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Default Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story

The Background
Life was good and comfortable with my earlier ride - Ford Figo Zxi Nov 2010 model. It has seen all the important aspects of any individual's life - marriage, including all the steps in a traditional telugu marriage, a road trip as a newly married couple [HYD - MAS - SBC], extending your family including bringing your young one home for the first time, a road trip with the young one, and all associated running around.

In course of this journey spanning close to 8 years, the Figo has seen a lot - including its fair share of minor accidents, rubs and scrapes, and the better half learning driving - which was to an extent, more heart numbing for me as against the Figo. Throughout the long and ardous journey, the Figo ran very well, doing close to 75K kms, without any major issues, except the regular servicing and regulation based maintenance.

In the last service at the Ford A.S.S, the SA mentioned a couple of points which made me very happy:
1. The condition of the vehicle, for its age and mileage, was excellent.
2. Running a petrol vehicle 75K in 8 years was something the guys at the A.S.S were not accustomed to seeing - and it was interesting.
3. Due to strict adherence to the maintenance schedule, 1 year or 10K kms, usually together, the vehicle would run for another 6 years easily.

The above said points by the A.S.S members, and also the emotional attachment with the Figo, both for myself and the better half, made us decide that come what may, the vehicle shall be retained for another 5 years minimum.

But as they say fate, and the God Almighty, always has a different road laid out for you.

The Fork in the Road
In the start of the year, the current sedentary lifestyle - including the lack of exercise - a chronic problem for our lifestyle led to the recurrence of a 12 year old disc problem. This was a shocker to everyone in the family - better half was worried sick as we were planning for our future - parents worried as it was a recurrence. Medical advise was 4 days of complete bed rest and reduced physical activity.

The issue subsided temporarily, but reared its ugly head again - leading to additional bed rest, minimal physical activity and physiotherapy. But the pain never went away. Took a good hard look at the daily schedule along with the Physiotherapist, the Doctor and family. Number of things were changed, but the solution was not found.

After a 1 1/2 month analysis and investigation, the culprit was found to the daily driving routine - a 25 km round trip, spanning over an 1 1/2 hour to 2 hour drive on a daily basis. In advance, to answer a couple of questions which may come
1. How was the determination done - The back issue was primarily present on working days and/or on days when a lot of driving was involved.
2. Were second opinions taken - Opinions were taken from multiple doctors.
3. Why the car - I stand in at 6 ft in height, slightly heavy build. When the driver seat in the Figo was set for my driving style, no one except kids below the age of 8 could sit behind me, and I was still not very comfortable. I felt cramped, and every time getting into or getting out of the car would cause me a good deal of discomfort.

Based on the above reasons, the search for a new car started in earnest.

The Shortlisting Criteria and the Available Options
The following was the criteria for shortlisting of the vehicle:
1. The vehicle should comfortably seat 4 well built adults
2. It should not have any discomfort whatsoever while ingress or exit from the vehicle.
3. It should be comfortable to drive, with good suspension, and supporting seats, to ensure comfort during long drives.
4. Should be within a budget of Rs. 10 - 12 lakhs - Maximum extendable by Rs. 1 lakh.

Due to Point No. 2, most of the sedans were ruled out. It involved me bending while ingress or exit from the vehicle, leading to stress on an already stressed out back. This left us with all the SUV's and the "Soft roaders" as they are called, including
1. Ford Ecosport
2. Nissan Terrano/Renault Duster
3. Tata Nexon & Hexa
4. Mahindra XUV, TUV300, Scorpio, Thar, Bolero & Nuvosport
5. Maruti Vitara Brezza & Ertiga
6. Hyundai Creta

Out of these, the following were eliminated right at the start of the research work:
1. Ford Ecosport - An extremely competent car, great performance, with the mutliple variants. For a person who has been owning a Ford earlier, the Ecosport is a truely the best possible upgrade. However, it was rejected due to the following:
(a) The overall maintenance costs - The Figo was a bit heavier on my pocket from a maintenance standpoint, and I was worried about the same with the Ecosport.
(b) The lack of space - It did not feel like an upgrade from a space standpoint. It still felt as cramped as my Figo.
(c) Disconnect - I am not sure, how to say this but overall, the Ecosport did not give me a connected feel. It felt a bit off - maybe due to the familiarity with the Ford brand, and the way in which it works and runs.

2. Nissan Terranno/Renault Duster - Both are same mechanically, and both felt too old from an interior standpoint. Also, for the Duster, the facelift updated the exteriors, but the lack of major changes to the interiors, and the concerns with relation to the overall sales numbers pushed both the options out.

3. Tata Hexa, Mahindra XUV and Hyundai Creta - The model with features was completely outside my budget, and the model within my budget felt completely devoid of the creature comforts expected at that price. So, it was left out.

4. Mahindra Scorpio - Way too long in the tooth, and way too old. Also, for some funny reason, the driver seat felt very cramped in the top end models - not sure how to say it, but I felt as if it was pushing me onto the center console - probably due to the in-door power window controls.

5. Mahindra Nuvosport - What is that - the look on the Sales Person's face. Thank you for the quick clarification.

Point to note - The TUV 300 Plus P8 had just been launched then, but was rejected at the final stages. More details on that later.

So after 1 month long old school research, the options were narrowed to Mahindra TUV300, Bolero & Thar; Maruti Vitara Brezza & Ertiga; and the Tata Nexon.

The Test Drives
For some reason, I wanted to see the Mahindras first, but as luck would have it, the showroom(s) near my house had none of the above vehicles for TD'ing. So, asked them to arrange to the TD's of all the Mahindras.

On the same day, went to the oldest showroom of the largest Maruti dealer in Hyderabad (people from the same city would know which one I am referring to - for others, suggest googling the same). I would not disclose the name due to the reasons mentioned below:
1. Upon entry into the showroom, I felt we had entered a Fish Market - yes - that is correct. There was so much sound. Comparing that with the Mahindra showroom - which was much more peaceful, and had sales associates responding immediately. I waited for 10 minutes with my family for someone to approach me.
2. The Sales Team attitude - The Sales Team was not putting their heart into showcasing the vehicle - I asked for a TD, they said "Ok" and made me wait for 10 minutes at the entrance, to arrange the vehicle. And no, the vehicles were not out on TD's.
3. The pushy behaviour, and absolute lack of vehicle knowledge - The Sales person was heavily pushing for me to book the vehicle immediately, saying that the prices would increase, there is a long waiting period, so on and so forth. And, oh, this gets better - apparently for my monthly running of around 1000 kms per month, I should get the vehicle serviced every 7000 - 7500 kms, because "the running is very high". And no, I did not challenge the Sales person on this, my wife did (Apparently, the Ford regular service(s) got the better of her).

Tested both the Brezza Manual & Automatic, and the Ertiga diesel. Earlier, we owned a Swift diesel. The Brezza felt almost the same, no major changes, apart from the turbo kick. The steering was absolutely lifeless, doors felt typical Maruti, and the vehicle did not feel stable above 70.
The Ertiga - It felt like a people mover, and the overall practicality did not appeal to me - there are quite a few Ertigas running in and around Hyderabad under the Ola/Uber segment.

After this, told the Sales guy that we will get back to him - but not before, we were again asked, when are we booking the Brezza Automatic - is it tomorrow or is it after 4 days? My wife and I were shocked, and I retorted - let me take a call on that, and we left the showroom.

Waited patiently for TD'ing all the Mahindras.

The Mahindra TD Experience
This was the best TD experience I had in my life till date. I had asked to TD 4 Mahindra vehicles, and the Sales team arranged all of them. I was not pushed to select any vehicle, I was given complete peace of mind during TD, and I was given correct technical information.

The Mahindra Thar TD - First thing that comes to my mind when I think of the Thar, the look on the Sales person(s) face when we asked. It was almost like - What - A family of 3, with one more on the way are asking for a Thar. But yes - it was so. Initially wifey was not in favor, but looking at a couple of Thar's on the road, and the street presence interested her. During the TD, the only thing that mattered was the vehicle - nothing else. You cannot compare a Thar with any other vehicle. It is a complete class apart. Loved the vehicle to the core. But during the TD, the Sales person asked the most important question - would this be the second vehicle or a daily runner. When I answered, a daily runner, he categorically and very honestly said - please do not take it as an only vehicle. It will be a bit problematic from a daily runner standpoint due to the lack of creature comforts. Told him would think about it. The family discussion about the Pros and Cons, and this awesome forum helped with the decision - walk away with a very heavy heart. But there is good news - we can buy the Thar or any variant at any time. Wifey and Kiddo love the vehicle, so that is a true victory.

Mahindra Bolero - Yes - I was actively considering this antique because it was within budget, had the basic comforts, was easy to maintain and overall, was comfortable enough. But as listed out in this forum multiple times, the old problem(s) still persisted - (a) the "Outstanding" brake pedal - felt like climbing Mount Everest every time I had to brake; (b) the "Offset" steering wheel - the steering wheel did not feel quite in the center of the driver seat but more towards the left; (c) the complete lack of safety features - no airbags or ABS even as an option and the central locking was an aftermarket unit supplied by Mahindra; (d) the mysterious space conundrum - For some funny reason, there was no space behind the driver's seat when it was set for my driving position. So, decided to let it go.

Mahindra TUV300 Plus - For the forum members, the TUV300 Plus P8 model was launched just around the time I was in the market for a new vehicle. It did catch my eye, however when I did see it in person, I had the fear which bugged a lot of the forum members - it would soon become the favorite of cabbies in the country. Also, it felt way to simple from the color options standpoint. Thus let the TUV300 Plus go.

Mahindra TUV300 - I had no wish to buy this vehicle - my brother-in-law (sister's husband) bought one in Black in January'18 - based on my inputs - Me and my big mouth. But with very narrow options, TD'ed the vehicle. And to be honest, it slowly grew on me. The TD vehicle was White, and it looked good in White. The space, engine performance, road presence, creature comforts and the ride quality felt good. Additional reviews on the forum, including the ownership reports of all members, including AutoIndian, Procj, Ramnaresh, Titanium amongst others felt good and made it comfortable. Thus had decided on the vehicle, subject to the color.

Tata Nexon - It must come to your mind - why is this coming up now, when I had decided the vehicle. It was only to clear a niggling doubt created in my mind by my brother-in-law (wife's side). The Nexon is much better than the TUV. Ok. Let us take a look. It was a damp squib - the engine felt fun to drive only in sports mode; there was no space - if I set the driver seat in my position, my 4 year old could not get into the rear set from my side; and the perrinial change in features - god knows what runs around in the mind of the Tata marketing folks. I say this because the Sales Person who brought the vehicle to TD was unsure of the features on the vehicle, and had to refer to a screenshot from an auto magazine to inform us about the features.

The Final Vehicle
We finally shortlisted the TUV300, and the house had animated discussions about the colors. Because of the model, T10, the colors were limited - White, Black, Silver, SilverNBlack, RedNBlack option. I wanted White, wifey said go drive your taxi. While the discussion was ongoing (over a span of a week), I get a call from the Sales Person - Sir, a RedNBlack has come for delivery, do you want to take a look at the color in person (this was because we had requested the same). We went to see it, and fell in love with the color combination. Told the Sales Person, we will take this color, for which he mentioned the waiting period was around 20 days from booking. However, he also mentioned that he is placing an order with Mahindra today, and would try to accomodate a RedNBlack in the list, provided I confirm the booking. I assured him, I will for sure take the vehicle, but will need to check for auspicious dates for the booking. The final quotation received was:

Vehicle Cost T10 RedNBlack DT - Rs 10.12 Lakhs.
Insurance - Rs 47,000 (IDV Rs 9.70 lakhs)
Road Tax (14%) - Rs 1.08 lakhs
Handling charges - Rs 6,000
HSRP & Fastag - Rs 1,200
Accessories (Reverse Camera,
Full Matting, Side beading,
Floor Mats) - Rs 22,000
INR - Rs 12.35 lakhs
Less Discount
Cash Discount - Rs 20,000
Insurance Discount - Rs 15,000
Handling waiver - Rs 6,000
Final Price - Rs 11.94 lakhs

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Default Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - TUV 300 T10 - The complete story - The Finale

The Booking Process
It is said - Man Proposes, God Disposes. I am a spiritual person, however, the following strengthened the belief in the above saying.

The actual plan was to book the vehicle in a way that the vehicle gets delivered in the auspicious Sravan month. We accounted for 25 days waiting period, due to the specific color, RedNBlack, and therefore decided that we were going to book the vehicle on July 25, 2018.

On the day of the booking, I receive a call and an SMS from the Sales Advisor. He informed me that Mahindra has proposed to increase the vehicle prices by upto 3% effective August 1. Oops. That would mean that the vehicle would be costlier by around Rs. 65,000 (Rs 40,000 vehicle cost plus Rs 11000 TCS plus Rs 6000 insurance plus Rs 7000 Road Tax increase). I told him I will talk to him in evening.

As I was not going in for a loan, arranging the funds was not a major issue. Immediately got to work on the same and arranged the funds.

Spanner in the Wheel
Went to the showroom to meet the Sales Advisor. First surprise - the vehicle which I had seen 20 days ago, the RedNBlack one - which was due for delivery - was still in the showroom garage. Apparently, the actual proposed owner could not arrange the funds, and was thus stalling.

When I asked him if I can take delivery of the same vehicle, the Sales Advisor said the proposed owner had assured to take delivery tomorrow. Now used all my lawyer negotiation skill - learned and perfected over 9 years. Told the Sales Advisor - I will make complete upfront payment first thing tomorrow morning, if he confirms the vehicle.

The Sales Advisor mentioned that there was another RedNBlack T10 in Nizambad, and if required, he would have it brought to Hyderabad by road - a 175 kms drive. He assured me I can take that vehicle. I refused and said, give me the vehicle parked below. To be honest, it felt like Karma - wifey liked the vehicle a lot. Pushed the Sales Advisor for the same.

Sales Advisor talked to the Area GM, and assured me that on 26th, I can definately take delivery of my vehicle. I told him I will take the vehicle parked below and not the Nizambad vehicle. Mysteriously no assurances were given.

The next day, the tension at my house was the same as it was during the India Pakistan World Cup matches. My brother-in-law (sister's side) had purchased my Figo, and was going to take it for a road trip. So being stuck without a vehicle in the current situation - I was not liking it one bit.

But the first line saying held true. At 9:30 AM, 26th, Sales Advisor calls me and says the best news of the day - your vehicle will be delivered today. Asked him to confirm if it was the vehicle parked at their showroom - he assured yes, and mentioned I can make full payment only after taking a look at the draft RTO payment. I had taken the VIN number earlier - it was an April Manufactured vehicle, not great, but had run only 70 kms including PDI. So was not very worried. Made the final payment, and was told to turn up for the delivery by 4:30 PM.

Delivery Experience
The Delivery experience was a good one. The vehicle was ready by the time I arrived. The Showroom AGM took around 45 minutes to give a detailed demo of the vehicle - though I knew a majority of the aspects - however, you have give credit to those guys. The showroom staff did the actual vehicle key - unfortunately not for me only (you will understand with the pictures), a bouquet for wifey and a box of chocolates for Kiddo.

One interesting point - I was given a checklist wherein I was asked to check for any dents/scratches/paint difference, if all the tyres are the same (including the spare), if the tool kit is present - basically a secondary PDI. This was not done during the delivery of my Figo, or my Dad's Dzire. I liked it a lot - a good way to ensure that the customer also checks everything.

A predecided agreement between wifey and me - the first start after the vehicle becomes ours shall be by Wifey. Allowed wifey to start the vehicle, move it forward by around 5 feet or so. After that gave the vehicle to the Showroom driver to drive it out of the narrow parking lot - did not want to risk the vehicle.

Took the vehicle back home.

Now time for the pictures
Attached Thumbnails
Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story-keys.jpg  

Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story-bouquet.jpg  

Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story-chocolate-box.jpg  

Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story-engine-start-.jpg  

Attached Images

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Default Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - TUV 300 T10 - The complete story

I have used this vehicle for around 2 1/2 months over 1800 kms. Based on this limited time period, below are the pros, neturals and cons.

  1. Size - In India, size matters. And after upgrading from a Figo, this is indeed a fact. No one will dare to cut lanes, be it a Sedan or a Jaguar. The same cannot be said about any cabbie or any other SUV driver.
  2. The Color - The RedNBlack dual tone appears to be very limited. Most vehicles which I saw on Hyderabad roads are either Silver, White or Black in T10, and other single tone models in T8. It is indeed a head turner - when I stop at signals, people turn around to give the vehicle a second look.
  3. The front seats - As against other vehicle(s), both driver and passenger a dedicated arm rest each - Yes - No fighting over using the armrest. Also, the lumbar support option adds support as and when needed.
  4. The integrated side steps - As against the other vehicles tested, the TUV comes with integrated foot rests. They are integrated well into the body, and can take my weight easily.
  5. The Cornering lights - A very useful feature. You do not need to worry about streetlights missing in small streets - the cornering lights provide adequate lighting to make the turn, thus making it easy to take turns.
  6. Space - This should ideally have been the first point, however, it can be said to be a given. The space increase over the Figo is tremendous.
  7. Ride Comfort - As everyone from Hyderabad knows, the Metro construction(s) makes roads disappear completely in a lot of areas. The TUV handles these sections very well, providing excellect ride comfort. Otherwise, on normal roads, it rides very smooth.
  8. The Engine - One thing is for sure - you do not want to rush the engine by driving fast. You need to use the torque range properly, allowing the turbo to kick in. When you drive it in this technique, it truly becomes a gem of an engine. In multiple reviews, it was mentioned that the current engine size is very small for a vehicle of its size. My personal opinion - use the torque range correctly, it does wonders.
  9. A/C unit - The AC unit is indeed a chiller. Have not checked it out in peak summers of Hyderabad, but in the current weather which is between 31 - 33 degrees, it works very comfortably in Eco mode only. And if you need to have immediate cooling, the regular mode is always available.
  1. Gearbox - This is a Mahindra - so we cannot expect the gearbox to be as smooth as any other vehicle like a Maruti, Ford or Hyundai. But yes, as compared to other Mahindra(s) such as the Bolero or the Thar, the TUV gearbox is much better.
  2. Infotainment system - It has a small amount of lag, and is definately not for audiophiles. That being said, it does its job decently enough.
  3. Steering - After driving a Ford for almost 8 years, the TUV steering does not feel drastically different. Yes - road feedback can be improved, but overall, I do not find it very heavy as compared to the Ford. Of course, the turning radius could have been better - I feel it gets hindered due to the external spare tyre.
  4. Refinement - Again, this is a Mahindra - so we cannot expect the refinement levels as other vehicle like a Maruti, Ford or Hyundai. But, again, as compared to other Mahindra(s) such as the Bolero or the Thar, the refinement is definately better.
  1. Dancing gear lever - Seriously Mahindra. Please figure out a way to make the gear lever from dancing. Sometimes, it tends to get on my nerves.
  2. ESS - Overall, I love the system. However, it becomes a true problem in Stop and Go traffic. If we had the chance to program the turn off time, the system would definately be much better.
  3. Brakes - For me right now, the only comparison is with my Figo brakes. The brakes do not exactly inspire confidence, but that does not mean that they are inadequate. Maybe I need more time to get used to them.
  4. Missing Autofold mirrors - It becomes a problem in narrow lanes. To reach the passenger side to fold the mirror. Wish it had auto fold mirrors.
  5. Tailgate - God, it weights a ton. I know it is due to the spare tyre, but it becomes a problem.
  6. Rattles - Yes, it rattles above my comfort levels, but have to learn to live with it.

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Default Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - TUV 300 T10 - The complete story

Initial Ownership Experience

A couple of points which I would like to clarify first off:
  1. My opinions are based on the limited 4 month period/2800 kms which I have spent with the vehicle.
  2. Coming from a background of only petrol vehicles, only from Maruti and Ford, my opinions may seem baised or opiniated, either in favor or against the Truck.
Getting into the vehicle was initially a different experience for me - considering my limited background of hatchbacks and sedans. I am always used to bending - or to an extent - crawling into the car (I say so because of my body build and structure - totally a middle aged average Joe), and then settling into the car, and getting onto to driving it.

However, with the Truck, I literally climb into the vehicle - using the integrated side step. A point to clarify - there were a couple of points mentioned about the durability of the integrated side step. I would clarify that the side step is pretty solid - it can easily take my weight, and does not creak or groan around. I can say that very confidently - my 4 year old jumps on it regularly, and yes - it still survives it.

Egronomically, yes, the pointed edge doors are indeed a DISASTER (I wantedly said it in caps). I have been hit 4 times already, and a couple of my colleagues almost lost their glasses. It is the same for all 4 doors - god knows what the Mahindra designers were thinking. Yes, it does make the cabin area light and brings in more light, however, if you forget the sharp edges, your forehead will be marked permanently with bruises.

But, at the same time, the placement of the power windows in the Center Console is a good thought. It helps in two aspects - it releases space in the door pads, making the seat more comfortable, and it allows the co-passenger to control the windows which help considering the winding up/down action sometimes takes ages.

This is the major advantage of the car. I had test driven the Ertiga and the Brezza, along with the Nexon and the Creta - The Truck beats them in space at any given point of time. As it is the T10 model, it came with factory fitted faux leather seats - which for some reason, saves a lot of space, as against OEM and/or after market leather seats. I say this because during the booking process, a T8 with all accessories was fitted was on display at the showroom, and for some reason I felt the space in the T8 rear seat was lesser than the T10 version. Maybe it is my belief - and excessive focus.

Yes - as rightly said, both in the Official review, and also in the other ownership reports, the last row is not for any adult who is above 5'6", and/or children. Also, if anyone is occupying the last row, I would personally recommend maximum speed of around 70 - 80 kmph on highways, with approach speed for any bad roads not being above 30 kmph - unless you want to truly punish the last bench persons - thus taking revenge.

The front seats are truly the best place of the car - the integrated handrest makes you feel like a king in a throne. Also, the seats are comfortable for drives upto 3 hours - the maximum I have tested till date.

As it is the T10 model, it comes with factory fitted beige color faux leather seats. Personally ,the colors are a bit too light, when you have kids, but do go well with the overall orange backlit displays, and the beige interiors. The leather seats are pretty comfortable, and do not terribly heat up if the vehicle is parked in the sun.

Engine & Gearbox
I will not talk too much on this one - it has not changed one bit - the Dancing gear lever still exists, however, the tendency to dance has reduced. Gear shifts are typical Mahindra - difficult when cold, and smooth - for Mahindra standards - when warmed up. Compared to a Maruti or a Ford, the clutch is pretty long, with the gears having a very long throw - but that is what happens, when you tend to use the parts lying around in the bin.

The engine is pretty good - for city driving. Turbo lag below 1400 rpm - and when the turbo kicks in, the true power shows. In my view, the lack of power before the turbo kicking in does not make it difficult to drive in the city, but it does not require very frequent gearshifts - for the non-performance oriented drivers. I cannot currently comment on highway driving - except for the ORR whereas the Truck performs flawlessly at 80 - 90 kmph, working away at around 1900 rpm, thus providing enough power for any sudden surges.

From an NVH standpoint - the Better Half is not happy when I floor the right pedal. Her exact words "why is the engine shouting like some is beating it to death". Now, a point in the defence of the poor engine - it is a diesel - and thus it always sounds like that when revved hard. Better Half has had experiences with petrols, thus the aforementioned statement. That being said, for a diesel, the overall NVH levels are pretty decent, unless you want to "beat the engine to death".

Ride Quality & Handling
In simple words, best at moderate speeds of around 50 - 70 kmph, decent at 20 - 30 kmph, and if fully loaded, good at 80 - 90 kmph (limited to the ORR only).

Overall, the suspension does its job pretty well - damping out 95% of the road undulations. The Truck easily handles the roads thrown at it due to the Metro construction - rocks, missing roads, side streets, unplanned speed bumps, and the cratered roads in some parts of the city. The high profile tyres definitely help in absorbing a large portion of the road undulations.

With relation to body roll, I would say that it is not a lot. In this forum, I have read complaints that at medium and high speeds, there is significant body roll. However, I have not encountered it whenever I was travelling on the ORR, at speeds between 80 - 90 kmph and changing lanes. It may have to do with some modifications to the suspension setup. But yes, it is definitely less for a vehicle of its size and design. However, I will definitely update the same based on the long term review.

The steering is pretty responsive for a vehicle of its size - however, needs getting used to.

One word - scary. It gets a lot of time to get used to - mainly due to the size of the vehicle, which causes the Truck to nosedive every time you apply the brakes suddenly. In my view, the brakes are responsive, with the ABS definitely helping in bringing the Truck to a safe stop. However, if you are upgrading from a small car or a sedan, it will take a lot of time to get used to the brakes, especially due to the "theatrics" which are visible to other road users thinking - who is this genius driving a vehicle like this, and who has given him a license to drive.

On this forum, ESS has been criticized, as being a hindrance to the vehicle. My personal view - it helps, as the engine can be started with the press of the clutch. The problem starts in Stop and Go traffic - if you release the clutch for 15 seconds or more, the engine stops, and then you have to add another 10 seconds or so to restart. Only if Mahindra had provided the option to change the timings of the ESS, it would have been the best. Otherwise in the current form, it is good - as long as you learn to turn it Off in Stop and Go traffic.

Touchscreen display
I will try to provide some details about this aspect - I am sure it has not been covered in detail - and I have seen multiple thoughts about getting it fixed as a replacement to the non - touchscreen version.

The screen size is good around 5". Touch is pretty responsive in 99% of the times. The touchscreen does provide you to view videos - I have not tried it yet in person, but can confirm the option does exist.

The unit comes with inbuilt Navigation from MapmyIndia. Honest opinion - we cannot compare it with Google Maps. It definitely lacks traffic, and per my understanding - can be updated only through the MASS. But it does help as a backup - you always can find a way around even if you loose internet connectivity on your mobile.

The touchscreen display is compatible for a reverse camera setup - which I got installed at the time of delivery. It is pretty good - providing a complete view. Nighttime, it is good, thanks to the taillight setup of the Truck which provides adequate light.

However, the touchscreen has its own problems - it does freeze, and I mean, literally freeze sometimes. It has happened 3 times till now, and nothing works - the touchscreen, the steering controls, the music system buttons or the reverse camera option. The only solution - as far as I have figured it out - switch off the Truck completely, and restart - akin to any electronic gadget. And it works. Hopefully, will try to have it addressed in the First Service.

Fuel Efficiency:
I would not be able to answer this definitely, however, based on the tank full to tank full method, I have currently achieved around 10 kmpl, with 100% AC, and only in the city. However, I expect this to increase post the First Service.
Attached Thumbnails
Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story-leather-seats-up-close.jpg  

Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story-leather-seats.jpg  

Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story-navigation-backlit-display.jpg  

Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story-navigation-without-backlit-display.jpg  

Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story-reverse-camera-display-resolution.jpg  

Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story-touchscreen-information-options.jpg  

Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story-touchscreen-infotainment-system.jpg  

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Default Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - TUV 300 T10 - The complete story

Thoughts post First Service
Due to the manner in which Mahindra vehicles need to be serviced, you tend to loose track. The MASS guys do their bit - calling you frequently to remind you about the Service. However, the Truck does its own bit - about 500 kms from the scheduled service interval, a small spanner light goes on in the dashboard, right above the Odometer, reminding you that the vehicle is due for its Service - a good thing for someone as forgetful as me.

The Truck went through the first service (3000 Kms) last week. The vehicle went to the Secunderabad AML service center. The service center is surrounded by metal shops, and if you miss the Mahindra board - you will keep searching for it. Thankfully, the board is easily visible.

Had a couple of complaints:
  1. For some reason, the fuel meter was never showing full tank, inspite of a full tank of diesel, at auto cutoff. This was at different pumps.
  2. The touchscreen freezing, and the enormous volume when we start the Truck for the first time in the day.
  3. Check the angles on the front seat armrests.
Apart from that, the Truck went through the standard oil change - as recommended, along with topup of all liquids, as and where required. The SA asked me if I would like to go in for engine vacuum cleaning - as they apparently do not wash the engine bay area at all. I was clearly told that it is neither mandated or recommended - however, if I refuse, the engine bay will not be cleaned. Took a call to go for it, as the car had endured a bit of water activity during the lovely Hyderabad weather in the month of October.

Overall costing of INR 2,948 inclusive of taxes - INR 2100 for 6 litres of engine oil, the copper washer and the plug, and INR 800 for the Engine Bay cleaning. Apart from that, the fuel tank sensor was checked and found to be ok, as were the armrests. The software was updated, and was told that the issue should sort itself - if not, I can bring back the vehicle.

Also, not sure if it is the case across the country, however, for a home pickup and drop, an additional cost of INR 300 will be incurred - INR 150 for the pickup and INR 150 for the drop, applicable if you stay within a 10 KM radius.

View post service
The Truck feels a lot more responsive, with the turbo kicking in more easily. It may just be the engine oil change - or it may be me trying to enjoy the vehicle after the run - in period. As of now, the touchscreen freeze issue has not re-occured, however the auto volume issue has not been resolved yet. Will try to work out a solution for that one as a DIY. Overall, happy with the Service, and the Truck is back to the grind.

Accessories added
Due to the family addition in the near future, Better Half finally approved the budget for a decent set of window shades. Researched on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and the Mahindra OEM products. Mahindra was too expensive at INR 2800 for only 4 windows, whereas the online options were not to my satisfaction.

Went down to Indian DeCars, Banjara Hills, however, did not quite like the quality of the product being offered at INR 2600. The other option provided was at an exorbitant INR 7500 - showcased as premium product. Decided to continue the search.

Checked other places at Minister Road, but did not like the product, or the pricing. Finally went to Venu Car Designers in Somajiguda, they showed something which I liked - covering all six windows - priced at INR 2500. Bargained it down to INR 2200, and felt happy.

Reach home and the happiness is shortlived - Better Half mentions that I should have bargained for INR 1800 - I guess all married TBHPians have faced it - if not please share the tips so that I can protect myself.

And the drive continues for now. Will keep you posted how it goes.

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Default re: Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story

Planned DIY's:

1. Covering all cupholders and cubby holes with rubber lining - not sure which type, preferably, the anti - slip type, to reduce the rattles.

2. Figure out a way to hold the OEM floor mats in place - Thing slips out of place in a minute, and can cause problems while driving.

3. Hooks and/or luggage holders for boot.
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Default Re: Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story

Congratulations on buying a sensible, VFM, people mover in a color that really makes it stand out in a sea of whites and silvers.

The TUV makes a lot of sense over the Bolero and is a much more modern platform. The engine is designed for urban duties with some medium speed cruising and it does its job well.

More photos from the sides, the rear and interiors will be nice to have.

Knowing Hyderabad's chaotic traffic, why didnt you consider the AMT?
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Default Re: Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story

With your back problems an automatic would have provided you more relief, I had a similar back issue and I moved on from a manual to an automatic that helped a lot in daily drives as well as long distance tours.
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Default Re: Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story

Originally Posted by n.devdath View Post
More photos from the sides, the rear and interiors will be nice to have.
Will try to upload some shortly.

Originally Posted by n.devdath View Post
Knowing Hyderabad's chaotic traffic, why didnt you consider the AMT?
Originally Posted by lionell View Post
With your back problems an automatic would have provided you more relief, I had a similar back issue and I moved on from a manual to an automatic that helped a lot in daily drives as well as long distance tours.
With relation to the Autobox options, the only sensible ones were the Brezza and the Nexon. Nexon was way too cramped for my taste, and the engine felt strained. Brezza, I did test drive, but it felt as if the gearbox was not allowing the engine to perform to its potential - changing gears just before the turbo kicks in - thus killing its driving ability completely.

Also, the back problem arose more due to the slouched seating position as against the clutch use - so went for the Truck.
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Default Re: Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story

Nicely penned review. Even I think you should've gone for AMT since back pain can get aggravated due to prolonged & repeated usage of the clutch. I sincerely hope it does not, in your case.

Reach home and the happiness is shortlived - Better Half mentions that I should have bargained for INR 1800 - I guess all married TBHPians have faced it - if not please share the tips so that I can protect myself.
Thou art man, thou shalt never know.
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Default Re: Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story

Originally Posted by superbad View Post
Nicely penned review. Even I think you should've gone for AMT since back pain can get aggravated due to prolonged & repeated usage of the clutch. I sincerely hope it does not, in your case.
Thank you for the compliments. Luckily for me, it is not the case. The back strain is due to the improper seating posture due to my height and body structure. Repeated clutch usage did not cause any additional strain in any way.

Also, I was somehow not very comfortable with AMT's. Tested the Brezza, and felt that it was not allowing the engine to perform - and had to shift into Manual mode during the TD itself.
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Default Re: Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story

From a Figo to a TUV3OO, I could so well relate to your experience and findings. Wonderfully detailed post and I totally agree with almost all the points mentioned. You will find the TUV surprisingly comfortable for the long highway drives too. I really like the new blackened bits and especially the blacked out headlamp which brings a better sense of proportion to the front end. I was intending to swap, but then I chanced upon the new ones from the 2019 facelift and so I wait.

Congratulations! Wish you many happy and painless miles in your new TUV.

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Default Re: Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - Mahindra TUV300 T10, the complete story

Nicely penned review there sir. I find that my extended family doesn't mind using the 3rd row seats. It's definitely sub-optimal, but it's not horrible for us at least.

Most importantly, congrats for pushing out this fine review. I've kept my own review in cold storage in the assembly line since March 2018. I haven't quite received that spark yet to finish it.
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Default Re: Purchasing my RedNBlack Truck - TUV 300 T10 - The complete story

Reach home and the happiness is shortlived - Better Half mentions that I should have bargained for INR 1800 - I guess all married TBHPians have faced it - if not please share the tips so that I can protect myself.
There is no escaping that. All we helpless souls can do is to nod our head in agreement.

Congratulations for your new acquisition. Wish you a lot of happy miles.

May I ask how is the condition of your back now. Also please stick to an exercise routine daily for your back as would have been advised by Doctor. It will also help to alleviate the condition of your back.

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