2022 Maruti Grand Vitara Delta variant: 10 observations by an owner

The displayed fuel economy already is 17kmpl. I have added accessories worth Rs. 45K too.

BHPian Bhinder recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I bought the Grand Vitara Delta variant a couple of weeks back and thought to share a few pointers:

  • The car in its sigma and delta variants are complete value for money (~13.5 lacs on road with some accessories for the delta)
  • Its a perfect car for sedate drivers or for people who are chauffeur driven (holds true in my case since my parents will be using it with the driver)
  • Absolutely not recommend for torque lovers and for people who like to cruise at triple digit speeds on the highway (although its ideal if one just cruises on the highways at 80-90kmph and in the city it does the job quite well for folks who don’t overtake a lot). As a side note don’t see any point driving fast and accelerating on Indian roads given the high number of accidents
  • The displayed fuel economy already is 17kmpl (covered around 900 km, of which 300 were on the highway)
  • For people in NCR the strong hybrid is a no brainer, although currently there is no rule in my hometown of Chandigarh but its just a matter of time it’s introduced here (most likely next year). 15 years is a given for this vehicle but due to hybrid tag (all be it mild) there might be a further increase in the number of years for hybrid vehicles.
  • Maruti’s ownership is absolute peace of mind which is an intangible and not accounted in the price ( I sold my 2010 swift vdi driven 1,70,000 for 1.75 lacs, also put my 2011 i20 sports crdi on sale which was going for 1.90 lacs). The point being the i20 was ~1.5 lacs more expensive, bought a year later and with 40k less on the odo and in a good condition still fetching just a handful more than the swift which again should be accounted for in the decision making in some way
  • The car simply does not make a sound, I have 3 diesel cars so took me a while to figure out if the car is switched on. The noise insulation levels while driving are also on point
  • Got some accessories worth 20k and additional alloys worth 45k. Post this the car looks totally complete in about 14lacs
  • Made the booking and got the car in 4 days from CM Nexa Mohali. For folks who want an early delivery, try paying a large chunk upfront
  • Build quality is definitely better but to be honest not at par with creta ( there is a general trend to judge build quality just by the weight and the thud ). I might be proven wrong if the NCAP score turns out to be a 5

I hope this helps some members making or cancelling the decision to buy the Grand Vitara.

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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