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View Poll Results: Loud / Extra Loud Music.. generally go hand in Hand with Bad Driving
Yes, it hamper driving skills 43 78.18%
No, it does not make an effect 8 14.55%
It hardly matters!!! With or Without doesnot matter. 4 7.27%
Voters: 55. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 29th January 2010, 17:27   #1
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Default Blaring Music + Bad Driving = Does it go hand in hand!!!

Before I start to write anything, I want to make it clear that I am not against the music & ICE etc at all. However there have been so many instance & incidences involving me or my known people that I am forced to take an opinion from fellow BHPians.

So not going in to the details of the incident, my question here is do you think that Loud / extra loud music actually hampers the skill of the driver just like use of mobile.

I personally think it does!!!
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Old 29th January 2010, 19:45   #2
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It absolutely does. In my opinion it does for me and may be for many others. Hard music just pumps up your adrenalin. I always choose to listen to soft and calm music while driving. I don't know if others would agree with me.

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Old 29th January 2010, 19:51   #3
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It does (Just my opinion). I prefer to listen something smooth and soothing for the mind . No hard music for me (Had troubles with loud music).
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Old 29th January 2010, 19:56   #4
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It affects 100% !!! People who drive around with thumping music with glasses down will never be able to hear even an ambulance around unless seen through the mirrors. I like powerful music, but not loud as to disturb my driving. I never try even that power music within the congested city roads, but only on highways where its a peaceful drive.
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Old 29th January 2010, 22:39   #5
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I definitely affects me. Hence I do not listen to fast music while driving. Whilst stationery, yes I show off my speakers.
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Old 29th January 2010, 22:41   #6
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It does affect me a lot. In fact, when I have to concentrate hard on the road, I switch off the music completely.
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Old 29th January 2010, 22:51   #7
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Loud music affects driving and is dangerous to the driver and also other users of the road. Many a time loud music makes a driver lose concentration and the rest is obvious.

And I guess there are some drivers out there who want to show off their ICE capabilities and concentrate more on people turning their heads because of the blaring music.
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Old 30th January 2010, 00:17   #8
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Definitely affects your senses and reflexes. Something that I have noticed while I am driving

1 - Techno/trance/hip hop = Driving is pretty composed and I often find myself driving very consciously. I take my own sweet time at the signals which pisses off other drivers who wanna jump signals.
2 - Rock = I get easily mad at chaps who cut lanes.

These days I listen to a lot of lounge while driving in Bangalore city. Definitely keeps me composed and I generally don't loose my cool. Bottom line , in my car I need music.
I know my tastes are varied but then that's just me.
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Old 30th January 2010, 01:19   #9
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Default Yes, It does hamper driving

This is from experience as people above have stated. This makes a difference not only in City driving, but Highway driving as well, which is even more dangerous as a rash maneuver can result in peril.

I choose my car music with care. I listen to music that peps me up when I drive to office, and I retain that mood for the better part of the day. And while driving back home, it's soulful music to relax both body and mind.

Music's one the best healers of stress and disease, and will work wonders if put to use properly. The raaga Panthuvarali is said to evoke roudra when heard, Madhyamavathi is said to evoke Shanta or pacify. Likewise, there are raagas that evoke each of the navarasas when heard. It's also been demonstrated that Classical music simulates various and untouched territories of the brain when listened to, and is a great natural stimulant.
This holds true for Western classical to an extent as well, though it's not as good a science as Indian Classical music.
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Old 30th January 2010, 16:11   #10
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Umm, I'm going to have to put my hand up here and confess : I always turn the volume up when I'm driving alone. Loud but with the windows rolled up (only for myself). I do realise that this can affect my driving (in terms of hearing other vehicles too), and requires an additional level of concentration.

P.S. : On the positive side, no accident in like 15+ years
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Old 30th January 2010, 16:37   #11
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Yes, always have ended up pumping the accelerator with loud and fast music.

I just switch off the music if i see myself get into a race without my will and out of pure aggression
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Old 30th January 2010, 16:46   #12
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When I listen to electronic & soft music, I am in my senses... Listening to heavy metal/melodic death makes me rev crazy but ensure that i don't endanger others on road..
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Old 30th January 2010, 17:48   #13
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I voted for the topmost option as I always feel that blaring music is synonymous with bad driving. The other synonyms for bad driving: writing provocative slogans on the vehicle, small registration plate, illegible/unreadable registration numbers, blaring exhaust, etc. Hope, I am not opening a Pandora's box.
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Old 30th January 2010, 19:28   #14
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I forgot to mention another thing above, soft and vibrant music (not the lullaby type) keeps the concentration and energy level at its best on long drives. Blaring music is enjoyable to an extend, but after a while it gets to your head and causes fatigue than concentration. But I find a huge difference between amplified quality music and the 'loud' type that comes through poor speakers. Latter is a killer stuff !!
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Old 30th January 2010, 20:19   #15
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On short distance drives, I keep the volume much higher with windows rolled up. If the roads were empty, I prefer to keep the windows open. For the first case, definitely it poses risk as you do not literally hear anything & the only options are side view and rear mirrors to really check out whats happening around.

On long distance drives, I keep the volume higher for very short bursts & get back to the normal mode within a song or two
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