100000km with my Fiat Linea TJet: A decade of fuss free happy ownership

I generally get the detailing done annually. This time I also got the bonnet repainted since it had quite a lot of paint chips.

BHPian abhi_tjet recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Linea finally completed 100k kms today. It actually took 10 years and almost a month(24 days to be specific.) to reach this figure. This is the first time any of our automobiles has reached this figure.

This is the first car bought by me and my better-half. It’s special.

I wanted the 1 lac odo count to appear on some new route and not the mundane office one. Visited Tukaram Maharaj’s abode Dehu to mark the occasion.

Temple parking:

Got this figure at Christmas Eve:

Got the desired figure when I was about to reach Dehu:


Clutch replacement:

The clutch replacement was preemptive since it had became quite hard. The gearshift was still ok though but I anyways got it changed at 98500 kms.

The new and old A mount:

Clutch old and new:

Along with it, also took the opportunity to replace the A mount since it’s a tedious task otherwise. Accordingly, apart from B mount, rest 2 mounts are now new.


I generally get the detailing done annually. This time I also got the bonnet repainted since it had quite a lot of paint chips due to all the highway trips in recent years. Also, since it was repainted in mid 2017 after an accident. The paint job done by Pune FASS was not up to the mark and once it started deteriorating, I thought of getting redone it again.

Chose Aquatint for the job and they did it splendidly. There new store in Baner is quite close to my place, so that helped as well:

As much as I was happy, they too were quite elated to work on a Linea with a somewhat rare color. It had been a while since they worked on a Linea:

At home:


Continentals are serving nicely and apart from a puncture sometime last year have completed 11000 kms since I purchased them in May 2023.

Got the wheel alignment done, balancing and tyre rotation as well after the detailing activity.

Reached Darshan tyres, Baner for the task:


The left strut pad is still making sound. Stellantis has still not been able to find an OEM who can manufacture strut pad for its old models.

Some Trivia:

  • The last 50k kms got covered within 4 years. - Linea clocked 19000 kms in 2022 itself. It’s the max I have covered in a year.
  • The milestone of 50k came in early 2020, 60k in mid 2021, 70k/80k in 2022, 90k in mid 2023.
  • Car is still on stock suspension, stock AC compressor, stock discs/rotors(this has all wheel disc) - the front ones have been skimmed once.
  • Blue and Me finally gave up one fine day suddenly when I started the car in office parking during evening to return from office. It happened last month and I am using a FM modulator now and more than happy with its performance.

I am very happy to report that apart from regular service, replacement of wear and tear items - all’s good. Hoping it stays same and intend to keep this beauty for long.

Just didn’t get enough time to click some decent pictures of the beauty in a broad day light. Thanks for reading guys!

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