22000km with my Creta IVT Adventure Edition: 4 pros & 3 cons observed

This is the first non manual car I am owning in life. It was a big relief especially in the notorious Mumbai traffic.

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Hyundai Adventure Edition (Petrol) IVT SX(O) . 22000 km review:

  • The Vehicle: Creta AE IVT SX(O) Petrol
  • Date of purchase: 06.10.2023
  • ODO: 22235 as on date(15.03.2024)

Every single person have their own hobbies. And here I am who has a passion for driving. All of my road trips after the purchase of my very first vehicle way back in 2009 were meant to enjoy driving. Believe me, I never ever thought of the destinations because, rather than destination, my preference was driving. I spent unaccounted amount of time in driving seat, slept countless number of times in driver's seat in petrol bunks and spent huge amount of money in feeding my vehicles and maintaining them. People call me crazy which I thankfully acknowledge.

I started driving at the age of 27 and had been continuously driving for last 10 years(except 5 years of my foreign stay). After the recent trip I am happy to share that I have driven 500000 kms on Indian roads with my 5 vehicles I owned till date. I love all those 5 vehicles the most as each one of them served me the way I was expecting. I treated them as of my own family member with maintaining those as regular intervals, keeping those clean and enjoying every second I sat inside those.

A brief history of vehicles used:

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R VXI(Petrol) Manual:

The very first vehicle I owned was Maruti Suzuki WagonR, way back in 2009 while I was posted in Mumbai. The vehicle was used as a regular commuter in Mumbai from Borivali to BKC on a daily basis. Used the vehicle for 3 years with ODO standing at 134000 kms while I sold it. I did 4 trips to Kerala in those 3 years from Mumbai with my better half and my daughter who was an infant during those days. I sold the vehicle in 2012 as I had to relocate to Hong Kong due to my official obligation.

Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXI(Petrol) Manual:

I returned back to India in February 2017 and the very first thing I done was purchasing of a car for my usage. The swift was my companion during that time. The vehicle again was used extensively during my ownership tenure of 3 years. It took us across all the south states of KL, TN, AP, KA and GA number of times. Whenever there was an opportunity of long weekend or holidays, we used to take it for a spin. As a result the ODO was at 128000 kms when I decided to sell it in June 2020.

Hyundai Creta Phantom Black(SX) Manual 2020:

The itch to upgrade from Swift ended up in having a black beauty at home. Creta was full of convenience when I upgraded from Swift. The whole driving dynamics changed for me and the passion for driving increased multiple times due to the purchase of Creta. I was posted at Chennai and Creta became my companion on my every drove to Kerala. The personal responsibilities back home ensured that I had to drive once in a month from Chennai to KL. During my ownership period of 2 years, I drove more than 20 times from Chennai to Cochin by Creta. Moreover we have multiples number of trips to Pandarpur, Mumbai and Goa. All these resulted in Creta clocking 145000 kms in 2 years time.

Mahindra Thar HT Petrol MT 2022:

Jeep was always a dream vehicle for me and as a result I ended up in owning a Mahindra Thar in June 2022. The vehicle was used for all my fun drives. Even though I was situated at Chennai, I had a Thar group back in Kerala who were mostly engaged in off-roading. Whenever I got opportunity, I made myself available for off-roading camps organised by them across Gods Own Country. It took me to remote places in Kerala, gave high level of driving satisfaction and the most importantly abundance of confidence. Unfortunately I sold it in June 2023 as I was transferred to Mumbai and was looking for a BH registration, with ODO was at 72000 kms.

Hyundai Creta 2023 Ranger Khakhi (DT) IVT Petrol:

The quest for a new vehicle on transferring to Mumbai ended up with Hyundai Creta AE. My wife fell for it at her first sight plus we already had hassle free experience of owning a Creta. So we decided to go ahead with it and we bought the AE of Creta on 06.10.2023 with BH registration. It is my daily commuter to office at Nariman Point from my residence at Seawoods.Now as on date the vehicle clocked 22200 kms .

The car was purchased in October 2023 from Sharyu Hyundai, Navi Mumbai. The delivery experience was good with team providing me every update from the date of booking. PDI was done as per Team BHP provided list and ODO was showing 13 kms while doing PDI. I use the car for my office commute and on a daily basis it is covering 80 kms to and fro. In addition I already did two Mumbai to Trivandrum trips and a couple of Mumbai to Goa trips.


  • Handling: This is the first non manual car I am owning in life. It was a big relief especially in the notorious Mumbai traffic. The auto hold function is an added advantage too. On the highways, since being a NA engine, I was missing the initial punch. But slowly after gaining speed, the car was a fun to drive. Even at triple digit speeds, handling was good. I never drove it above 110 km/hr and I always love sedate driving with some music on.
  • NVH: Very low levels of NVH of petrol engine ensured the driving at 100 km/hr smooth. The stock JK tyre noise was only the exception when the speed exceeded 100 km/hr.
  • Comfort: The sole reason my family is inclined towards this vehicle. It offers sheer comfort for both front and back occupants. The drive was joyful with soft touch suspension, automatic climate control(chills out cabin fast), The cool glove box, the user friendly and hassle free touch screen and panoramic sun roof(kids enjoying the most). The back seat occupants are also having AC vents and arm rests which added to the convenience.
  • Boot Space: Had sufficient boot space which can easily carry two trolleys and a couple of carry bags.


  • The vehicle felt a bit of lacking confidence in speeds north of 110(only once tried but never exceeded 120 km/hr). The steering was not generating enough confidence at speeds above 110 km/hr.
  • Hyundai could have used more soft touch materials in the cabin for 20 lakh plus vehicle. Most of the parts in the cabin felt of missing in quality.
  • The notorious 3 star rating of the Creta is always there as a negative which is already discussed a lot here.

Overall I and more importantly my family is happy with the vehicle, I am planning to keep this for a bit more time than I kept my previous vehicles. The sedative driving nature of mine is making this purchase a good one.

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