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Default Re: Possible to remove the AMT module and convert a car back to manual gearbox?

AMT woes thread gives sufficient information on issues faced by users knowing exactly what would be the -ves of buying AMT. General issues faced is about clutch juddering , early clutch replacements and amt ecm unit having its own mind mapped based on the rpm. Particularly on slight inclines, AMT keeps changing gears between 1st or 2nd.

Maruti showrooms take us for ride when pushing for automatic cars. Longish test drive is not given in most cases. I was not given longish test drive to get the feel of the AMT.
Instantly, when clutch operation is not there we get sense of ease. But, in the long run we need longish test drives as this AMT is not similar to CVT/TC which gives seamless auto drive.

Made a bad decision when sold-off well maintained Punto Diesel Active for Swift AMT VXI, becos of leg pain issue. Now repenting the decision as it did not hit me the confused drive of AMT. I was given only 2 times test drive to decide. I see lot of AMTs in olx listed as well due to the -ve driving experience AMT gives, mostly lady driven.

Now, i am adjusting my driving style to drive it sedately as per AMT unit responses. It takes little longer to adjust the AMT driving style. For any spirited drive i use manual mode. But, after driving couple of months my driving style is to use Manual Mode in City and Automatic Mode in Highway. This way the frequency of clutch change is reduced.

Gear shifting as per AMT unit:
1st - 2nd - 2000 rpm
2nd - 3rd - 2000 rpm
3rd - 4th - 1800 rpm
4th - 5th - 1800 rpm

Also, please try to read the manual to understand the Kick-down function of the A pedal. Using variations of throttle input you can drive it spirited but need to practice it. If we push the A pedal little more than normal the shift does not happen and rpm holds to the same gear for little longer as rpm builds up.

Only way to move back to MT is to sell current AMT and buy MT. But, it takes a big hit on the selling and buying cost. And with covid, there will be lot of cars on the road and traffic will pile up due to unlockdown guidelines. Its better to retain AMT and buy any old MT car for spirited drive.
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