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View Poll Results: Beggars at traffic lights are
a menace for us as motorists, and should be banned. 213 83.53%
unfortunate people who deserve our compassion and support. 32 12.55%
an issue that does not concern me. 10 3.92%
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Default Re: Beggars at Traffic Lights: Your Views on the Issue

Originally Posted by SS-Traveller View Post
The thread started with, and has continued with, the rampant practice of seeking alms from motorists at traffic signals, by humans of whatever gender and chromosome combination, sometimes through acute harassment and intimidation. Please do not go off-topic and raise controversies that do not belong to this thread.
ha ha ha !

You know what @SS-Traveller, I was expecting this response from you

In what sense, I tried to raise a controversy, can you explain for all to take notice?

Or is it you, who just think that beggars and hijda`s are the only less privileged sections of our society ? and old age homes are nothing to give attention to ? Or you are irritated of me mentioning about the "Old age Homes"!

Don't worry, it is an open forum, and I mentioned what to me are also a class of people who are ignored in certain stages of their life, may be not of so much importance to you and thats why I mentioned ' thread starter ', and thats why I put a " * " in my comment for the last paragraph of my post.

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Default Re: Beggars at Traffic Lights: Your Views on the Issue

Originally Posted by AvonA7 View Post
And "hijdas" ... ???

In a country where still caste/religion/region plays an important role in many regions/section of our society, the "hijdas" are the least cared/noticed of the lot.
In context of this thread, "Hijdas" that beg on traffic signals are not really "Hijdas". These are men dressed as Hijra since that intimidates people.
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Default Re: Beggars at Traffic Lights: Your Views on the Issue

they are surely a menace!
but on the other hand whenever i see small children begging, i always tries to give them biscuits (that i carry around for my children!). and many cases i could see the hapiness on their face.
this could mean only one thing - they do this out of compulsion and any money that they get goes to some thugs! but if its some food they get to eat it.
this makes me think they do need our support! (i felt this only for children though)
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Default Re: Beggars at Traffic Lights: Your Views on the Issue

There is a labour 'adda' near where I live, where anyone can go and get engaged in casual labour to earn 250-300 rupees for an 8 hour work - there is often more work and less people. There is also a busy intersection close to it where one can beg. People take the option they are more comfortable with.

I don't pay beggars (excepting the old and really invalid). I prefer to buy from the hawkers at the junctions and take the trouble to politely reject even I don't buy from them.

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Default Re: Beggars at Traffic Lights: Your Views on the Issue

Originally Posted by richie4u View Post
Well here's a video of what I think:

That video says it all. I have no pity for the beggars whatsoever.

There was this one hand amputated dumb person at the Vasco railway station many years back. He used to work as a coolie where others with similar disabilities could beg from the passengers.

The last I know some kind soul owning a bookstore hired him to look after the shop.
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Default Re: Beggars at Traffic Lights: Your Views on the Issue

Originally Posted by richie4u View Post
Well here's a video of what I think
There are a lot of handicapped people who work hard and are independent.
All they need is a little support and encouragement.
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Default Re: Beggars at Traffic Lights: Your Views on the Issue

Originally Posted by narayan View Post
Begging is AN ORGANISED trade now.

gone are the days when you come across isolated instances of BEGGING where the person probably is genuinely not able to earn a living otherwise.

as the economy grows, the entire begging trade is also growing to become an organised one.

for e.g - today, for MANY OF US, HANDING OVER EVEN Rs10 to a person as alms is not a BIG THING. this compared to the scenario during our parents' days when giving away 50ps was big.

BUT PLEASE BE AWARE that by giving this money, you are positively reinforcing the drivers of this MASSIVE TRADE.

at the end of every day, the BEGGAR MAFIA looks at WHO is getting more money

is it the LADY WITH THE INFANT, THE MAN WITHOUT A LIMB , THE HALF BLIND BOY or any such other category

IF its the man without the LIMB, dont be surprised if the BEGGAR MAFIA will work towards MAIMING people to earn more through BEGGING..

another phenomenon at traffic signals is PEOPLE SELLING all kinds of stuff like BOOKS, TOYS, BALL, CLOTH ETC

why not buy from them rather than buy from BIG RETAIL CHAINS ??? that way, you are DIRECTLY contributing to mitigating part of his HUNGER BUT AT THE SAME TIME GIVING HIM THE DIGNITY OF PURSUING A PROFESSION...think about it.
This is the crux.
To all the ppl living on moral high ground of sensitivity.
Do you realize that giving alms to beggars encourage the scenario?

Which means certain ppl are bound to take advantage of this "kind hearted-ness".
You sure you don't want to curb these ppl ... they can create a "beggar" out of someone you know dearly.

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Default Re: Beggars at Traffic Lights: Your Views on the Issue

We also dont need the vendors selling sun-shades, dash board pieces, mobile chargers, fruits etc at the traffic signal, dont we ?

Traffic is increasing day by day and even cars are getting pretty faster (when there are no jams ) making the vendor's movements extremely dangerous. But they keep trying their luck as if there's no tomorrow in between speeding vehicles.
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Default Re: Beggars at Traffic Lights: Your Views on the Issue

Once I was at a signal in Jaynagar, a lady with a baby and an empty milk bottle approached me. I gave her some coins and then looked at the other side of the road.There were half a dozen women,babies and bottles. Eventually i witnessed this experience on the NDTV coverage in bangalore traffic signals. The babies are borrowed for money, drugged early in the morning so that they dont wake up. I would not be surprised if the Mafia cut the limbs of some of these brainless people and send them on roads. The movie "traffic signal" tell you more. Do not encourage the beggars !
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Default Re: Beggars at Traffic Lights: Your Views on the Issue

Its surely a menace. I have not experienced such people in Trivandrum but there were plenty in Chennai while I was living there. I used to feel sad for such people till a few years back. Thats when my parents pointed out people, who work and earn, even with their disability and my parents do not mind giving them an extra penny.

And in most of the cases, we cannot trust these people too as I have seen a beggar snatch away the purse while the guy was taking out the money! And this has been pictured beautifully in a scene in "Slumdog millionaire". With the babies being borrowed for money and more. And there are many who beg, take the money to a liquor shop, and again beg! We should never give money to such people who are making us fools and actually, by giving them money, we are making them more useless as they would never again feel like going for a work!!!
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Default Re: Beggars at Traffic Lights: Your Views on the Issue

Even though it hurts to see such people on the roads, its even more dishearting to know that its a organised way of making money and the same reaches someone else.

Wish the govt or police do something :(
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Default Re: Beggars at Traffic Lights: Your Views on the Issue

There must be multiple instances wherein we would have offered to help a few of these beggars and we must have been let down by them only. I tried offering a job as a household maid to a lady who was begging at an intersection nearby to our place, the remark she made, "jitna aap mahine mein doge, main ek din mein kama leti hoon". There was an oldie posing to be in need of medicine at an intersection on Mayapuri road and my friend who was apparently on the passenger seat went through the case papers and found the medicines to be some common day to day oen and offered him that we could buy him the medicines, however the oldie was insisting upon money, be it even 5 or 10 rupees and my friend even upon my refusal handed over 50 bucks looking at his condition. A few minutes later while we were still stuck in traffic jam and my friend was trying to make me understand that what he did was for a social cause, I pointed in the direction where this beggar was going and he landed up on a wine shop right in front bought a bottle and walked off. There I told my friend, "Now that is the medicine he was looking for".

Agreed, there might be some genuine cases, however, most of them on the streets are not the deserving cases but then they need to be rehabilitated and not promoted to continue this begging menace. I have seen people begging outside Gurudwaras on account of empty stomachs even though there is a 24/7/365 langar that is offered in Gurudwaras. Better offer them some thing to eat. I have personally seen this that these so called needy beggars refuse to taking eatables and insist on cash, even if it is a petty amount.

So here is my vote, no alms whatsoever to anyone on streets and even if it has to be something, make it in kinds and not in cash.
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Default Re: Beggars at Traffic Lights: Your Views on the Issue

I dont encourage beggars of this kind by giving them coins or whatever.
I do however, help those who have a physical disability which prevents them trying to work and earn or live in dignity.

Unfortunately, for the most part, begging is a lucrative racket in India.
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Default Re: Beggars at Traffic Lights: Your Views on the Issue

I don't think any of the little kids begging are there by choice!
As a nation, we should hang our heads in shame at the sight - I know I do.

We take such pride in our achievements, but until we solve problems like this, our pride is really a false pride.

I personally do not give any money to these beggars. But I do wonder what we can do to make a difference about this?
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Default Re: Beggars at Traffic Lights: Your Views on the Issue

Originally Posted by Sam Kapasi View Post
Fortunate people in air-conditioned vehicles that are bothered by people with barely a roof over their heads.

Because we have enough and those who don't -- think of ways to get some money off us, by pretending to be handicapped or by pretending their children need medicine. Or because, hunger takes precedence over the choice between right and wrong.

Nahi hai chutta, chalo bhaago idhar se.
Gande kapde se meri gaadi ko kharrab mat karo.
Chal bhaag yahan se, samajhme nahi aata hai, ki doon ek thappad.

Come, let's create an internet poll and wipe out all beggars from our streets and make India a better country to live in!

+ 1000

By far, the sanest post that on this thread. Really surprising comments, coming as they do from the people of a nation that is still thought off in a manner similar to these views echoed here.
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