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RX135 9th August 2005 14:15

Lighter Side of Life : The Official Cartoons Thread
Of late, I have become a fan of Rajneesh Kapoor cartoons. They are more than indian version of Dilbert, Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes. Here is a good one, and I mean, a really good one. There is complete archive of his cartoons on his website.

Rajneesh Kapoor cartoon

Xsailor 9th August 2005 15:18

Hey RX135,

Thanks for sharing that link - very funny and if I may add, has a strong local flavor too thus making it relevent and interesting ;)

Is this guy featured anywhere in print?


Xsailor 9th August 2005 15:23

Guys, sorry for the double posting, but please DO follow the link - very very funny :uncontrol

Try these quick ones


aadix 10th August 2005 00:11

he used to come in hyd's daily newspaper "deccan chronicle"
find the strips really goood!

RX135 10th August 2005 12:44

I didn't know which print media does he publish in? (Deccan Chronicle as per Aadix).

The cartoons are wity, fresh, relevant and spot on. Though too early to say, he may turn out to be as good as legendary R.K.Laxman. (I like Morparia too). Sometimes it appears that he is influenced a lot by "Garfield".

Xsailor, nice links! (By now, I have seen his complete online archive :p )

typeOnegative 10th August 2005 12:49

Really nice. Thanks RX. :)

sridhar24 10th August 2005 18:44

Thats a nice site with very funny cartoon strips. Thanx for that site.

Xsailor 30th August 2005 16:43

Check this one


motorheadinc 10th March 2008 19:35

Animation movies, cartoons and more
Hi all,

Lets share our thoughts on the various animation movies and shows.
I believe all of us have had seen and loved animation movies and shows.
Though we are all a bit grown up but animation is one thing which is still
loved by many.

For beginning i had been a great lover of the " Tom and jerry" series and
IMHO is a timeless classic.

So let the inflow begin.....

ishotmydog 10th March 2008 20:51

one animation movie i really enjoyed was 'cars'. amazing movie.

i quite enjoying watching animated cartoons and movies even now. tom and jerry and a cartoon called 'swat cats' are what kept me occupied till i was 12. always wished if one day i could fly like t-bone and razor :D.

motorheadinc 11th March 2008 14:45

At almost the same time about 10 yrs or so back the time line a show was aired named "the real adventures of jonny quest" it had great animation and great background score tooooo....

akshat 11th March 2008 14:56

I used to be a total anime buff in my college days and even now the channel I watch most id Animax.
The list of my favourites is

1. Bleach
2. Naruto
3. Gun X Sword

etc etc.

Besides this I love Jhonny Bravo, T&J and Swat Cats.

maddy42 11th March 2008 17:24

Well i love the following movies.
ice age
ice age 2
finding nemo
shrek all the parts

bblost 11th March 2008 17:42

I was lucky to find this at Music World.
Dumbo (1941)

The first animation movie I saw with a home projector at that.

My other fave is ice age part 1.

Nitin 11th March 2008 19:51

'Tom & Jerry' happens to be my all time favorite. Its something that you can watch any number of times,and still have a hearty laugh at the end of it.

Ratatouille & the Lion King are some of the other good ones.

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