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Old 10th December 2009, 20:00   #16
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Default Congrats

Nice review. I am yet to get my Manza quadrajet ABS next Week (Minimal Gray).
Please post pictures. Waiting eagerly to see Manza with Alloys you got.
What is the FE you have got in first 500 Kms?
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Old 10th December 2009, 21:19   #17
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Default Lol

I have seen 3 Manzas in Mumbai till now 2 Reds and a silver. I hope the red ones are not in demand as i intend to buy the red one by march 10 Congrats Sunil on the new Manza, The First black one on T Bhp. Post some pics post 22nd mate.

Cheers. Drive Safe
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Old 10th December 2009, 22:40   #18
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Good review - fair and unbiased. Please do update this thread after your first service or at about 5K kms. Enjoy your ride!
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Old 11th December 2009, 01:29   #19
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Congrat Sunil. Nice unbaised review

Do keep posting about your experience with Pictures. Such reviews will help all the prospective buyers to take a well informed decision.

I think slowly the Manza ownership threads are on the rise.
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Old 11th December 2009, 03:19   #20
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GTO's review mentioned it clearly and your review seals the fact that Manza is one of the best (if not the best) car on this side of 10 lacs, when it comes to comfort.

Sunil, could u share the breakup of the cost and post some pics too buddy.
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Old 11th December 2009, 11:04   #21
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post some pics comparing it to the altis also!
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Old 11th December 2009, 11:22   #22
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Congrats mate!

A really well written review. Manaza was launched the day I was taking delivery of my Safari and my wife liked it so much, that she was willing to drop the idea of buying the Safari and go for Manza.

Well, even I like the Manza a lot, but then an SUV is an SUV.
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Old 14th December 2009, 16:55   #23
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Congrats on the buy, that too a Black Manza. Wanna see in flesh.
The report is really amazing straight from the heart. Was not able to digest when comparing to Altis.
How is the drive in city conditions? Was it similar to Linea or is there any change in the in-gear acceleration.
Buddy pls post some as well.

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Old 14th December 2009, 17:45   #24
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Congrats Sunil and a real nice write up!! Have a friend who owns an Altis, would love to see his face when I show him your review, specially the comparison to the Altis
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Old 21st December 2009, 12:56   #25
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List of things expected
1. Pics of your ride
2. Comparison to the Altis as someone mentioned above
3. Updates on what is happening with the car. You still cant be at 500 kms??
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Old 21st December 2009, 15:13   #26
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congratulations on your new car, sheer joy of space that TATA provides in all their cars.Nothing beats them in their price range.Much more improved quality that manza offers from tata stable which surely makes one look into this car.It does turns heads which i have seen.Pictures awaited.
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Old 30th December 2009, 20:59   #27
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Originally Posted by Sunil Albal View Post
What is really amazing is the ease of driving this vehicle in city inspite of it being a diesel. There is no sluggishness that was present in the Indigo. In the first gear, release the clutch and the vehicle immediately responds like and eager kid off to play. It almost feels like a petrol engine. Tata seems to have worked extensively on gear ratios and low end torque because there is no more hassle of changing gears at signals. At full load of 5 passengers, the vehicle still managed to pull away easily in the 2nd gear. Also the pickup of the vehicle is simply awesome and so is its handling. In fact both of them encourage you to push the vehicle a little more and it is actually fun tearing across ghats and winding roads. Also the higher the speed, the more smoother the engine feels and sounds. As you pull away from the traffic or accelerate on the open road, power delivery is extremely smooth.
Congratulations on your new TIM Aura ABS, Sunil, and finally I've found someone who speaks my language, till now I've been beaten black and blue by guys who insist that TIM is dull to drive including the 'holier than thou' ACI. Since you're an actual owner having driven hundreds of KMs in the TIM, and given the fact that you also own an Altis, I am inclined to take your word for it and give you a thumbs up, man
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Sorry for the delay. Here are the pics of my Infinity Black Manza with alloys. I am not exactly a fan of fabric seats, so had leather upholstery added; making sure the seat covers' shade matched the interiors. Pics of the same are added too.

Also had my 1st servicing done. Some points I felt like sharing:
TATA seems to have learnt from competition. Earlier, getting our Indica and later Indigo serviced was quite a nightmare. Long waiting for appointments, very little care taken by the dealers so as not to soil the interiors. At times we had to instruct them (and give it in writing on the job card) to wash our vehicle after servicing. However, this time round, SURPRISE! I received a call one day before due date to remind me of servicing. I asked them to collect the vehicle from my place and the service person was at my place on the specified time!! the vehicle was taken for servicing and returned in the evening. Another SURPRISE!! my Manza was polished from outside, vacuumed from inside and they had those brown sheets saying "Happy Journey" (a la Toyota) placed on the floor mats for both the front seats.
This could be because both our last vehicles were from Pandit Auto and this time, Manza is from B.U.Bhandari. The service level may defer from dealer to dealer (though this should not be happening and there should be set procedures) Nevertheless, better late than never. I do hope TATA extends this level of service consistently in future.

Currently on a near 1000km trip to Shegaon (in Vidarbha region). Will get back and give a detailed take on how ma baby behaves on long journeys......
Attached Thumbnails
500 kms on my Infinity Black Manza (Quadrajet Aura ABS)-car2.jpg  

500 kms on my Infinity Black Manza (Quadrajet Aura ABS)-car3.jpg  

500 kms on my Infinity Black Manza (Quadrajet Aura ABS)-car4.jpg  

500 kms on my Infinity Black Manza (Quadrajet Aura ABS)-dsc00617.jpg  

500 kms on my Infinity Black Manza (Quadrajet Aura ABS)-dash.jpg  

500 kms on my Infinity Black Manza (Quadrajet Aura ABS)-seat1.jpg  

Attached Images
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The ride of Manza in city is way better than earlier Indigo. However, if I were to compare it to Altis it would feel a little on the stiffer side. Though a direct comparison would be unfair considering that they belong to different categories, here is my take on both of them.
Driver Comfort:
If you were to drive, then the first thing that separates Altis and Manza is the refinement. The travel of clutch, brake and accelerator of Altis is smooth and precise. On the other hand, Manza's clutch is a little hard, and the accelerator a bit too soft. The travel is not that smooth with the pedals giving a resistive feel. Engine noise is negligible in Altis and pretty clearly audible in Manza. But its unfair comparing that as Manza has a diesel heart. Another point clearly noticeable is the power steering. While driving in city, Altis steering is extremely light. This makes it easy for quick rotations in tight situations. On highway, as the speed increases the steering slowly tightens for better control. Manza steering is a little on the stiffer side (strictly speaking in comparison to Altis). However, some do prefer a stiffer steering (my mom for example) as she believes it give better control. The driver's seat of Altis wraps around you. So you have a seat which supports your back as well as a little on the side (Latissimus Dorsi and Teres Major Muscles for Bio guys out there!) which keeps you in the seat even on tight turns. The Manza Driver's seat is harder and less contoured. Also the driving position is a little on the higher side as compared to the low ride stance of Altis.
Passenger Ride:
Altis ride has a more cocooning effect as if the entire car has melted around you and is trying to isolate you from the outside world and keep you comfortable in your own little world. The bumps and potholes are hardly audible. If you manage to take your ride through a bigger pothole, the passenger would feel a "soft" feedback of the same. Its almost as if the car is trying its best not to disturb you!! Manza on the other hand does not have this "dampening" or "soft" effect. The car does not lose its composure on rough roads and easily absorbs any undulations or potholes that the road may throw at it. Unlike the silence of Altis, the muted thuds are audible. However on an extremely rough road, with lots of crests and troughs, the ride does tend to get a bit bouncy.

There are a few more areas I would like to compare both; like steep and curvy ghats and ride at 3 digit speeds. However, since I am putting my Manza through the paces on this trip, I shall give a comparison on these parameters once I get back.

Hope this review is helpful.....Plz let me know if any more info is required.....
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Congarts on your car - fresh design and nice interiors are surely an welcome break from the usual Tata cars.
BTW, whats your wheel/tire size/make? is is 14" or 15"?
The wheel + tire looks a bit small compared to the size of the sedan.
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