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View Poll Results: How did you go about your vehicleís run-in, and what has been the result?
Maintained low RPM. Definitely helped. 80 24.46%
Maintained low RPM. Didnít see any significant use of doing so. 89 27.22%
Drove across all RPMs. This helped. 35 10.70%
Drove across all RPMs. Made no major difference. 45 13.76%
Didnít follow any standard process. Regretted this later. 2 0.61%
Didnít follow any standard process. Made no difference. 76 23.24%
Voters: 327. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

I always run in my cars, that is maintain a medium engine speed until the second service is done. Even after that I never rev beyond 60 RPM for first 25-30 km of my run, even if coolant is at operational temperature the oil is not.
Secondly for cars that have run in, I rev them up to red line for about 30 seconds once on every highway trip after the 25-30 km thorough warm up is complete, this blows out the soot deposited in the exhaust right from turbo to the tailpipe and everything in between.
All my engines have lasted the entire life of the car till resale, and I have sold only a few cars with less than 2 Lakh km on odo. One Indica first used by me and then by my sales staff had run 3,24,000 km on original engine, and only extra work other than routene service and tyre, brakes, suspension etc was 3 timing belts each at the lakh mark and fuel pump and nozzle service. The car sold for 80k and the buyer said that engine is smoother than most cars he has checked with even half the mileage.

Rahul Rao
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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

Run in..../laughs quietly like my EV drives

On my previous ICE car, I never followed any run in procedure and nothing horrible happened.
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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

Voted for “Didn’t follow any standard procedure, made no difference”.

Infact the day I got my car home, I ripped it on NICE road and the next day drove it straight to Mumbai and yes, it was driven with quite a heavy foot. The initial months it was driven quite aggressively, but sobered down later.

Today engine untouched, factory clutch and factory suspension, 6.5 years later:-
The engine running-in poll-2777951cc63047c6beb5ddb7b94ef0d4.jpeg
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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

Here are my 2 cents.

1. Any engine has an optimum rev range. And this is the range where the mechanicals behaves to the best with the least stress.

2. Today's engines are tested to the limits and come already with a run-in period in a new car.

3. Any engine should be revved to max (occasionally at least) to get the maximum juice out of the engine when in demand. Otherwise, the car doesn't perform as expected on demand.

4. The most important factor is setting the character of the engine. And engine revved to the max during the initial days is the most abused than the engine that is max revved gradually. Note that in both cases the engine is revved to the max.

5. Of course, it also depends on the brand/model as well.
For e.g. - the difference between a normal E class vs E 63S AMG. A Chiron (or any other sports car) doesn't have a run-in period at all. Even a KTM Duke 125 doesn't have a run-in period. KTM's are generally "Ready to Race" bikes.

So there is no generic answer to your question as it depends on what brand and what car.
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Default Re: The engine running-in poll

It seems I am only one of two people who have voted that they regret not breaking in properly. Its not me though, it's the chaffeur. He definitely started driving it fast from the first day onwards and had no considerable for driving slowly at different rpms and everything. Both the compass and creta engines sounded very off, both mostly being driven by the chaffeur with about 80.000 km on the odo. At that point the engines started sounding very different with a lot of vibration and a minor loss of power. The problem is I'm not sure if that's what caused the downgrade in engine performance. It could be a host of other factors and it's almost impossible to determine if the failure to run in properly is what caused these issues. On the long run, it's very difficult to recognise run in issues and it's better to just take it easy for a bit after purchasing a vehicle. Better safe than sorry, right?
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