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Default A bad bad bad night for me....

Hi Everyone,

Last week what I went through was a disaster and an eye opener for me at a place named Kaggadasapura, Bangalore....

At night around 21:30 I went out in search of a Medicine (Kolex - Good for cure from cough & cold ) and pet feast for my Dogs. Both are around 2KMs away from my house, so decided to go by bike.

Was just on my way, when something hit me from behind at high speed. I open my eyes, and found 2 bikes on me (My Pulsar and a Star CT). It took me 1-2 minutes to realised I was engaged in an accident, and someone hit me. I was still under these bikes and unable to pull myself out. I was searching for the other guy, and found him around 30mtrs away from the bikes. He was lying straight on his face without any kind of movement, I got scared to the core. I just got thunder struck and pulled myself out of the bikes anyhow with complete strength to check the other guy. (time taken for all these things around 10 mins), EVERYONE out there was just seeing this circus, nobody bothered to help.

Moment I got up, I found my right leg was hurt and I could Limp but not walk. However, I went up to the guy and checked, Pulse running. For all who are thinking this was my nightmare, Nope... THE NIGHTMARE STARTS - All the Unemployed+Shop keepers+Passer by+Jaywalker= 80% LOCALS came up to me and asked me how I was, moment I uttered a word in Hindi, everyone started pouncing on me and blaming me for the accident. No one saw what happened, and until now they were just thinking I hit the guy from behind. I tried explaining, but noone like the language = Hindi. I tried using English, but all in vain again.... The crowd almost got mad on me and the other guy involved in the accident was still on the road without any reaction. EVERYONE was reasoning and trying to blame me but NOONE had the guts to go to the guy and check if he is alive. I was not able to walk properly and these guys are asking me to pick him up and take him to the hospital, literally pushing me towards the guy who was lying on the road. I pleaded some North Indians to understand the matter that it was not my fault, still I am ready to take the guy to hospital but someone could atleast try an Auto. No help at all... Finally, the saviour arrived disguised as an Auto driver. He stopped the auto and another friend of his picked up this guy and they started leaving for the hospital.

But again, our illiterate crowd asked the auto driver's friend to get down and pushed me inside the auto to take the guy to the hospital. My bike was still lying on the road. As I had no option, and in fear of getting beaten up badly, I ran to my bike and took my bike's key in my pocket, left the bike there and sat on the auto holding the guy with blood all over his body. I took him to the hospital, called the "Brothers" who panicked after seeing the guy's condition, and I had to tell the stunned statues to bring a stretcher. Until now, the guy was unconscious. Moment They brought the stretcher, this guy got up and said he is OK, and can go home.. Strange, however, he had no Idea where he was and where he wanted to go. He couldn't stand properly. This scared the hell out of me, I thought impact was even higher than I can see and probably he go hurt internally on his head so he is speaking nonsense. Still, anyhow I had to force him to go for a check-up since he was hurt to a great extent.

Impact of the accident on him = I could see his teeth falling off while he was speaking, around 7-8. In the accident he fell right on the road with his face first, so imagine how his face looked. Shirt and trousers were torn. Ultimately, there was hardly any place from where he was not bleeding...

So After forcing him, They took him inside the dressing room to identify the wounds he had. I tried asking him phones numbers of his relatives, and this guy says he has noone in Bangalore. He was there all alone. This was like icing on the cake for me. However, I managed to find a visiting card from his pocket and called the guy (Rakesh) as mentioned in the card.
Rakesh: Hello.
Me: Hello Sir, do you know Mohammed?
Rakesh: Hello... Kya chahiye aapko? Hello Kaun?
Me: Hello Sir, Aap Kisi Mohammed ko Pehchaante ho?
Rakesh: Nahi, hum nahi jaante. Kyun? Kya hua?
Me: Accident ho gaya aapka card mila pocket me.... to call kiya!
Rakesh: Nahi Sir, hum to nahi jaante..!

Banged the phone. Now I had no other option to get someone who knows him. By now, the auto drivers also left, I was alone. I called up my girlfriend at home and asked her to inform my friends I am in such a mess. After 5 mins, my friends arrived in the hospital. I got some Moral support, and was relieved. I knew I was in a big problem unless someone came to claim him. it was already 1:30PM at night and I had to go office next morning. Everyone was thinking what to do, when I got a call...

Guy:Hello, Mohammed mera dost hai, kya hua?
Me: Accident hua, @$#$@ hospital aajaao jaldi.
Guy:OK, will be there in 15 mins.
Me:Thanks.. but come ASAP....

My friend went to checkout the hurt guy and guess what he comes up and tells me. "GUY IS DRUNK TILL HIS THROAT". What the hell, I ran to the doctor. "Doctor has he consumed alcohol?"
Doc: Of course, you didn't know?
Me: Oh God! Why me? Anyways, how is he? Hurt? Injuries? Internal?
Doc: He is hurt badly externally for sure, internally yet to discover.
I leave them alone took a TT Injection and was waiting for his friend in the reception with my friends. Sent some of them to brink my bike. Guess what happened to my bike.... The Star CT's front wheel was between Pulsar's rear wheel and Silencer.. joint. Friends took my bike out, and discovered my bike's silencer was touching the rear seat, like a super bike would have? Any ways, they came with the bike, which could not be ridden. Dressing for the guy was done and they said we need to watch the patient for 24 hours to check if there are internal injuries or not. I agreed, and was waiting for his friend to come. After few calls, his friend came after 2 hours, and was worried more about the bike than his friend. I asked about this guy and his friend told, he has done similar things so many times, and the bike was his friend's friend's, which he took without informing. Anyways, I was happy someone claimed the drunkard, and I would not have to sit there whole week waiting for him to recover. I paid the hopital Bills, asked his friend if I could leave. Seems the Drunkard was a painter, and he wanted to go home. After some instructions from Doc, called and auto and sent both of them to wherever they lived, gave my number and asked him to let me know if help required.

After all this, I reached home at around 4:00AM.. What a night. I still could not stop myself from tanking God for few reasons:- I was not beaten up by the crowd.
Police was not involved.[/list][/list]The guy was safe, and not what I was thinking....[/list]
  • Nothing happened to me except the cut on my right leg and scratches on my elbow.
[/list]teaching me a lesson "Never drink and drive"[/list]
Had I taken my car, I am sure the unemployed illiterate and unethical crowd would have broken the wind shield and what not... I am a newbie, aged -25, staying alone in Bangalore with few friends and this is my 1st post in T-BHP However, My motive to write this incident in this forum was.... Pleaseeeeeeee help when someone meets with an accident rather than adding to the problems. If there is someone who was on the spot, and reading this.... Sir, due to your stupidity, My life would have got spoilt attending hearings in some court if God forbid, that Drunkard would have died on spot... even though it was not my fault even by 1%.

Anyone, please let me know what should one do if face a similar and more dangerous situation, or was it the best thing which I did. I still get nightmares thinking what mess I had put myself into when I took him to the Hospital, If he dies the Blame was on me?????

At the end, I returned home without any Chicken for my Dogs....

Mods - Pardon me for the gramatical/spelling mistakes, if any. Reason for creating this thread is "Street Experience" and it's not a Rant on bangalore traffic, hence please dont move this to the "Rant on Bangalore traffic" thread.

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Lesson No.1:speak in the local language or in English - you never know when the Rashtra Baasha can play to your disadvantage.

Lesson No.2:Be a good human being - never desist from helping guys in need
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Does this mean that the guy who doesn't speak the local language will always be at fault? Just like the bigger vehicles always do mistakes and cause accidents.
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Good that you are safe and sound. I feel you should have called the police and handed the drunkard over to them.

Also, keep the phone number of local police station handy. They may make a few bucks on the side but in the process they will ensure that the crowd does not harm you. After all, you are the one in whom they see a few Gandhis, not the crowd.
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Originally Posted by vigsom View Post
Lesson No.1:speak in the local language.... you never know when the Rashtra Baasha can play to your disadvantage.

Completely agree, try to learn the local language. As you have found out, albeit in a harsh manner, local language can save or end your life.

Also thanks to regionalism, people target outsiders. If you happen to notice, most of these trouble makers will be one of those low life hooligans who have no better work and derive sadistic pleasure in harassing/abusing others.
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Its not fair to say "learn the local language". for god sake we are one Nation!

and we cant go on learning language after language when we move places.

The best thing to do is call your friends who know local language ASAP.

Very sorry to hear your story bro, I hope come out of this trauma soon.
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Originally Posted by Mi10 View Post

and we cant go on learning language after language when we move places.

The best thing to do is call your friends who know local language ASAP.
Agreed, you can't learn every local language, but just learn a few words which are most commonly used. And if you are staying at the place for quite a time,it would be wise to learn local language.
As suggested, the best is to call your friends who are localites to handle the situation
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I would have called the police immediately or atleast after reaching the hospital and realising the guy was drunk. No matter what nuisance it would be, it always helps to keep the record straight.

You never know if this guy comes back with his gang of goons claiming that you banged into his bike. Keep the police informed, especially when you don't belong to that place and have no local support is the most important thing.
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A very bad experience and that too as your first posting here ! Hope you recover both physically as well as from the mental trauma and also hope that you don't hear from that drunkard again.
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I would have preffered to tell the local people who were shouting at you to call the police. You would have seen half the crowd disappear immediately.

Good thing the guy was taken to the hospital and given treatment else could have proved fatal for him.
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That's really unfortunate! Mental torture! Wish you and your Pulsar a speedy recovery

BTW did the drunken moron forget to wear his lid too?
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Ranjan, something tells me that you should keep the cops informed. Not a FIR, but just a word and (500Rs inevitably) would help you in future to avoid some bitter times ahead...
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that was a nightmare for you. Glad that things went well and the guy survived. Keeping local police has its disadvantages too, they may try to extract money from you claiming the other guy had made a complaint. But where else can you go, its always good to keep them in loop hoping "not all policemen are bad"
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^^+1 to this. Not all policemen are bad.Even in my case police helped me in turning the case aganist the truck owner who was ready to put a case aganist me even though my mistake was -100% yes -100%
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@Ranjan: Glad that things didn't get out of hand, otherwise this bad experience could have turned right nasty for you my friend.
A very similar thing happened to a close friend of mine in Bangalore. Some dude was riding pillion on a bike in front of his car and then just jumped off the bike right in front of him! The car was doing around 25-30 clicks and by the time he braked and stopped the car, the dude got bumped and fell. Soon a crowd gathered but as the dude was not seriously hurt everyone was about to disperse when they heard my friend explaining to someone in Hindi. That was it, everyone came back and pounced on him, yelling that it was his fault! They beat him up so badly that the poor chap had to be hospitalised for 3 days. Gosh, what do they have against hindi speakers?!
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