25,000 km with a 2022 Toyota Fortuner: 12 likes & 9 dislikes

I get a mileage of 11-12 kml with ~50% driving on what passes for a highway in Mumbai and the rest on city roads. On a full highway run, managed 16 over 240 kms of 90kph cruising with a full load.

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Here's a short review of my 2021 4x2 AT Diesel Fortuner

Jul 2021 - Dec 2022, 25000 km done

What I like:

  • Excellent power delivery. It has an answer to every question my right foot asks.
  • The autobox is not rubbish (my alternate daily drive is a GT TSI)
  • The Eco, Normal and Sport buttons actually make things happen. Eco is usually enough, Normal for when i'm feeling adventurous and Sport is just annoying.
  • Mileage! I get 11-12 with ~50% driving on what passes for a highway in Mumbai and the rest on city roads. On a full highway run, managed 16 over 240 kms of 90kph cruising with a full load. (Have a pic to prove it)
  • Aircon does the job in any conditions. (Never tried the heater)
  • LED headlights are fit for purpose (but feel inadequate to 'compel' an oncoming driver with full beams to dip his lights)
  • Great vantage point from the driver's position with enough adjustments to satisfy most people and cooling for your derriere to boot
  • 3rd row can actually seat people (even if its only kids) without having to break a leg
  • Overall the seats feel nice and supportive (mine are black)
  • Powered tailgate. Because I'm lazy.
  • Enough cupholders and cubbies to stuff with old toll receipts and expired insurance documents
  • Lastly, the engine sounds exactly the same today as when it was brand new. (Maybe Tata has lowered my standards)

What I don't:

  • This is not a car to be driven in. You will bounce around, sway around and generally be uncomfortable. Especially if its just the driver and you. This car was bought to fit a big family on weekends and my wife could be driven to office in during the week. That lasted all of 1 month (she has a long daily commute) and we ended up buying a sedan for her. Be sensible, sit up front.
  • The car takes a noticeable jerk when you change direction from R to D or D to R. Even with your foot firmly on the anchor. Workshop says its because "the engine has too much torque" and it happens to all these cars. Its annoying.
  • The 3rd row seats rattle to hell when folded unless they're cinched real tight. I just leave them down with the tops flipped down
  • If you fold and then open the 2nd row seats, they don't always lock firmly and you get an annoying rattle while driving if the 2nd row is empty. Have stopped the car innumerable times to fix the seat and stop the noise.
  • Trip info display on the ICE head unit is just confusing. Cant scroll through current-trip stats, since-refuel stats and since-reset stats without changing the display setting.
  • ICE head unit feels dated. (Apple Carplay helps)
  • No wireless Carplay in a 2021 car sold for just under 50 lakhs
  • Flappy paddles in a 2+ ton truck? Really?
  • Ordered the 360 camera / terrain monitor with the car, they said it wasnt available. Just saw a colleague's new car that had it installed - called the dealership, its not available! bizarre for a product they sell for 50k.

Service experience has been satisfactory. They remind / I call, they book, car goes, car comes back. As they say - On Time, In Full.

In hindsight, would i buy it again? In a heartbeat. Just not for my wife

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