2022 Audi A4: Drive system fault & how I solved it

The fault seems to be due to poor quality of fuel used and they found no other issue with the car.

BHPian vidzy recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I recently was driving from Pune to Karjat and suddenly got this warning message on my instrument cluster. I am attaching the picture. When I gave my car to Audi service Pune, they called after inspecting the car ( in 3 hours after taking my car) and told me it was an issue due to poor fuel quality. He asked me which fuel did I fill and my answer was V-power Shell. He was very quick to tell me, DO NOT USE SHELL, we need 95 octane for best performance of our car and burning the fuel properly and told me to use any other fuel from BP or HP but not Shell. He also told me that few of his other clients also encountered the same issue hence the advice he gave about the fuel to be used and the cause of this warning sign.

I am not sure if this is the actual reason hence seeking advice and help from you guys!

Here's what BHPian sauravpat had to say on the matter:

We have completed 9.5k kilometres without any issue using HP/BP normal fuel. Not power or speed or anything. That being said we also have not used Shell fuel. I am not entirely sure of the cause. Better to let more experienced people comment.

Only thing that comes to mind is the Kodiaq thread where there was a fuel pump / fuel quality discussion going on couple of months back.

Here's what BHPian goenkakushal had to say on the matter:

Sorry to see this yellow Exclamation !

Yes there have been reports about Shell using fuel additives which the VAG engines do not appreciate.

I have also completed 9k kms on Normal HP/BP pumps.

Were you still able to drive the vehicle with the error?

Here's what BHPian manson had to say on the matter:

Over 12K on the odometer on fuel from HP and IOCL without any similar issues or warning pop ups. I've read somewhere that the fuel burn cycle adjusts itself with the ron rating of the fuel its fed.

Earlier I'd mostly tank up at familiar HP fuel stations but since the Audi I've visited IOCL more often but haven't been very lucky with the availability of the XP95. That said when available the engine certainly feels more eager and crisp on the XP95 diet.

BHPian vidzy shared the following update:

Got my car back yesterday, boy how much did i miss my macchina!

I also managed to get the fault log from Audi service which I am attaching with this post. The fault seems to be due to poor quality of fuel used and they found no other issue with the car

In an email to me they also mentioned this "fuel to be used Unleaded fuel only, with the min grade of RON/ROZ 95 Super premium."

Now I am not sure if Shell V-power is with grade 95 but i think they are, so clearly the issue is not with shell but I feel this one particular case the fuel i got filled was adulterated.

I was very adamant with the service team that everyday hundreds of Audi's fill fuel in Pune from random fuel stations and if they got such complaints and warning signals before from any other client to which they said 1-2 not more. So i told them in my case this might be possible that the fuel i last filled might have been really poor and I will avoid that pump henceforth but if the same issue arise again then you guys need to check my car, its fuel system etc. Cause if this is the problem of fuel than you must be getting a lot more complaints specially from the BS6 cars sold in the last 2 years.

I hope this was a one off case and I do not get to see that dreaded yellow warning sign again ever!!

The protocol followed by Audi to rectify this problem was to remove the entire fuel( i literally did a full tank on the same day i got this warning signal :( , clean the fuel pump and re-fix it. They did keep the fuel in a storage can and handed it over to me saying i could use this in some other car ( does this make sense??).

This issue and rectification service costed me 10k (got them down from 15k) as this was not a problem of the car of manufacturing defect but a problem due to an external factor( fuel quality) so my warranty, extended warranty and service pack for 3 years did not help!

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