2022 Tata Safari: Found a hole in engine manifold during 1st service

Suffering from low fuel efficiency, inconsistent pickup and performance lags.

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I had purchased a brand new Tata Safari (Chassis MAT631590NPA50653) from Lakshmi motors, Velachery, Chennai and took delivery of the car on February 11, 2022. My new car had completed the 1000 km and was due for the first free service as I was in Kerala I had left my car for the first free service at Hyson motors, Guruvayoor, Kerala.

My complaints of poor milage and infrequent drop in the pickup of the new vehicle were given to the service advisor. On inspection of the vehicle, the service team found a hole in the engine manifold intake and told that this had to be replaced under warranty as this was a manufacturing defect of the engine. Since the service was done in a Tier II area, the service centre did not have the required part to be replaced and requested a 15 days time to replace the faulty part with manufacturer defect. As I was travelling back to Chennai I had told them that I would get it done in Chennai.

I have contacted my dealer Lakshmi motors, Velachery for the replacement of the faulty component due to a manufacturing defect and they are not able to find a suitable part in Chennai to be replaced.

I kindly request you to help me with this issue, as it is a major defect on the engine supplied by Tata Motors and has hurt the fuel economy of the car delivering 8 km/l in the city and 13 km/l on the highway. The pickup is also inconsistent due to this issue with lag in the performance and sudden bursting sounds coming from the engine. There has also been a carbon deposit on the engine and I am attaching photos taken from the service centre with the hole in the engine manifold.

I am totally surprised how a brand new car could report such an issue in the first service of the vehicle. There has been no proper quality control from Tata Motors in the delivery of the new car and I was provided with a faulty engine from Tata Motors.

The car is presently at Lakshmi motors service centre ECR, Injamabakkam in Chennai. I had left the car at their service centre on February 17, 2022, and they are saying that the car spare parts have not reached the Pune plant. They had assured me of a delivery date of today and they are postponing the issue as the spare part has not yet been received by them from the Tata Pune plant.


Here's what BHPian Kosfactor had to say on the matter:

I don't think this happened in the factory because the vehicle won't pass emissions and roll out.

Assumption - The place where the air gets hot enough on the intake side to melt through the manifold, as well as the turbo heat shield, is only if exhaust gases heated up by the DPF regen system make their way through the EGR and reaches the intake side. The vehicle must have overheated in that case I guess, hope we get to know the root cause.

Here's what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say on the matter:

Before the Tata bashing gets out of hand, let’s not forget that this same engine made in the same very factory also powers the Hector and Compass. This is a very unique fault that has happened. I have never heard of the engine manifold developing a hole, ever, in any vehicle, any make. And it cannot be a QC failure at the factory level, the engine would never pass emission tests.

This has to be a metallurgical failure under use, which is a rarest of rare occurrence. Sheer bad luck on your part that it happened in your car. Tata should however audit other engines of similar vintage on a proactive basis and issue a recall if needed.

Other affected engines, if any, might be under the hoods of MGs and Jeeps.

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