60-day limit to pay your Traffic Challans

According to a media report, the government is planning to set a limit of 60 days for the payment of fines for traffic violations. Failing to do so will result in a suspension of activities related to the licenses of the drivers and registrations of the offending vehicles.

It is also reported that offenders who are caught for a fresh offenses with unpaid challans will be treated as repeat offenders and will have to pay a higher penalty. While services like license renewal, ownership transfer will not be possible, applications related to permit, vehicle fitness and taxes will be processed.

According to the draft rules, the government has also laid down rules for seizure of documents. These include offenses like driving a defective motor vehicle in any public place resulting in bodily injury or damage to property, driving vehicle which is violating safety, pollution and noise norms and driving of an uninsured vehicle or one with expired insurance.

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