6 years of luxury: Our Lexus ES300h replaced our Skoda Superb in 2017

The Mercedes E Class EWB has more legroom at the back than this car.

BHPian V.Narayan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Bagheera the panther turns six; 62,000 km

A cleanship and photo shoot for the birthday girl.

I love this car and its sleek feline looks. And unlike the German 3, there is an exclusivity about a Lexus that I am immodest about.

Bagheera in her Sunday best

Front quarter looks, right side displaying the subtle butch lines.

Left side looks without the benefit of the sunlight

Cockpit. The woodwork is in pristine condition. Not just my love and care but really it is Lexus’s quality control

Rear seat. Decent legroom. An inch less than the Skoda Superb she replaced in 2017. Mercedes E Class EWB has more legroom than the Lexus ES300h. For me and my wife rear seat leg space and seat comfort, soft ride are paramount. I often sit at the back while she always sits at the back unless I am driving.

Side door, inside. I never use that netting shade. Wife puts it up all the time.

Front seats. The leather has worn marvellously all over except the driver's seat which looks jaded.

Basement parking slot. Note the 15 amp socket point installed for the EV to come {one day!}. I had these installed while the building was still under construction 14 years ago on the presumption that the wiring will be hard to organize later.

Waiting under the porch

Farewell readers till the 8th servicing review in a few months. Thank you for your goodwill these 72 months. The car is maintained by engineer Mr. Sanjay Baluni of Lexus Delhi whose hard work and excellent service over 6 years deserve a mention in the credits.

Photo credits to my daughter who as she is a working lady now does not need pin money for her efforts any more.

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