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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

Funnily enough I started watching anime because of cars, more specifically due to a certain youtuber named "Bladed Angel" back in 2015 when I was 13.
And as you may have already guessed: yes, it was Initial D; still my favourite anime till date including the amazing themes/songs/tracks that were used in it.
Since then I fell into a deep dive into anime & haven't stopped watching ever since!
I've watched too many animes to even list here, let alone for me to even remember all the names
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

Gosh! Posting on the forum after an eternity and I am talking about anime! My journey with Anime started with Dragon Ball Z almost two decades ago. I haven't stopped since.
My favorites in no particular order are,

Dragon Ball Z and GT
One Piece
One Punch Man
Death Note
Hajime No Ippo
Attack on Titan

I think I have missed a few but I have watched a lot more and would do it all again if I had the time.

For all the Initial-D fans, please watch Wangan Midnight if you haven't already. Not as great as Initial-D but worth a watch.
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?


Later got to know that it was adopted from the original by some american company to suit western audiences, the original was called masters of the robotech universe or something similar. Probably the only anime I watched, watched it as a kid (late 80s i guess). Didn't know about this genre then. It was and still is my favourite cartoon.

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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

I liked Tokyo Revengers on Netflix. One called Idaten Jump used to come on Tv. Death Note is a classic. My first anime was Great Teacher Onizuka, apart from it a lot of RomComs are my favourite like Highschool of the Elite.
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

Initial D
Death Note
Assasination School
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

This one thread is of infinite interest to me. I enjoy anime even now and on love anything from the heartfelt Studio Ghibli stuff all the way to intense emotional stuff like Fullmetal Alchemist & Brotherhood/Naruto/Death note/Attack on Titan.

I am sure most of us would have enjoyed at least one anime in life. Pokemon and DBZ inspite of its repetitive storyline in each episode and close to zero character growth has been a staple to most.

Even now. I have a sweet anime for daily viewing. (Kobayashi Chi no maid dragon). It is a sweet and innocent joy something like Tom and Jerry and helps forget worries and helps sleep.

Would we take this discussion to close to Anime series like Avatar the last airbender. That one series is a once in a lifetime masterpiece in writing, character development, amazing animation. It is one animated series along with Batman the animated series (Sorry this is OT) which you enjoy more when you watch it again as an adult.

But the main reason for this post is because i got impatient why this thread was missing heart wrenchingly beautiful shows like
Ghost in the Shell and Standalone complex
Steins gate

I am hoping at least a few would have enjoyed these three series.
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

I am not a big time anime watcher but here are the ones which I swear by -

1. Naruto, Naruto Shippuden. The fillers are quite painful but the whole pain series was quite satisfying
2. Death Note
3. Jujutsu Kaisen
4. Hunter x Hunter - looks like a simpleton initially but its really like layers of onion, it unravels itself in each season.
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

Thanks for starting this discussion ... now Team-BHP can claim to have a thread on everything under the sun

My favorite series are Cowboy Bebop & Samurai Champloo. Both have a healthy mix of dark humor and emotional depth with broken characters leading the show. (available on youtube)

If we include movies, Studio Ghibli is up there ... my alias here is a proof of my dedication, daughter grew up watching Kiki, Totoro, Ponyo, Chihiro(spirited away), porco rosso and we still have a great time re-watching them as adults.

One small request: can you please also post the source where your favorites can be watched, it will help people discover great content.
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

I started my journey with Pokemon and Dragonball Z. Though Pokemon may/may not be looped into the anime category, I followed it till Pokemon X and Y. Dragon Ball was in fact the first series I committed but I missed a lot of episodes as it was on tv.
The first one which I finished fully was the original Naruto series and then followed it to Shippuden. I still follow One Piece but it is very hard to keep track off.
My current series is now Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia(finished till the current), Jujutsu Kaisen, and some of the animes that air in individual seasons.
One of the animes that i would recommend would be Hajime No Ippo. It's a boxing anime with very good fighting sequences.
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

My top favourites:

Rurouni Kenshin - Samurai X
One Punch Man
Dr. Stone
Vinland Saga

and many more...
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

Started with DBZ. Other favourites include Naruto, OPM, Demon Slayer, Chainsaw Man, My hero academia, Baki.

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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

Originally Posted by JunkyardHunter View Post
I have not watched anime yet, and don't know where to start. Could anyone recommend me some?
See there are categories to any anime but I won't bore you with that.

If you want an easy going anime which can help you transition into Anime world then you can start with 'Naruto' and 'Naruto : Shippuden' they are available on Netflix.

You can also start with DeathNote as it's 25 episode long I believe and is pretty interesting.

If you want a more Mature theme then you can start with FullMetal Alchemist, Attack on Titan or Monster.
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

Oh man, what a wonderful refresher reading those lists. Some gems I had almost forgotten about like Cowboy Bebop. And of course one piece and others.

One massive anime not given enough spotlight here is Berserk. What an amazing dark, hopeless world of the protagonist. I have only watched the golden age arc years back but understand the series did continue - would love to get my hands on that. The dark, depressing yet enchanting world of Berserk is not something I have seen since then, not just in manga but in any fiction.
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

Originally Posted by skanchan95 View Post
... Robotech on Star channel...
Aah, Robotech! That show had me hooked so bad. I guess it must have been the first Mecha anime to be broadcast in India.

Originally Posted by MotoBlip View Post
...SWAT Kats...
Originally Posted by skanchan95 View Post
...just like the VF-1 Fighter in Robotech, the Razor & T-Bone's Turbokat was based on the F-14( and J-35)...

Attachment 2454435
SwatKats was another favourite.
I think the F-14s iconic shape lends itself very well to Mecha anime.
Even the F-18 i think has more anime potential than an F-15/F-16.

I am not majorly into anime but i think the childhood fascination with Robotech has survived into adulthood.

Among the ones i have watched:
Mobile Suit Gundam 00
One Punch Man

Not sure if it comes under anime since it is a US show but i really liked The Boondocks (Seasons 1-3, the later ones with the different director - not so much).
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Re: What is your favorite Anime?

The favourite - ONE PIECE
The Voice actors have managed to blow life into the manga that I feel has never been done so well so far. It's just so wholesome.
My entire family watches it, often there are discussions about it over the dinner table.
What is your favorite Anime?-img_20230525_223835.jpgThis is my Oneechan's Going Merry

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