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DueLLeR 27th October 2010 16:59

Fake / Fraud / Scam Calls
This afternoon, I received a call from a Pune-based Tata Indicom landline number. Upon answering, the man at the other end spoke in Hindi that he's calling from Tata Motors, Pune. Next, he mentioned the Tata/Fiat car that I have and read out my residential address.

What happened next is what irked my suspicion.

I asked him what was the call about and he said they were updating their database with the up-to-date information of customers.

He then went about asking me if I had an alternate contact number, I refused to give him stating this one number was enough for Tata to get in touch me. He then went on to ask my e-mail address, again I refused to share it. Last, he asks me for my Date of Birth, to which I replied I couldn't give it to him over phone.

Now, the first golden rule which banks and other establishments keep re-stating is that they will never solicit personal information from the customer. Besides, even if Tata Motors were doing it, why would they want to "update" my date of birth, which is already saved in their database from the time of my car purchase?

I called the number back, and not surprisingly it was "out of reach" - meaning it was a Tata Indicom Walky number. I called Tata Motors, Mumbai and requested to speak to the head of Customer Care. Spoke to Mr. K.P. Sharma, who patiently heard me out. He also took down the details of the fraudulent call such as the phone number, whether I had recently serviced my car, along with my car's registration details.

After about an hour, one Mr. Abhijeet called from Tata Motors called and confirmed that the number was indeed unreachable or went unanswered and did not belong to their Pune call center. He said he will take the investigation forward and keep me tipped of the progress.

Meanwhile, Tata/Fiat owners in Team-BHP please beware of such fraudulent calls and please do not share any personal information - especially date of birth, bank/loan details, etc over phone. Who knows, these calls may be phishing attempts to gather customer data and carry out identity theft scams.


condor 27th October 2010 17:14

The calls typically come from Pune, and I have seen them talk to you in your native language first : Kannada for Karnataka etc.

You will definitely not be able to call back these numbers since they will be out-going only. I have seen this will different numbers from TM cust service @ pune (when they have called for feedback on service)

But yes, no calls asking for personal details. The calls have always been for feedback on service.

NFS 27th October 2010 17:16

I always prompt my friends and relatives NOT to use their DOB as part of their email address, because, with your DOB one can change the password of many internet services. Please be aware.

Also regarding the above mentioned Fake call, there are many insiders now-a-days who leak out minimal information over to friends working in other companies (tata call center guy to competitor call center guy) for a reward. This reward could be money or even "dosthi ke vaasthe". Please be informed and aware of such frauds.

DueLLeR 27th October 2010 17:21

Exactly, Condor. That's what even the customer care head confirmed first - if I had serviced my car recently and if it was a feedback call. However, the reason stated for the call was "updating our database" which is clearly soliciting information. Also, the customer care head was surprised why "date of birth" was asked.

Recently, there was a case of identity theft reported in the newspapers where a credit card was applied on someone's name and swiped to the extent of 12.5 lakhs! When the bill arrived, the person was shocked as he had not applied for the credit card and didn't even have in his possession!

Better to be careful in providing such personal information over phone than be sorry later!


Viper21 27th October 2010 18:25

I got a call from the Pune customer care in Kannada to ask about my service experience at concorde, No personal details solicited at all.

anonymous 27th October 2010 19:14

I have been receiving calls from Tata motors Gurgaon office and this is followed by another call from Pune in case if I am not satisfied with the Services and give poor rating to gurgaon office. They just confirm the car registration number and nothing else.

idea 29th October 2010 03:58

DueLLeR thanks for information and raising the flag. No doubt, phishing mails for banks are common.

One possibility could be a DSA of credit card/home loan got hold of TATA customer base. This call could be aimed at getting all your personal details (to evaluate partial eligibility) and a appointment so that you can be targeted for their product sale.

It is also called as social engineering. (Collecting personal information and using it for illicit purpose like issuing sim card, ration card, voter id etc ).

Possibilities are endless. Best option is to be alert and careful.

greenhorn 30th October 2010 22:04

I know of at least one flaw in the tata website which can be used to get the contact details of any tata motors customer ( not disclosing how for obvious reasons :D)

it doesnt need any special tools. Just some common sense.

DCEite 12th May 2013 17:31

Is this a SCAM ? Someone pretending to be calling from MSIL, and then disconnects.

I am writing this thread to alert fellow members and to possibley get more information on what i think is a Scam.

I received a phone call from a Ghaziabad/Noida number - 0120-4xxxxxx (won't reveal complete number here for security).

The conversation went like this:

First Call (Friday):

Caller: Hello sir, I am calling from Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. You own a Maruti car right.
Me: Hello, yes ?
Caller: Sorry sir, due to some technical issue, i am not able to get your details. I will call you later.
<Disconnects the call immediately before i can react>

Second call (Today, Sunday)

Caller: Hello sir,I am calling from Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
Me: Yes tell me?
Caller: Oh o, sir sorry, due to some technical issue i am not able to get your details. I will call you later.
Me(I knew he was going to disconnect, so i quickly put a question to him): You called me day before yesterday also, and you told me the same thing. If you have got a technical issue, why do you call me in the first place? And how do you get my number from your database if you have a technical issue.
Caller: Sir, see you have a Maruti car right. So this call was regarding that. I am not able to get your details due to technical issue.
Me: But you called me earlier also
Caller: Ok sir you won't get this call again.

<Call ends>

Now, sensing something fishy, i tried doing a call back to the number from which i received the call.

Here's what happened next:

On dialing the number 0120-4xxxxxx, an IVR answers.

IVR: Please enter your customer id followed by the pound key.
Me: I enter 1234# (Just to see what happens next).
IVR: Please enter your PIN number
Me: I press 1234#
IVR: Sorry, the information you entered is incorrect. To retry, press 1 or call your service provider.

Has anyone else got a similar call ?

I suspect its a Scam, since on doing call back to the phone it asks for a PIN code (though it doesn't specifically ask for ATM PIN code).

What could it be if its not a scam?

honeybee 12th May 2013 18:59

Re: Is this a SCAM ? Someone pretending to be calling from MSIL, and then disconnects
It does sound fishy. If it were indeed Maruti Suzuki, they would have ensured there were no 'technical snags' when rolling out the system. The problem happening even once is strange, happening twice certainly sets off an alarm.

Why not call up the Maruti Suzuki helpline and report the matter to them? If they indeed have started something new, they would inform you, or else they would try to investigate the same.

Eddy 12th May 2013 19:14

Re: Is this a SCAM ? Someone pretending to be calling from MSIL, and then disconnects
Can you trace the number from Truecaller ?

DCEite 12th May 2013 21:18

Re: Is this a SCAM ? Someone pretending to be calling from MSIL, and then disconnects

Originally Posted by Eddy (Post 3119865)
Can you trace the number from Truecaller ?

This is what i got:

Maruti Complaint Suzuki 01204xxxxxx
Ghaziabad+Dadri, Uttar Pradesh, Ghaziabad+Dadri, Uttar Pradesh India

DjNik 12th May 2013 21:30

Re: Is this a SCAM ? Someone pretending to be calling from MSIL, and then disconnects
To me it looks like a marketing company making a database based on the brand of car you own.

midazolam 12th May 2013 21:58

I got a similar call about a week back for my Hyundai i20(i bought it in 2010). They knew the car's no. and my name and asked for some other details like date of birth etc. Then the next day, I got a call from xyz insurance company, they had the same details and asked if I wanted to shift my car insurance to their company.
May be it's the same thing.

AbhishekB86 13th May 2013 01:41

Re: Is this a SCAM ? Someone pretending to be calling from MSIL, and then disconnects
Maruti's name is being used for a scam. I don't know if tele-calling is a new ploy. Maruti has made it clear on social platforms that the 'job interview' offer asking for a deposit for 15k is indeed a scam and not a practice at Maruti. The email states such a deposit is to shortlist 'serious candidates'

I don't give my details to anyone unless they verify where they're calling from. Anyway try true caller as suggested.

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