Jeep Compass gets a major service at 1,41,500 Kms

Jeep Compass has received a major service at 1,41,500 Kms which includes replacement of Flywheel, Clutch, Transmission-Mount, Oil Sump Repair Work, Regular Service (Engine Oil/Filter, Air filter, AC filter, Fuel filter Replacements, Brake cleaning etc)

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With Extended Warranty coming closer to an end and ODO at 1,41,500 Kms, I decided to get a complete checkup done and do the regular Oil/Filter service. Along with this there were few issues to be attended too.


1. Rattling sound from the inside rear-view mirror. This is random.

2. Passenger doors don't get unlocked under few scenarios. I must manually unlock. 

3. Clutch hardness, this is manageable though.

4. Steering rack needs to be checked, there is an occasional humming sound (while taking extreme right/left, not always though). Couldn’t reproduce this issue during the test drive with the technician.

5. A mild vibration than usual felt at idle and randomly while changing gears.

6. During the last service the technician pointed out a very mild seepage in the oil sump, so I asked them to fix this issue as well

7. Regular checks and Oil/Filter changes to be done.

8. Brake Pad disc to be checked and cleaned

PPS, Bangalore - As usual, I got the servicing done at PPS, Electronic city itself. 

Service Details:

After a thorough test drive and check-up, approval for below work was undertaken,

1. Replacement of Flywheel under Extended Warranty

2. Since flywheel was getting replaced, I agreed to replace the clutch as well

3. For the oil sump seepage, the sealant to be replaced under Extended Warranty

4. There was a crack in D-Mount (Transmission Mount), so this had to be replaced.

5. Brake oil to be replaced

6. Oil/Filter, AC filter, air Filter, fuel filter to be replaced (part of regular servicing)

7. Wheel Alignment/Balancing to be done at Madhus

Here are some pics,

When I dropped for the service

The old and new flywheel - There is a design change

Clutch Plate – I could have pushed this further but with flywheel being replaced I decided to get the Clutch replaced as well. There is a design change when compared to the old one. 

Oil Sump – The seepage can be seen. They replaced the sealant which was covered under Extended Warranty

Transmission mount – It’s a big crack and probably the cause for some of the vibrations.

AC Filter

Air Filter

Fuel Filter

Brake Pads – Its 40K Kms since it was last replaced

The Rear discs and brake pads are still on stock and they are good.

Impression after the Service:

The difference was felt the moment I cranked the engine, the NVH has gone down and its more silent than before. The clutch is super light and the driving experience took me back to day 1 of this ownership. The pickup has improved majorly. With better NVH, the smoothness can be felt when we accelerate little aggressively. Its only after the clutch change, I was able to feel the level of hardness of the previous clutch. 

The lock issue was fixed and the humming noise from the steering is not coming anymore. As per the technician this sound was from a cut in sheet inside the wheel arch that was hanging and was rubbing the tyre when I take extreme right/left. They cut this damaged part so that it doesn’t rub the tyre anymore. I have not faced this issue so far after taking the delivery after the servicing. 

They have fixed the IRVM rattling noise as well.

Dent to my pocket:

Clutch Plate: 21784/- (Labor charge was covered as a part of Flywheel replacement)

Clutch Spring: 7278/- 

Flywheel – Covered under Extended Warranty (Parts + Labor charges)

Oil Sump sealant replacement – Covered under Extended Warranty (Parts + Labor charges)

Transmission Mount – 4100/-

Brake fluid - 830/-

Regular Service (engine oil/filter, air filter, ac filter, fuel filter, brake cleaning + Miscellaneous) – 19,355/-

Total: 53,347 /- 

My biggest service bill till date. However, considering that I was able to extract some good life out of these stock clutch and flywheel, I am satisfied. Also, the extended warranty came in very handy. 

My experience with PPS for this service:

Considering that this was a major service + a new team at PPS, I didn’t push for any aggressive timeline to get my Jeep back after the service. Sometimes, the approval for Extended Warranty itself takes time. So, from the time EW items got approved, they took two days to complete all the work. Due to my work schedule, I couldn’t collect the vehicle immediately after the work was done. I went after a day to pick Scarlett. 

I did a thorough test drive and confirmed that all the complaints were attended and fixed. They kept me updated with the status during the service period. They didn’t push me for any unnecessary work. 

Overall, they did a very good job.

Wheel Alignment/Balancing @ Madhus:

As usual, I got the road force balancing and wheel alignment done. After balancing the tyre rotation was done. I noticed one TPMS had gone kaput. This required replacement but they didn’t have stock. So, I ordered one directly via Sensairy website.

40K Kms done with these tyres and they are still good. 

Breakfast Drive:

After this service, I was looking for a short drive on the highway and got a chance to drive with few of my friends for a breakfast at Hotel Dhruvathare on the Hassan route. As mentioned above, the flywheel, clutch and transmission mount replacement has shown a big difference in NVH and pickup has improved a lot too. It was a fun drive with varied speeds and a quick sprint. I enjoyed the drive.

With this major service out of my way, I am looking forward for many more fun filled drives.

Some pics during the breakfast drive:

With paragsachania, speedsatya and my friends

ODO @ 1,41,764 Kms 

With this major service out of my way, I am looking forward for many more fun filled drives.

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