt123)

Thanks, I Just sent a message to ducati India on Facebook with the link to the thread, maybe they will post a small message in his memory. It will be a great way to honor him.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Mihir Saxena (ethanhunt123)

Rest in Peace! May God give the strength to the grieving friends and family!
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Default Re: R.I.P. Mihir Saxena (ethanhunt123)

RIP. Sorry to read the news, may god grant his family to bear the irreparable loss.

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Default Re: R.I.P. Mihir Saxena (ethanhunt123)

My prayers are with his family. May God give them strength to deal with this untimely loss.
May he get peace.
I have read his posts, it is very saddening to hear this news.

- Slick
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Default Re: R.I.P. Mihir Saxena (ethanhunt123)

RIP, fellow rider!

Never had the good fortune to meet or communicate with Mihir, but the testimonies pouring out on this forum speak volumes about how loved and respected he was.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Mihir Saxena (ethanhunt123)

RIP Mihir! May God give strength to the grieving and heavenly peace to the soul departed.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Mihir Saxena (ethanhunt123)

Very sad to hear this. My deepest condolences. Om Shanti.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Mihir Saxena (ethanhunt123)

May his soul rest in peace, may the heavens shower him with Pannigales and Multistradas.

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Default Re: R.I.P. Mihir Saxena (ethanhunt123)

My deepest condolences. May his soul Rest in eternal peace. I pray for his family and may God give them courage and peace to his family and friends.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Mihir Saxena (ethanhunt123)

R.I.P. Mihir (ethanhunt123) at complete loss of words. Strength and peace to the family and close friends. Such an unbearable loss.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Mihir Saxena (ethanhunt123)

I do not know anyone on this forum personally and yet I feel a profound sadness after hearing this.
He was surely an epitome of someone that lived life on his own terms!
R.I.P. Mihir Saxena.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Mihir Saxena (ethanhunt123)

Goodbye Ducati lover. The golden fields of Elysium await you; may you find peace and ride those roads forever. May God give strength to all those left behind to bear the loss.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Mihir Saxena (ethanhunt123)

I am shocked, although I didnt know him personally very closely, I was part of TBHP bikers whatsapp group for over a year. Did 2-3 rides with him. Such a fun loving person he was. Always used to lift mood with his funny messages and talks.

Just makes one realize how lightly we are actually treading over this planet, a strong gust of wind is all takes to throw all our plans away.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Mihir Saxena (ethanhunt123)

I woke up today with this reminder from google pics. Exactly a year ago I met Mihir face to face for the first time.

He literally wore his heart on his sleeve
R.I.P. Mihir Saxena (ethanhunt123)-dsc_0031.jpg

They say some people enter your life like a whirlwind , make an impression and then leave. Mihir was one such person. I will never be able to think about the following brands/things without thinking of him.
-Any 5* hotel
-The word "Chull"
-Bhojpuri music (Yeah I didnt see that one coming either)
-Infused water
-Rynox and Royal Enfield, if you needed his attention just say you were planning on buying something from these two companies and he would drop everything he was doing to make sure you were OK.

Originally Posted by KarthikK View Post
it would be a fitting farewell to remember him with happy memories and with gratitude for everything he was to many of us.
Like how he got tired of you waiting to make that Kolhapur trip, he just took off on his bike alone "Coffee in Bangalore, Breakfast in Dharwad & Lunch in Kolhapur". His love for good food was legendary, sadly that Egg Dosa trip will never happen
I always wondered about him bringing back stuff for anyone who asked when he went abroad and I once asked him and I got the same answer " I have a lot of luggage capacity left over and I like to carry back stuff for friends.".
He went ballistic when I announced I was going to buy Rynox and asked me to wait as he had just got his Schengen visa and said he would get Revit or Klim on his return. I did get a certain pleasure in telling him that I already bought it and would join him on the next ride fully clothed in Rynox.

Originally Posted by neil.jericho View Post
This sometimes landed us on opposing ends of this bike vs that bike (Ducati) whatsapp and forum discussions but it was always in good spirits. I used to sometimes share pictures of the Benelli TRK 502 and deliberately mistake it for the Ducati Multistrada and appreciate its styling and so on.
I will cherish and miss those "Pop-corn" moments. It would be the whole gang vs Mihir and we all know how it would end - "Share dealer number bro"

Originally Posted by neil.jericho View Post
In fact, anytime anyone mentioned the word bike upgrade, we all knew that Mihir would roll out the red carpet to the VST showroom and ensure that the test ride bike was available.
VST held him in very high regard, during my purchase when somethings were not going my way they were more concerned about falling out of "Mihir Sir's" good graces rather than their own reputation.

Originally Posted by shaikhmimran View Post
I remember he offered me his bike to ride when I had a humble CBR 250.
In spite of him having a really expensive bike with a ton of extra fittings he was really chill about strangers trying to get on the bike, take selfies etc. His philosophy was simple , if it gives them joy let them go ahead!
Also I do remember the time he genuinely tried to help you get "bread" when the lockdown started. Gosh it feels like so long ago!

PS: BROZ ,whoever you guys are I am ever so grateful to you for taking care of his last journey in this world and I hope I can meet you guys someday to share some precious memories and get to know more about a friend who was taken away way too soon.

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