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Default Re: NH66 / NH17 Mumbai Goa Kanyakumari 4-lane road project updates

Originally Posted by psbali View Post
I hope a similar thread can be started for Samruddhi Mahamarg and the new Mumbai-Delhi Highway by those who get regular updates for the same?
Coming up soon. Both these expressways are being built quite fast.
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Default Re: NH66 / NH17 Mumbai Goa Kanyakumari 4-lane road project updates

Excellent thread @moralfibre. The photos are brilliant.
Being an ex-Mumbaikar and a native of Konkan this subject is very close to my heart. One of the advantages of me moving to Pune is that I didn't have to travel on the infamous Mumbai-Goa road. I have seen my family suffer for couple of decades due to poor and insufficient infrastructure. Unfortunately I have also lost few of the members from my extended family in road accidents on this road. All of these accidents were head-on collisions because most of this so-called highway was a single carriageway. It is very common, even today, that your travel time doubles because of some accident, festive season, rains or because of long weekend rush. Until recently people from Mumbai used to take NH4 to reach to their destination in Konkan even though it meant more kilometers travelled.

The progress of this new highway has been agonizingly slow. I happened to travel from Chiplun to Wadkhal in December 2019 and the completed section were super fun to drive on. I am sure locals who own performant cars/bikes are turning this road in to a drag strip. Looking forward to the completion of this project that will make us all proud.
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Default Re: NH66 / NH17 Mumbai Goa Kanyakumari 4-lane road project updates

I studied in Goa for 2 years for my MBA, the roads were so smooth and such a pleasure to ride on, sheer bliss, this with the safe environment that Goa offers resulted in us taking off on trips at any time of the day or night!
Any updates on how the progress of the highway is there in Kerala? I noticed some sections are upgraded from Kollam to Trivandrum, not sure of others.
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Default Re: NH66 / NH17 Mumbai Goa Kanyakumari 4-lane road project updates

Had taken this route on the way back from one of the HVK Monsoon Drive's with my dad in 2017.

The road was smooth for the most part till some 30-40 kms prior to Vadkhal. Progress was slow thanks to it being a dual carriageway, but the greenery and nature made it an enjoyable experience.

However, upon reaching 30 kms or so from Vadkhal at about 7pm, the situation changed drastically. The roadworks meant huge craters and a complete lack of signage which made this a nightmare. The rain only added to the misery. We literally had to physically get out of the car 3-4 times and wipe off the dust from the windshield so we could see clearly. I believe it took us about 1.5 hrs to carefully cover that stretch and FINALLY arrive at Panvel. Avoided the route like plague after that incident and always took NH4 post that harrowing experience.

Glad to see the conditions have improved drastically and this will soon transform into a smooth and fun drive all throughout.
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Default Re: NH66 / NH17 Mumbai Goa Kanyakumari 4-lane road project updates

Originally Posted by vivek95 View Post
. Recently, I had driven to Nagothane, near Raigad to pick up some important documents from a friend's home, will share the pics and videos of Karnala and Vadkhal flyover stretch soon. Having said that, from your pics of other sectors, it appears that the construction is of poor quality by Supreme company on the Panvel--Indapur section. I will share pics tomorrow when I am done with my night shift at the hospital starting in sometime.
Here goes my video of the completed 4 / 6 lane stretch of NH17 passing through Karnala area, outside Mumbai. This was on 20th June 2020. You would not need an e-pass to drive to Nagothane as it falls within Mumbai metropolitan region. The road quality is mediocre, doesn't seem like a brand new road. The greenery and hills on both sides made it for an awesome drive. It rained heavily couple of kms before.

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Default Re: NH66 / NH17 Mumbai Goa Kanyakumari 4-lane road project updates

Originally Posted by moralfibre View Post
Back in the 60s until the late 80s, the most thrilling version of travel between Mumbai and Goa was by way of a steamer ship duo of Konkan Shakti and IIRC Konkan sevak. This duo ferried a host of passengers between the coastal capitals of Mumbai and Panaji. Depending on your wallet size, one could opt for a cabin or share an open deck with a hoard of hippies that made Goa their ultimate destination kick starting Goa's advent towards tourism.
What a fabulous compilation this thread - had missed it since a couple of days when it seems to have been published somehow. Just noticed it while browsing - and have duly rated it the fully deserved 5 stars.

I frequent the old stretches of the NH17/NH66 around Raigad very often. Especially the stretches around Dapoli, Murud, Wadkhal, Pali, Mahad. I have been totally disappointed with the horrible states in which the roads were left for months (if not years). Half done, half unpaved/unmarked and extremely treacherous to drive post sunset and during monsoons.

Now that you have compiled the overall progress of the coastal highway from one end to the other - it seems I was only seeing the stretches which were getting the least funding in the ongoing phases of work till then. This project has the potential to change the fortunes of Konkan region like no other project in the past in my honest opinion. The grand project once completes would be one of the best connectivity offerings in the state and in the poorly connected western coastal areas. For a state that for more than 2 decades has nothing but a 90 km Pune-Mumbai Expressway as a sample of so called development, the sheer grandeur and magnitude of the coastal highway project is jaw dropping & commendable (I won't get into whether the State, NHAI or Federal government deserves the credit for it).

Fingers crossed that things move at a good pace & bring jobs, opportunities and great driving locations for all. Hopefully the revenues generated via this, will get utilized in similar developments in the Marathwada & Vidarbh regions too (In addition to the Mumbai - Nagpur highway).

Thanks a million for this compilation @moralfiber & Sahil Pednekar. An extremely enjoyable read. Can't wait to see this route completed & to cruise on it some day in a world without a pandemic!

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Default Re: NH66 / NH17 Mumbai Goa Kanyakumari 4-lane road project updates

Woww.. what a lovely detailed update. It seems the highway would be fully completed by Jun'2021. It will easily be one of the best , most popular & most scenic roads in India & should reduce travel time significantly.
Mumbai - Goa - sub 10 hours probably>>>
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