1800 km road trip in Tata Harrier: 18 observations including mileage

The SUV struggled in an inclined patch of slush. In comparison, a Mahindra XUV500 2WD climbed with no problem.

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Hello All,

Here is a short review after 2 months and an 1800 Round trip to the Nilgiris from Goa.


  1. Mile cruncher, can drive long distances before needing a break
  2. City mode sufficient most of the times
  3. Sports mode recommended while on ghats (Climbing up & down)
  4. Extremely poor performance in even the slightest of slush+incline. All the traction control gadgetry kicks in and we are going nowhere. In comparison, the 2WD XUV500 MT climbed this patch with no problems. I had to abort and wait for the rains to stop.
  5. Highway speeds attained in no time
  6. 18" wheels in my XZA+ are a bit bumpy on uneven concrete roads
  7. Handles well in winding mountain roads (for an SUV that is)
  8. Braking even with all 4 discs is adequate
  9. Average lighting, not recommended for long night drives
  10. Good wet weather performance
  11. Annoying beeps, too many of them (AQI is the most frequent)
  12. Park Assist Error showed up once and cleared by itself
  13. Infotainment is extremely buggy and has gone blank many times, CarPlay is more of a half-baked inclusion
  14. Ventilated seats could have been better
  15. Memory seats randomly adjusted to a position never set by me. 2 instances
  16. Driver display keeps flickering once in a while
  17. Overall FE during the trip 13.6Kmpl
  18. The car was much more refined after the 2-2.5K mark

Note: Total Kms run 3500, completed 1st Service before heading on the trip.

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