2500 km with a 2022 Toyota Glanza AMT: 12 things I don't like

Claimed fuel efficiency is 23 kmpl. The overall average for 2000+ km is 17.25 kmpl with 80% usage in state highways and 20% usage in the town.

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I own a 2022 Baleno Glanza AMT S. It has done 2,500 km currently. I would like to write down my ownership experience thus far, so that it is useful to potential buyers of the Glanza:

Given below are the problem areas, or aspects that I don't like about the car:

  • Claimed fuel efficiency is 23 kmpl. The overall average for 2000+ km is 17.25 kmpl with 80% usage in state highways and 20% usage in the town. I make a note of all fuel fillings and km run, and this is the average from Fuelio App. The fuel filled by dealer before delivery and assumed fuel filling at plant has also been factored in. A/c turned on 90% of the time, and car having only 2 passengers most of the time.
  • Currently, 19.5 kmpl is displaying on my instrument cluster for the average F.E. I have never seen it get to 20 kmpl so far, or may be I didn't notice it. Lets see. So far I have never driven on 4-lane or 6-lane national highways.
  • AMT tends to get confused between 4th and 5th gear in many situations. It would shift to 5th and if you suddenly press the acc. pedal to overtake another vehicle, it will drop to 4th and then go back to 5th again. Such changes leads to small lags, and drop in acceleration when overtaking. The same situation occurs when ascending bridges. Better switch to M, mode in such situations. As other members pointed out, there is a slight lag in gear shifts.
  • When climbing some large speed breakers, the AMT doesn't shift to 1st gear. It stays in 2nd gear having a rubber band effect when you move out of a speed breaker, with some strain on the engine and clutch. At such situations where there are many speed breakers in the route, I use Manual mode and down shift to 1st when fully slowing down just before or after crossing a speed-breaker, and then continue in M mode.
  • There is wind noise above 90 kmph with all windows closed. It is not annoying, but slightly irritating.
  • The seats feel too soft. Could have been little more firm for long distance drives. Some people might get back aches with such soft seats.
  • I felt the projector headlamps are not bright enough with stock bulbs. It looks like the beams have a bit of spotlight effect. Normal headlamps which have more light scatter look brighter to my eyes. In projector HIR2 halogen bulbs there is only one filament of 55W rating. There is no 60W filament/rating. This reduces brightness a bit I suppose. In projector head lamps, the high beam / low beam is controlled by a screen which goes up and down, and not by one or two filaments going ON in conventional halogen bulbs.
  • I have noticed a bit of door window glass buzzing sounds at the seals in some uneven bad roads.
  • The wiper blades are not the smoothest I've seen. The wipers make rubbing noises when you use windshield washer to wash and wipe.
  • ABS is noisy when it kicks in on sudden braking in undulated roads with stones and gravel.
  • The engine doesn't co-operate if you want to sudden acceleration in tight overtaking situations, even in M mode. Don't attempt it! This is not a performance oriented machine.
  • You need to find plastic water bottles that suit the profile of the doors, else you have RATTLES. If you use stainless steel water bottles, there is more rattles and need to match the profile of door water bottle holder exactly. You never have such problems in Hyundai cars.
  • The doors and hinges don't feel so rugged to me. When you open the doors, especially the front doors, you get a feeling that they are sagging a bit on their hinges.

I shall update new experiences as we go along. As for the good aspects of the car, it has been covered extensively by the media, and reviewers. Nonetheless, I shall cover this in future posts.

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