20,000 km with my VW Virtus GT: Would I buy it again today

The car returned a round-trip fuel efficiency of 15.5 km/l for a distance of 510 km. I used to get almost similar or lesser mileage in my VW Polo diesel.

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1.5 yrs | 20,000 KM update

Hi Folks,

Recently my GT completed 1.5 yrs and I took the car for a general checkup. Although it had run just 5k km after the general service done last year, I have made this a habit since my Polo to get the car checked once after 6 months just to check if all entities are working well.

VW have a 40-point checklist, which they do during the general checkup. No issues were reported except that the front pads might need replacement in the next 6k KMs which is approx 25k KMs to which they said to get it done during the major service this year. Battery was reported good with no major signs of it degrading.

While I was at the service center, I was looking at the accessories available for Virtus and got the puddle lamp installed, it really looks cool at night. Everyone from friends and family who have seen the puddle lamp has appreciated the way it looks and it enhances the upmarket feel. It costed 4000 INR and required a wire cut, everything was properly done and masked.

After the general checkup, the car was taken to Turtle Wax for the annual pampering. Ceramic coating done last year was due for a top coat at Turtle Wax. This includes external detailing, and removal of minor swirl marks and I got interior detailing done as well as the car was 1.5 yrs old now. Work done was excellent as always and the car shines better than when was brought from the showroom. Will share the pics in the end.

So after the top coat, we did a short trip to Mumbai from Pune and despite driving for around 200 KMs in Mumbai city's pathetic traffic the car returned a round trip mileage of 15.5 for a distance of 510KMs. I used to get almost similar or lesser mileage in my Polo which was a diesel.

Now coming to the performance, I have been praising the ride and handling balance of these VW 2.0 cars since the beginning and with time I can say nothing comes close to them in their segment if performance is a priority. Car remains extremely stable at high speeds, never makes you feel that the engine is doing some kind of workout to help you overtake. Brakes though drum brakes at the rear have that reassuring bite, comfort at the back is good and the seats hold the passengers really well if 4 people are in the car.

Got a GT badge for the steering wheel, similar to the GT Sport Edition recently launched by VW, looks cool. Good thing about any VW car is the number of modifications we can get which never makes the car look older adding to the timeless designs.

Finally, if given a chance today would I buy a Virtus GT again? Absolutely YES. Adding some pictures of the car and the mods done.

Thank you!

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