My VW Virtus GT after 2 months & 3,000 km: 5 good & 2 bad observations

Its doors are lighter than the Polo or Vento but still, they are much ahead of what the Korean & Japanese brands offer.

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The GT has completed two months and 3000 KMs now. Happy to report that I have not experienced any issues. City drives are smooth and highway drives are FAST when needed, overtakes are easy with the right leg just waiting to get down.

After so much fun, I had to gift her back something. Got ceramic done last week. It surely does turn heads out on the street- I see too many Slavia's on road compared to Virtus (that too GT), so lesser GTs could be the reason but full marks to VW for sticking to their design language-Striking and Sporty.

The Good

  • Looks - Though subjective but it definitely looks sportier than its competitors.
  • Performance - Nothing comes close, even VAGs 1L is more than enough until you reach 120-130, 1.5L on the other hand is just phenomenal.
  • Handling - Yes, the Vento/Polo were a tad better but this seems not far behind, the engine has to be coupled with great handling to make things perfect which is the case here.
  • Efficiency - Have been receiving 18+ KMPL consistently with 4 onboard and full luggage, could not expect more for such performance. City drives are returning 12-14.
  • Build - The car feels well put together, doors are lighter than Polo/Vento but still much ahead of what Koreans or Japs give. Few inconsistent gaps can be seen though. The 5-star safety rating from GNCAP for MQB-IN platform cars-Taigun/Kushaq recently was the final flourish needed. Thank you, VAG for not diluting products for India.

The Bad

  • Rear Camera - I thought only Honda City provides such a crap rear camera but then I myself bought something which gives pretty good competition to City on that front.
  • Lights - While the low beam is pretty good, the high beam seems useless-nothing much seems to change when you change beams. Within the city, low beams serve well but when roads are empty on open expressways, the high beam does help which seems almost non-functional.

Few snaps after the ceramic

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