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My new (pre-worshipped) Tata Sierra turbo

I got to drive my beast around finally, and boy does it satisfy. I just love the way this beast feels to drive. In the city, I hardly need exceed 2200 rpm, the turbo rarely gets an oppurtunity to kick in but it glides. The whistle of the air intake totally blows my mind away. The car feels like a truck when you drive but thats the fun of it (Regal and Rolling).

But take him out on the highway and he sudddenly comes alive. Smooth is an understatement to describe its feel at higher speeds. At 2500 rpm you feel the turbo kick in and it rockets you to 3000rpm where it delivers quite some torque. Reaching its top speed of 130 kmph is really no sweat, it does it with ease and feels good at that too. I've had so many circumstances where i'm doing 130 and the engine still begs to accelerate. Ideally though one should drive this beast at a comfortable 80-110 kmph.

I've changed the worn out tires to Geolanders, stock size. Changed the entire clutch assembly (I'd like to spoil my own clutch). Apart from the initial fuse and power window hiccup, which got totally solved after I replaced the wrongly rated fuses with the right ones and of course lubrication of power windows.

Before I bought the car i was contemplating buying a small car. I had a tight budget and could only either get a very used Old Zen or Wagon R or the likes. After dilly dallying for a month, i decided to go for this beast and trust me, I dont regret it one bit now. The best part is that everytime I need to travel, it puts a smile on my face. Now thats what i really wanted.

These are the updated pics.

Attached Thumbnails
My new (pre-worshipped) Tata Sierra turbo-dsc_0036.jpg  

My new (pre-worshipped) Tata Sierra turbo-dsc_0197.jpg  

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Sierra looks stunning Advyth! More pics and details regarding kms and prices please.

Thats a really rare colour and Subhache also had one in Mysore in the same color.
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Nice car! how much did you pay for her? Also need interior pictures!
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Boss! Time to quickly do some limbu-mirchi pooja, else meri nazar to pakka lagegi.

Have all those small cars and ricks and stuff for lunch and dinner with this beast.

Well, congratulations on buying a beauty hard to find in pristine condition.
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Thanks for the appreciation. More pics of the engine bay and interiors on their way. The car had run 76k, but the engine was absolutely spic and span, like some non aggresive driver had kept it regularly running at very decent rpm levels. I got this adorable beast for 1.4L. I'd say i did pay a little more than most (definately) but I really couldn't help. Especially after all the beat up second Sierras in the market. The car has been repainted from white sometime in its life, it was as if it was repainted to attract my attention. Love the colour too. Oh and its a Year 2000 make.

The interiors are wholly stock and appear a bit faded because of exposure to sunlight. It was stripped of all the Hi-Fi ICE in it before sale. Now because of monetary constraints, i only have a sony co-ax 500w (140 RMS) and a Sony Xplod HU.

Yeah the whacko bangalore auto rickshaw drivers actually stop now. Its unbelievable. I've been driving around my dad's Fiesta for ages and it still gets bullied by Auto Ricks. But this, is awesome. And to top it off, i've changed the stock horn to a non-shrill, low tone horn. Which sort of sounds more like a pickup truck or an suv.

Thanks again for the appreciation guys. Glad to be a part of an autoholic community.

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great find man . it looks stunning. please post some interior snaps
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Amazing find Advyth! The color looks good and like already said, very hard to find it in this color. 1.4L is a good deal if it was a well maintained vehicle.

Congrats and Happy mile munching with the Sierra!!!
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Hey Advyth,

Really lovely looking Sierra. It's really adorable. Happy driving.

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Hey Advyth! the color definitely suits the car very much. Sierra had such clean understated looks. Yours looks in good shape, nicely maintained.
Congrats for the Sierra. Hoping that it would serve you for another lac kms.
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Great selection there Do you have a High Security Number Registration Plate (HSRP) at the back? Is there any other car in India having 2 rear wipers?

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Now here is a guy who made the decision to buy the Sierra from heart. Congrats on your decision and hope u have many happy miles with her.

I hope the color change has been noted in the RC. Waiting for more pics and an extended report.
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Not really a Tata fan, but have always liked the looks of the Sierra.
Nice Sierra you have there, man.

What if Tata re-introduces this vehicle (same looks ie.) with a Dicor heart ? Would it do well ?

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grreat buddy..!

Congratz on your sierra.Its a beast all right and does pack some road presence.
More wider tyres would have looked killer maan.
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Great buy there. It definitely gives a BIG feel while driving around. Have some good memories of the Sierra in which I used to go to college in with my friends, and those great drives to Ooty in it
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Thanks guys for all the wishes. All the compliments have really made my nose itch with pride.

I wish to completely utilise the car. Drive it to its grave eventually. Its hard not to develop an attachment with this car when it somehow feels so darn personal.

@supremeBaleno - I've even considered swapping the engine to a new age VTT or the Dicor since the Sierra's engine bay is big enough. But the problem is not the engine bay or the fittings, the problem is the wiring and the electronics. So if TATA ever... EVER decide to relaunch a new age Sierra, then swapping the engine shouldn't be a problem at all, once i aquire an engine i.e.

Thanks Lsp, the Sierra was truly a heart choice. And i'm so loving it for that reason.

Will post the interior snaps in a day or two (Just plain stock interiors really, though neatly maintained).

@Shanty - I wanted to upsize the tire man, but found out that i'll have to replace the mudguards with the 207 model or increase the ride height, both of which needed a little time and money, which i can safely say was lacking at that point. So i decided i'll put stock sizes and later add alloys to go. There are plenty of stuff i want to do with this car, all in due time.

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