Lexus ES300h clocks 76000 km on its 7th birthday: Still as good as new

The sheer elegance of Toyota's engineering reliability and the flawless 7 years of service I have enjoyed, make it impossible to buy a German or a JLR model.

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Bagheera, my panther - 7th birthday, 9th service, 76,000 kms under the belt

On 2nd April 2024, Bagheera turned 7 years old, clocked 76,000 kms and was sent for the 9th service.

It is a testimony to Toyota's quality standards that the car still looks and performs as almost as good as new.

The 9th service was a routine one. Cost Rs 57,000 and change. Total expenditure thus far on servicing, routine spare part changes and new tyres (3.5 years ago) come to Rs 402,000. This translates to Rs 5.29 per kms or ~Rs 57,400/- per annum. For an entry-level luxury car, I am comfortable with this kind of budget for maintenance.

The front fender panel on the left side got dislodged a bit thanks to some erratic riders in Delhi NCR. That was fixed with needing a fresh panel or paint. The service included a ceramic coating top up. The tyres are good to go for about another 10,000 kms.

Bagheera runs like a panther, purrs like a kitten and has no squeaks or rattles or niggles. The after sales service remains top-class with no effort to sell spares or extras. I must mention Sanjay Baluni the engineer who has maintained the Lexus ES300h all these 7 years. Other than being a competent engineer, he is also a very pleasant person to work with.

Serviced, washed and posing in the sun

Rear profile showing raised dickey to compensate for the rear mounted batteries

The cockpit. I like its retro look. Or am I making a virtue out of necessity!! The Lexus's woodwork quality is to die for especially the matt finish and within that the bamboo version. In my erstwhile career, we operated, maintained so many executive jets right up to the Gulfstream VI and believe me, none of them have the sheer woodwork quality of a Lexus, especially in matt finish.

Where I spend at least half my time in this car. The leather of the rear seats is the one it came with. The front seat leather covers I changed in July'23. I wish Lexus had fancier-looking carpets. They are hard-wearing but… I think I'll consult my wife, she has an eye for taste.

Another example of the woodwork. I love it. The Japanese call this craft Takunami.

Showing off my left profile. The sheer elegance of Toyota's engineering reliability and the flawless 7 years of service I have enjoyed makes it impossible to buy a German or a JLR model. The reliability spoils you.

The best angle to photograph this car from. I have some deeply cherished memories associated with Bagheera and intend to keep her till the law permits me - 15 years as of now I guess.

Sayonara, till we meet again on my 10th service. Thank you for reading.

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