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Old 21st October 2005, 15:33   #1
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Default Do you play the stock market

If yes, which are the sites you trust the most?
There are host of free sites as,, etc., and some paid ones like,,, etc., etc.,
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tsk1979, Actually I've been thinking about opening a thread in TBHP regarding finance and investment. Thanks for posting.

Few online communities have the passion and sincerity of our members. I think we need a channel to discuss stock and investment matters online. After all cars are owned and driven by money....

IMHO, opening a demat+savings account in ICICI bank is the best way to start.
The following are the leading online broker sites that I visit. - see the online university and demo
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Old 21st October 2005, 16:41   #3
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Was never interested in stocks though I worked for 1.5 years for a company whose only product is Share Broker's management software.

Got my first stocks yesterday as part of the Stock Options in my job.
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Old 21st October 2005, 17:03   #4
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lost a lot of money (for me atleast )some years back and ever since have not even looked the market. there are some friends who still play the market and ask me to do so , but i guess i would like to stay away from this BULL and Bear stuff ..

good luck to those who are still active .

PS: Dad baught some shares of infosys good ol days back and is sitting happily on them .....
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Old 21st October 2005, 20:20   #5
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I play a lot on the market, but more longer term and A grade rather than short term. Well, I have made some sensible choices and have always bought on fundementals : credentials of business, market, ownership, product / service etc.

Old fashioned investor. But one happy investor.

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Old 21st October 2005, 21:50   #6
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I have pretty good portion of my saving in the market. Infact thats how i even started saving my salary. Kind of semi aggressive investor. 50% thru mfs and 50% thru stocks.

I am used to only icici direct. Their web interface is one of the best(my friends do have account in other brokerages). But its damn slow. Some time the login process will be so slow that by that time it logs in... it will time out and log out.

Pretty recently I found a work around for this and now i am happy... these icici guys i have to say are way toooo, i repeat, way tooo partial towards NRIs. The bandwidht/server load they provide to indian retail investors is pretty bad.

Heard sharekhan is pretty good too. Also the geojith, i hear give lot of good short term calls.
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Old 21st October 2005, 22:13   #7
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actually my mom deals in stock market she is used to icici direct. My sisters husband earned around 10 crores in these shares
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Old 21st October 2005, 22:37   #8
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I am with kotakstreet. Their brokerage and other rates are lower and they offer free advice by phone call too!
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Old 22nd October 2005, 10:53   #9
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I'm too young and ignorant to get into the Stock Market dad and grandpa are quite well informed about that part of business.
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Old 22nd October 2005, 14:46   #10
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Just can't wait to get into this bandwagon.

I'll try to invest like Warren buffet.
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Old 22nd October 2005, 23:33   #11
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Never have. I just dont have any money to invest. All the money is ploughed back into our family business and boy it still needs more money!
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Old 23rd October 2005, 22:53   #12
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I do :-) i used to do a lot, but has reduced now , since now i dont trust the market, its all the game played by FIIs , They come in , buy a lot, raise the prices and then they sell. We poor retail people are the ones at loss or at a moderate gain.

My brother is an analyst, he used to tell me what to buy, but its of no use, no prediction works in the current market :-)

I do it through, and its pretty simple, all you need is money ....
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Old 23rd October 2005, 23:00   #13
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I play on the market. But its long term (minimum 1 yr) and with my spare money.

And I am happy with that.
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Old 20th June 2007, 15:32   #14
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Default Confused...

Hey Guyz.

I am pretty new to stock market.

I have a query hope you guys can help me out.

Just tell me for online trading which is better.


So that I can finalize & open a account in that.

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I do play the market and watch shares, infact my wify is doing the regular stuff nowadays. Earlier I used to do a lots of research browsing over the net to find the market situation and fundamentals of companies. Nowadays I don't have much time to sit on it.

We use Sharekhan terminal for both trading and long term/short term buying. The most interesting thing with sharekhan is their research report section. This has made me invest in Aban Loyd (for example) which I bought at 600-700 levels a year and half ago now trading at 3000+.
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