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Now have Access to your CIBIL Credit report

You can now access your Credit Information Report (CIR) directly from CIBIL. As you may be aware, your CIBIL CIR is a factual record of your credit payment history compiled from information received from credit grantors. The purpose is to help credit grantors make informed lending decisions - quickly and objectively, and enable faster processing of your credit applications to help provide you speedier access to credit at better terms.

You can request for a copy of your CIBIL CIR in three quick steps through Email, Mail, Telephone or Fax:

These are the documents/ Fee:

1. Valid Identity Proof: PAN Card/ Passport/ Voters ID (Mail self attested hard copy of any one of these Identity Proofs)

2. Valid Address Proof: Bank Account Statement/ Electricity Bill/ Telephone bill (Mail self attested hard copy of any one of these Address Proofs)

3. Payment terms: Demand Draft (DD) of Rs 142/- (inclusive of all taxes and express delivery charge) , in favour of Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited payable at Mumbai

Please note that the fee once paid is non-refundable.

For more details check their website
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Thanks for the info man. This would really help many people.
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How does the report from CBIL come ? Snail mail (post) or Email.
Is it referenced to PAN or Address ?
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Great piece of information dadu! Thanks a ton. I will report back with my findings on how CIBIL responds to my query.
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A badly managed credit rating agency which is heavily biased towards Financial Institutions with the individuals have neither access nor prior notice about their own credit rating. If an individual wants to correct wrong information, he'd need to find who filled it and go after that bank/FI to get it done. Have you ever tried chasing a bank? Suddenly you would find their branches don't have responsible people and their phones not working.

They even have a disclaimer that says they are not responsible for the authenticity of the information provided.

Now you have to pay to get the garbage some FI has thrown at you, without even telling you. Hights!!!!!
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Well eralier it was free provided i have 9 digit control code - to be obtained from bank who has pulled your report.
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To check for your name in so called defaulter list of CIBIL , just apply for a Credit card , if the application goes thru you are clean .
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Hi All,

I have few doubts about how this whole CIBIL score thing works. Banks mention that they will report to CIBIL about the defaulters and the credit score will come down. So are all given a good score in the beginning? If not then does it start from zero and go down?

And how does this score increase? Will the bank report good customers also? If they dont report our prompt credit card payments and loan EMI payments, what is the difference between a prompt customer and a customer who has never used his card?
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There are multiple factors that affect credit score.

E.g. if you never used a credit (never has a card, no loans etc) than your profile would have a default score.

Say you take 3 cards and total credit limit is 6 lakh across all cards. Then how much credit limit you actually use (and pay back on time) would determine your score.

If you don't pay in full, but do pay interest + some balance befroe due date your credit report would not have any negative remark.

But if you pay in full but pay 4 days late, that would go as late payment. If you don't pay anything for 90 days that would go as "default".

If you see a 200 Rs charge, and don't pay that as protest. After few months bank would "write-off" that amound since it would be too small to recover. It would be something like 8 - 9000 with interest + late fees.

That "write-off" would make you ineligible for any loan for 7 years.
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In other words, a perfect "Heads I win, tails you lose" scenario!
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Not really. If carefully monitored, it can work in your favor.

E.g. My car loan is cheaper than my home loan since my score got better at that point of time.

EDIT : A sample report - Welcome to CIBIL

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Why does it not come under RTI Act? Or if it does, how can i approach them? I checked their site. But no leads?

EDIT: OK found out.

Q.18 Whether Right to Information Act, 2005 is applicable to CIBIL?

No. The reason being that the CIBIL is not a “Public Authority” as defined under Sec 2(h) of the Right to Information Act, 2005.

In their FAQ section.

Is this even legal? Do they come under Private Authority? And if so do they have the right to personal information of borrowers?

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umm, that's an interesting observation. Funny, I don't have a right to know what a consortium of 'high positioned' institutional mafia think about me!!
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I ordered this report and it is a piece of trash !!

Absolute rubbish.

First : there is nothing like a SCORE (unlike US where you know where you stand)

Second : It only tells you how many credit cards, loans you have had and what is your repayment history. Hell - I know that already. I don't have to pay Rs.142 for knowing my re-payment history.
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Yeah I agree its totaly arbitrary. I was given a control number but never took the effort to check it up. Maybe Ill waste this 142 rupee to find out if anyone has given a negative report. I have an outstanding conflict with sbi cards over Rs 1000 since 2006. I ahve been writing tot hem but to no avail, they say its under process for resolution.
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