1st impressions of Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder, post showroom visit

We have shortlisted the SUV as a potential purchase, but waiting for the test drives to begin.

BHPian CarManMotorcycl recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

So, the Hyryder has been shuffling around different Toyota showrooms in India and this week it landed in Pune, so I had to go to check as it is one of the cars on our shortlist. Entered the showroom to a sea of people around the car as expected so it is not possible to go into detail and I don't even want to as the others have already done.

First Impressions

  1. The car does not look as big in person as much as it looks in the pictures.
  2. They couldn't have picked up a better colour (I like blue) as it really was eye-catching.
  3. The boot space is small, not much of an upgrade over our present car.
  4. The design is striking and will certainly appeal to the masses, the upper faux grille reminded me of the Toyota Harrier. The alloys are stunning to look at.
  5. Backseat is an absolute disappointment for me (6'3), I could not even get to sitting straight. Legroom I felt was adequate.
  6. Space in the front is satisfactory enough for an average Indian, there is enough adjustment for you to get comfortable.
  7. The steering wheel has a Toyota logo but the interior screams Suzuki to me! The Window switches, the HVAC system everything seemed like a Suzuki. Even when you lock/unlock the car it has the typical Suzuki sound.

Will decide on the Hyryder once I get to test drive it because having already experienced a Hybrid in the Camry, I have hopes for the powertrain.

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