Is the 2013 Ford Explorer still comfortable as a family SUV?

Ford never retailed the Explorer in India. But BHPians overseas share their experience with this vehicle, and how it performs even after a decade of manufacturing.

BHPian vigsom recently shared this with other enthusiasts. 

This is a brief account of my off-and-on experiences of travelling in a 2013 Ford Explorer. Every time I've travelled in this SUV, I've been in awe of the vehicle's all round capabilities, but the one thing that appealed to me the most was its utility - of passenger comfort in all three rows, and a usable boot.

A brief on this vehicle

1. Year of birth 2013

2. Kms done 3,36,000

3. Engine and Transmission 3.5L V6 Duratec with a 6 speed automatic tx.

4. Major jobs till date - power steering rack replacement

What's so special about this vehicle?

Most SUVs have a huge negative - a high floor pan that translates to below average comfort for occupants. It is a known issue in most of the SUVs in India that comfort stops at the driver and co-driver's seat. Second row comfort is average, while the third row is non-existent. In the Explorer, all three rows offer good comfort, and the surprise here is the third row. Let the pics speak.

View of the cabin from the third row - six folks seated in supreme comfort

The dipped floor pan for the second row like a sedan - ensures good under thigh support

Third row - note the headrest which moves through slits - can just be pushed up and pushed down as required

Superior seat bolstering

Leg room in third row - I'm about 5ft 8in

Ample boot space with the third row in place

Door Keypad - unlock the car door using the car code and lock by pressing the 7-8 and 9-0 keys together

View from the driver seat

Instrument Console

Engine Bay

Exterior views

Summarizing it 

This Ford Explorer is the only SUV other than my own wherein I've travelled in all three rows - and must say this car has always blown me away with the sheer utility and comfort on offer. The reason I put this short experience up was in the hope that we in India get a similar cabin in one of our upcoming SUVs/MUVs. Only the Xylo has come close to this thus far!

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