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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

The Ciaz explanation helps clear it up. My recommendation would be to go for the Yaris. For all other purposes I find the Yaris over-priced and under-powered. But in your specific use-case it sits bang on. What I lie the most is the sense of safety and assurance I felt when I sat in / drove the car. Don't like the Hondas one bit. They feel rather slight of build. As much as ingress and egress in hatchbacks and CSUVs is easier, my parents end up hating their drives in tallish cars. Sedans feel so much more comfortable and relaxing contrarily.

or as someone else suggested, buy a used Altis.
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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

Since it will mostly be chauffeur driven the bulk does not matter. Once in a while it will be self driven so an AT is a must. Considering the water logging that happens in Mumbai during monsoons and also the pot hole ridden roads immediately after the monsoons I'll recommend get a used AT Harrier, Hexa, XUV500, Crysta. They will also provide a comfortable and safer drive on the expressway. Thank me later.

I am from Hyderabad and i am in Mumbai for the last 3 years. Every year during the monsoons i seriously wish i had a SUV. During monsoons many a times i have to take long detours to avoid knee deep waterlogged roads. Even in those detour stretches there will be 1 to 1.5 feet water which i have to cross hoping my Linea won't get stranded. Have seen many expensive BMWs and Jags stuck in water and then being flatbedded. Can't imagine the service repair bills. If i were a Mumbaiker i would have definitely bought a SUV. Fortunately, my stint in Mumbai will be over in a couple of months and this is the last monsoon i will be seeing here.

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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

Given the budget is around 15 lakhs, do consider the Nexon Petrol AMT. ingress / egress may be an issue and can be fixed with side steps. 5 star safety rated, solid build, small form factor (< 4M) nice interiors and enough space, I can go on but you get the gist. I am living with one for 2 years now and will recommend this.

If a sedan, then City. You have the ciaz now, verna is too cramped and Skoda / Volkswagen aren’t reliable enough
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Originally Posted by bharatbits View Post
I'll recommend get a used AT Harrier, Hexa, XUV500, Crysta.
Point taken. Crysta was the ideal car had it been even close to the budget. I will have to get the ingress/egress signoff from mom. A used one will also do though finding a good one might be a hunt.

XUV is too firm when we tried it out in 2016. I doubt anything has changed. but will give it a try. Harrier had it been within budget would have been a top choice. But to stretch the budget for the Diesel AT and then risk with Tata Niggles & Service makes it unattractive.

Originally Posted by PrasannaDhana View Post
I am just curious as to what issues you have faced in your current ciaz. Is it a diesel shvs or the petrol?

Another great choice is the S-Cross. Reliable, spacious, comfortable, well built and safe.
We have a Diesel SHVS. Niggles- Suspension issues (can be because of roads), rattles. It was the most VFM choice as the 2016 city did not impress me in the interiors and the premium City wanted as no way justifiable. We might just look to replace it with a petorl AT variant.

S Cross backrest of the backseat was "too vertical" for my Dad Note we were coming from a manza then. Nevertheless, it is my favourite car from the Maruti Stable. Will definitely have a look at the petrol one.

Originally Posted by Cooltronics View Post
What we are looking at

a) Hyundai Creta or Kia Seltos AT

b) TATA Nexon AT

c) Hyundai Venue or Kia Sonet
Yes Nexon does slot into my requirements. Considering we loved the Indica V2 & Manza, their backseat comfort & space does have a have respect in our family. Cant see the creta for more than 10 seconds. Hence it's not on the list. Seltos is on, so is sonnet/venue.

My Long Shortlist (not in order of preference) so far:

New: City, Yaris, Ciaz, Seltos, Sonnet/Venue, S Cross, Brezza, Jazz, Baleno, Amaze (for its Diesel CVT), Harrier(risky), Duster/Kicks-1.3l Turbo (We loved the comfort of Duster in 2016, but interiors were simply horrible; will have to check reliability/service), Verna, Nexon

Used: Corolla, Crysta, Jetta (the one for the dream)

Originally Posted by Aravind_M92 View Post
I believe you'll retain the car for another 5 years, by then your dad would be around 65 years old I suppose.

look out for electric vehicles which might hit the markets soon!
He is much younger at 73 hence I was very specific to use the words "finally hanging up his boots"...

Had they been staying with me, an electric Nexon would have been their dedicated car. I am sceptical about electric car reliability and my own understanding about the Technology. I dont want an experimental car in the hands of a chauffeur. That does give me an idea for getting a electric one for myself...

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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

Since you are looking at a Toyota(Yaris) I would any day recommend a used Corolla (2014 onwards) over it. For your usage, petrol makes sense. What you will get is superior build quality(even the tyres are Made in japan Yoko) and Toyota peace of mind. I had taken test drive of Yaris, City and Ciaz(in 2019) and their build quality was definitely inferior after seeing corolla(in comparision only).

When i was hunting for a used Innova/fortuner, i mostly found abused cars with heavy mileage(70-80k+) where as a sedan such as corolla typically has low mileage and lesser abuse. Hence i settled for a Corolla instead.

If you are looking for new car, i would suggest you to look for the SUVs for the back-seat comfort and ease of ingress/egress. Sonnet/Venue/Nexon/Brezza should be a good pick(unless you are keen on bigger car image)

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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

I would recommend to go with Jazz, because getting in and getting out for elderly people is very easy.
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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

As mentioned by most here, retaining the Ciaz is the best option financially and practically.

If I was in the position I would stick to Ciaz as well as I neither want my dad to have any financial burden on him post retirement nor allow him to put a dent in his post retirement savings.

If I was to gift him a car then I would get him a premium hatchback that is large on the inside or even a compact SUV as the dimension of the car is much better manageable as he gets older and would find it less cumbersome to park or drive in dense traffic if he cannot avail the driver.

Easy and a car cheap on maintenance is also crucial as he would want to spend much money every time on maintenance or issue

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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

On a practical note: Anybody living in Mumbai will tell you that all roads aren't built equal - some have potholes and some have craters. And then of course, come the mini Arabian Seas being formed in various parts of the city.

Since your budget permits, a C-SUV option will be more practical and comfortable for your parents, given the higher ground clearance, better shock absorption capabilities and better ingress-egress.
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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

Even I am facing the same dilemma while choosing a car for my aged parents. The car will be mostly chauffeur driven. We have to drive for almost 8 km on a national highway before reaching our home. So a safe car is a priority considering large trucks and express buses ply on the highways.
I am stuck between Hyundai Creta automatic and Honda City CVT.
Which of the two cars provides easier ingress and egress?

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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

Any updates on the purchase decision?

If not decided, I would suggest you to think about retaining the ciaz. It's just 4 years old and will definitely still feel fresh inside.

Beyond the 1 lakh km mark, there is roughly about 70k routine maintenance expenses that I spent. To be specific - clutch, timing kit, suspension and it inclides replacement of 2nd set of tyres too.

Beyond that, the car will be as good as new and since it is already an acquainted car for your dad, he will still find it comfortable to use. Major advantage is the superior ride quality that the car has. At most it must have a few rattles, but by now, you would have gotten used to it. I find the ciaz extremely reliable, from my personal experience, having a 1,22,000 km run ciaz still in perfect running condition as a daily driver.

Any new C2 sedan or C SUV will cost you 15 lakhs on road and it's up to you to decide if it's worth to spend 8.5 lakhs more (assuming 6.5 lakhs resale value for ciaz) on a new car, when the additional value you get from it will just be the "new car feel" and may be some extra features.

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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

Originally Posted by Anupam2019 View Post
Which of the two cars provides easier ingress and egress?
This ingress egress talk is a myth i feel. Most of the daily driver cars are easy for ingress and egress for any age group. My grandma never complained be it a City or Swift or old Baleno whatever. And still if you need any further clarification the only thing left to do is go to showroom with your parents and ask them to check it out. No way the ingress-egress issue can be sorted out through a verbal communication, and I repeat that this ingress-egress talk is a myth with normal cars. Most of the cars doesn't harm you on this issue!
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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

Originally Posted by PrasannaDhana View Post
Any updates on the purchase decision?

Beyond that, the car will be as good as new and since it is already an acquainted car for your dad, he will still find it comfortable to use.
Point taken that dad's comfortable with this car and will be most accustomed to drive this one in cases where chauffeur is not available.

The decision has time to finalise. I am looking for opinions on reliability which will be crictal for the amount of usage & time spent in the car. If we don't like anything in the market or we find the options not bang for the buck, we will of course retain the ciaz

The key change in the buying process is that I dont have the want to do endless test drives and want to keep the funnels precise. Internal Discussion has shortlisted City, Yaris, Jazz, S Cross, Seltos & Sonnet. We will either pick it up in March or December which ever favours the decisions
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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

I see that you are open to used cars too, why don't you consider checking out used Honda CRV petrol automatic, it's spacious, reliable, and comfortable. Only task is to find a well maintained petrol automatic CRV.
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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

Originally Posted by 1.2TSI7DSG View Post
require a car to be kept in Mumbai even for occasional usage. It will be mainly chauffer driven and occasionally be driven by dad - back seat comfort for a 6 ft is a must; automatic is a bonus. Running will not be higher than 10 k a year with occasional trips to Pune- highway safety becomes a must.

Option 1 - Honda City

Option 2 - Toyota Innova Crysta
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Default Re: Retirement Car for my Dad!

The requirement for space, reliability and fuss free ownership would drive out many C2 segment cars leaving only Ciaz and City. While City may appear appealing with futuristic styling et-al yet the truth still stays that the over all package is very new and hence unproven. Some of the 4 gen city owners will tell about issues like water seepages etc among initial batches. Spares from big H are not cheap either.

The 2018 Ciaz has been around for some time and has ironed out all issues (remember the steering issue or the recent ISG recall etc). Its features such as all LED head/ fog lamps, 195 mm profile tyres, Smart Hybrid tech etc, are all utilitarian than being just sidepieces. Chances of picking up a lemon is very rare. Yes it does not have 6 air bags (and does away with just two) or the (rather dangerous) sunroof, but then one needs to introspect for their priority.

Ciaz 1.5 is as reliable as a City I-vtec is. The difference lies only in air in hair / pushed into the seats feel, which in any case may not excite many like me (as it induces motion sickness to back seat passengers).

By chosing Ciaz you get almost all what City is, plus few useful things, minus few unnecessary ones, and above all one will save a few Lakh rupees which is very important to hard earning people like me. But since your family seems to look for something different, the City may fit the bill yet closely.


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