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View Poll Results: Which compact SUV would you pick?
Mahindra XUV300 139 22.86%
Maruti Vitara Brezza 20 3.29%
Tata Nexon 186 30.59%
Ford EcoSport 227 37.34%
Honda WR-V 8 1.32%
Other (please specify in your post) 28 4.61%
Voters: 608. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition-mahindra-xuv300.png

Mahindra XUV300

What you'll like:

• A truly premium crossover. Nice build, quality & refinement levels
• Great looking! Smart design has none of the usual Mahindra quirkiness
• Cabin has enough space for 5. Quality-wise, the interior is more like a Hyundai
• Fantastic engines. The petrol & diesel, both, offer fast performance & good driveability
• A compliant ride with neutral road manners
• Top safety kit. 7 airbags, ESP, ABS, all-wheel disc brakes, TPMS, seatbelt reminders for all & more
• Loaded to the gills with equipment (front parking sensors, sunroof, cruise control, auto headlamps & wipers etc)

What you won't:

• The most expensive Compact SUV in India! Not overpriced, but definitely higher than expected
• 257-liter boot is the smallest in the segment. There are cheaper hatchbacks which have a larger boot
• Concerns over niggles in a freshly baked Mahindra. Our test car itself had issues
• Lack of a proper middle variant. W6 trim is simply too bare-bones, while W8 is expensive!
• No automatic option in a market that is moving toward ATs
• Mahindra's after-sales service quality is a hit or miss. Remains a gamble
• Some important features missing (dead pedal, parcel tray, rear air-con, steering reach adjustment etc)

Review Link

Maruti Vitara Brezza

What you’ll like:

• An all-rounded compact SUV. A neutral package at the right price
• Clean & proportionate styling. Dual-tone paint shades look nice
• Well-mannered suspension riding on big 215/60 R16 tyres. 198 mm of GC!
• Good cabin space for a sub-4 meter car. Lots of storage & a powerful air-con too
• 1.3L 89 BHP diesel is quick as well as fuel-efficient
• Driver airbag is standard. ABS + EBD and passenger airbag are available on every variant
• Features: Cruise control, touchscreen ICE with navigation, auto headlamps & wipers, projector headlamps & LEDs, reversing camera etc.
• Maruti's excellent after-sales support network

What you won’t:

• No petrol engine or automatic offered. Boosterjet turbo-petrol is still sometime away
• Ordinary interior quality. EcoSport has better quality & a more solid build
• Missing features vs cheaper Baleno (bi-xenons, telescopic steering, auto-dimming IRVM, leather steering)
• Diesel engine has some turbo-lag below 2,000 rpm (though not excessive)
• Boot has a practical layout, but is still the smallest in the segment at 328 liters
• Forget LDi, even VDi is basic & poorly equipped. ZDi & ZDi+ are the only recommended variants
• Waiting periods rapidly closing in on 6 months

Review Link

Tata Nexon

What you’ll like:

• Very well-priced for what it offers. Undercuts all rivals
• Funky styling ensures that the Nexon stands out from the crowd
• 5-star NCAP safety rating & a solid build, unlike many of its flimsy competitors
• Nice, spacious cabin with comfortable seats. You get a practical 350-liter boot too
• 1.5L diesel & 1.2L petrol offer good performance. Diesel is especially impressive
• Balanced road manners for such a tall car. Fine EPS & 209 mm of ground clearance!
• Loaded with features: Driving modes, LED DRLs, reversing camera, 8-speaker ICE etc.
• Dual airbags, ABS & Isofix child seat mounts are standard on all variants

What you won’t:

• Overdone design will be a turnoff for many of you. Rear end is way too busy
• Jiggly low speed ride; bumps are felt in the city (unlike other Tata cars)
• 3-cylinder petrol can't match 4-cylinder competition in NVH. Has lag too
• The observant eye will notice some rough edges in fit, finish & quality
• Concerns over long-term reliability, more so of the freshly developed engines
• Missing essentials (telescopic steering adjustment, auto-dimming IRVM, proper dead pedal)
• Tata's inconsistent after-sales experience is far from that of Maruti & Hyundai
• Shorter service / checkup interval of 6 months & 7,500 km (rivals have 12-month gaps)

Review Link

Ford EcoSport

What you'll like:

• Still the best Compact SUV in the segment
• Good looks matched to solid build quality. Blackened effect of the S variant looks sexy
• 3 engine options, including the impressive 1.0L EcoBoost & economical 1.5L Diesel
• Loaded with kit (leather seats, paddle shifts, auto headlamps & wipers, cruise control, reversing camera)
• Smartly packaged interior. Adequate space for 4. Lots of storage & practical features
• Dynamically sorted. Competent handling by SUV standards
• Safety kit includes 6 Airbags, ESP, Hill Hold, EBA, ABS & more

What you won't:

• Has gotten very expensive with time. Not VFM, but not overpriced either
• 3-cylinder petrol motors can't match the competition in refinement (especially while idling)
• Ride quality isn't plush; underlying firmness obvious, more so with the 17" rims
• Narrow cabin width makes a 5th occupant unwelcome. Best for 4 onboard
Tree trunk thick A-Pillars result in severe blind spots
• Some features deleted from the older car (lumbar adjustment, reclining rear seat, cooled glovebox…)
• S variant isn't available with the 1.5L Dragon engine or an Automatic

Review Link

The 2017 Facelift:

Review Link

The EcoSport S:

Review Link

Honda WR-V

What you’ll like:

• Crossover styling, taller seating position & 188 mm of ground clearance
• Interior space is awesome, with a practical boot too. Honda’s packaging skills are brilliant!
• 1.5L diesel offers excellent driveability & fuel economy
• Well-tuned suspension; a supple, cushy ride matched to neutral handling
• Features such as the segment-first sunroof, feather-touch climate control, LED DRLs, cruise control, reversing camera, touchscreen ICE & more

What you won’t:

• Unimpressive 1.2L petrol has a weak bottom end. Honda should’ve gotten their tasty 1.5L here
• Diesel’s NVH still has holes to fill, especially at higher revs
• Strangely, no automatic! This & the Mobilio are the only Hondas without an AT option
• Petrol is inexplicably lesser equipped than the diesel (keyless start & go, cruise control)
• Missing features! Magic seats, rear air-con vents & adjustable headrests, auto-dimming IRVM, height adjustable seatbelts, auto headlights

Review Link

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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the What Car Section. Thanks for sharing!

Wow, customers are really spoilt for choice today, aren't they? My pick for the diesel would be the EcoSport. Fantastic engine, the best road manners, most fun to drive and the best built overall. Second choice would be the XUV300. Among the petrols, it would be a tie between the XUV300 & EcoSport 1.5L Dragon (not EcoBoost). Second place among the petrols would the Nexon.

I don't like the Vitara Brezza at all, while the WR-V's styling is too strange for my conservative tastes (ditto with Nexon, but it makes up in other areas).

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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

One of the most interesting polls where making a choice indeed is difficult since all the cars have their own USP. Even the least preferred choice of one can be the most practical option for the other (I am not hinting at the Brezza :-D)

1. XUV300. Best in class engine specs/features. Good build quality and competent suspension. Most premium offering backed up by a justifiable package.
2. Ecosport. Premium and greater choices (engine+gb) on offer. Only proper AT equipped car here. Ford's fun factor still there.
3. Nexon. Most value for money. Middle grounds in terms of specs and pricing. 5star safety ratings
4. Brezza. Typical Maruti advantages with SUV like styling (still looks the closest to a SUV) and good safety ratings are icing on the cake (for a Maruti)
5. WR-V. Honda City (Diesel) with compact dimensions and good ground clearance at a lesser price!

XUV300 still seals the deal for me. The torque on offer and abuse friendly construction gives it the key in my case.
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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Indeed this is one of the most difficult list to choose from, not only because each of these CSUV's have their own USP's, but also since all of them have a flaw or two.

Ecosport: Best NA Petrol engine, good build quality and still the best looking of the lot. Small car like shoulder room inside.

XUV300: Good looking, most powerful engines, good space inside for 5. Poor choice of seat colors and small boot space makes it less practical for single car owners.

WRV: Best space management including boot. Mediocre in all other aspects.

Nexon: Most VFM and still safest car of the lot. Better looking interiors but I have doubt over how good the interiors will hold up in the long run.

Brezza: USP - It's a Maruti (VFM and tried & tested After-sales service), Flaw - It's a Maruti (downright pathetic interiors, both in looks and in quality).

That's where Venue from Hyundai can be a roaring success. It seems (at least on paper) it marries good engine & transmission options (like Ecosport), build quality that is a hallmark of Hyundai, interior space including boot (WRV/Nexon) and trusted ASS network. Just hope it would borrow from Tata on VFM factor too.

Wanted to vote for Nexon just for the 5-star GNCAP rating it got. But being a patrolhead, Ford will get my vote for that wonderful 1.5L Dragon.

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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

This segment suddenly has so much choice and 6 months back I was in a similar situation. It was close between the Nexon and EcoSport, but it was the Ford for me for the overall finesse and big car features, especially after the facelift.

The XUV 3OO is a great package, but I think even today I would pick the Ecosport for the overall drive experience based on the reviews (not driven one yet). I also dislike the white-ish interiors and the super small boot. I use the boot more often than my rear seats !

I think we should re-run this poll once the Venue is out as I expect the Hyundai to be a very popular choice. Only the true enthusiast will stay away from it, and I think this is where the EcoSport will still hold it's own.

Having said this, the Nexon is a close second for me purely for its value for money quotient. It's a well rounded product at a great price.
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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Voted for Tata Nexon.

For an enthusiast, EcoSport and XUV300 are the most tempting choices for their capable set of engine options. But they fall short of expectations of a layman in some important areas. The EcoSport is too long in the tooth now while the XUV300 has a small impractical boot for the highways. Mahindra's design is also not cohesive enough and feels chopped off from the rear. Pricing of these cars (especially higher variants) but them dangerously close to the Hyundai Creta; which is sort of the epitome of a compact SUV in our country.

For a non-enthusiast, I strongly feel Tata Nexon and Vitara Brezza (in that order) are still the best choices which shows in the sales chart as well. Tata Nexon has a fresh design, good cabin space, a practical boot and decent engines on offer. Similarly, the Brezza also has no real deal-breaker (apart from the lack of a petrol engine) and is a good option to consider for an anti-Tata or anti-Nexon customer. Both these cars are tested by NCAP and come from future-proof brands as well.

Honda WR-V feels lost in this segment where a majority of contenders look well-designed in person.

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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

I'd probably choose the S-Cross. Especially since the new 1.5L diesel engine of Maruti seems around the corner. Will chose it even with the current 1.3L.

The S-Cross compared to the ones listed -
- Comes at almost the same price.
- Loaded with features (auto headlamps with auto leveling, auto dim rear view mirror, LED lights, 16 inch alloys, etc.)
- Spacious interiors (compared to EcoSport, and XUV300's boot!)
- Good ground clearance and decent rough-roadability. It can and should pretty much do what others in the list can.

Where the S-cross loses out, in my view is -
- Butch SUV looks (Ecosport and XUV300 pull it off better. Do not like Nexon and the WRV)
- Build quality (compared to EcoSport or few others).

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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Easy poll for me. Had evaluated most of these cars and made a decision recently (which I cancelled too, but that's for another thread).

When it was time to put down my hard earned money, it wasn't all that hard to knock out some choices - WRV wasn't even considered as I personally feel it's only like an i20 Active or Avventura, nothing more. Vitara Brezza doesn't have the equipment list, diesel engine nor desirability factor being all too common - so it went out the window soon enough as well. Nexon is a brilliant car and VFM for the price - but is way too overstyled for my taste. Not a car I would want to be seen driving for the next decade.

The real contest was between the XUV 3OO and Ecosport, the latter established this segment and it is really heartening to see it still being the segment benchmark. I went ahead with XUV 3OO as a more exciting recent entrant which matches the Ecosport in terms of most abilities - but the pricing and variant distribution played spoilsport, along with reports that it is not as fun as the initial reports suggested. Moreover, believe Hyundai Venue will impact the Mahindra the most. The old Ford makes maximum sense to the heart and head.

Ford Ecosport deserves the vote then. It still looks the best (Specially S Trim in red), has one of the best diesel engines (even petrol for that matter), the most fun driving dynamics, best build quality etc. Kudos to Ford for keeping it updated and relevant as per the times.

PS: Ignoring all rumours regarding a Ford exit for now.

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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Even after all these years, the Ecosport still tugs at the heartstrings. The recent refresh done by Ford was just right. Did not overdo anything thus ensuring the core characteristics remained the same, but at the same time giving it relevant updates both from features and engine/transmission perspective.

On the downside, I felt the price has really shot up and it was solely for this reason , the recent buy in our family was the Nexon because the Ecosport AT was way over budget. Real value for what it offers and gets most things right. The quirky design also at least feels toned down slightly with the single tones and the dropping of the 3rd shade that separated the dual tone colors.

My personal vote is still for the Ecosport though. Somehow don't find the XUV300 attractive. Brezza and WR-V not even in contention in my eyes.
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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Voted for the Nexon, as it is both safe and value for money.

However, the poll could have included the upcoming Hyundai Venue.
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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Voted for Ford Ecosport.

I drove the 1.5L dragon engine it is much refined and the gearbox is amazing. Build quality, safety and driving dynamics is a part of Ford's DNA.
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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

A little
I think the "what you will like section" of Nexon should specifically mention its 5-star safety rating because it is now the biggest USP for Nexon.

Voted for Nexon because i own one. My take on the listed cars:

a) Nexon: The most VFM offering in this segment. It ticks all the boxes for me while staying within the price. I am not too fond of the sunroof and the 17-inch wheels so i don't miss them on my Nexon. I just wish it had cruise control.
b) Brezza: Don't want to comment on this product. The only things that appeals to me is its balanced looks. That is it.
c) Eco sport: This is my second favourite in this segment. The only issue for me was the limited space at the back and a stiffer ride. Rest the Titanium variant is pretty good.
d) WR-V: Never considered it in this segment. It is just another i20 Active that sells because of the sunroof and Honda badge.
e) 3OO: For me, Mahindra has messed up with the pricing, boot space, and that 90's looking orange lit centre console. I simply cannot see that console for years to come.
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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

One and half year back, I was stuck with this dilemma. However, TUV300, S- Cross, Creta and even Mahindra Bolero was in my list. After all the study and research, I Bought MS Vitara Brezza. I never liked Ford Ecosports due to its limited space and cramped rear seat. Brezza was a perfect package for me for my specific requirements and budget.

However, in the current scenario, my vote goes to XUV300. IMHO, XUV300 is quite an impressive package. Its a good looking vehicle with fantastic engines. Apart from the smallest boot space in the segment, I am not able to find any other point which is a deal breaker.
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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Originally Posted by CrAzY dRiVeR View Post
The real contest was between the XUV 3OO and Ecosport, the latter established this segment and it is really heartening to see it still being the segment benchmark. I went ahead with XUV 3OO as a more exciting recent entrant which matches the Ecosport in terms of most abilities
Went down exactly this same path a couple of months back, only contenders for me being the Ecosport and the XUV300. Succumbed to the pre launch hype and plonked down the booking amount for the XUV 300. I was expecting the XUV 300 to be way more exciting than the Ecosport to drive, but a couple of test drives of both petrol and diesel variants immediately post launch indicated otherwise. The final nail in the coffin for the XUV300 came as soon as the atrocious pricing was announced, and I did not waste a day in cancelling my booking (in hindsight, that was a good decision since the refund tok a painstaking three weeks plus to hit my account! But that is a different story).

I was left with the Ecosport as the sole option, and it remains a strong choice even today. One of the reasons I backed out was that I got a fantastic deal on the City (yes, I was cross- shopping across segments and fuel options) which I could not refuse. Plus, the heavier and ponderous diesel engine on the Ecosport, as compared to the fast revving, refined and responsive iVTEC petrol, coupled with the uncertain future of small diesel engines in India, ensured that I went the City way rather than the Ecosport. The 1.5 Dragon engine was pretty ordinary, other than decent low end drivability.

In this poll however, my vote goes to Ecosport without hesitation. Top choice for sure.

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Default Re: Mahindra XUV300 vs the competition

Voted for Others.

I have been looking at this segment for the past year to identify a replacement for my WagonR. I find a high upright driving position to be ideal for me and hence, the CSUV looked the best bet. I realized that the sub-4 m dimension means there is compromise on space in some part of the car. This is after spending considerable time in the Brezza and Ecosport. I have looked at the other cars in list and don't hope any major difference from these two. The exception would be WRV as I find the Jazz to be very good on space.

For my 6ft frame, cabin space is an important factor. In my WagonR, I drive with the driver seat pushed all the way back. There's hardly any leg space for the rear passengers. I experienced the same thing in the Ecosport and Brezza.

Every 3 months or so, I drive outstation. This is where the boot space becomes very important for me. The Brezza and the Ecosport don't have a major advantage in this area over my present car. For the others in the list which might have better cabin space, they lack boot space.

Performance wise, only the Brezza was bad while Ecopsort TDCi was very good. I am assuming others are better than the Brezza 1.3L MJD. And I was not impressed by the 1.5L Dragon in the Ecosport.

Style wise, I don't like the WRV which has an awkward style with too many creases. Next, I don't like the XUV 300 for being butt-less. It has a very awkward stance from the side. Overall, the XUV looks more like a hatch to me. Nexon rear is almost a deal breaker as well. The Brezza and Ecosport are the winners here.

After all this thoughts, the Creta (base) looks to be the best bet in the budget.
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