60K km service of my 3-yr-old Kia Seltos diesel costs me Rs 9,000

I saw a blue Kia EV6 outside the service centre. It's a thing of beauty if nothing else.

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60k km service update

I have been servicing the car at 7-8k intervals as usual and so, the 60k service was due when the ODO stands at 50k. I booked an appointment at Epitome Kia yesterday. Reached the service centre by 8:45am and left by 1:15pm.

Engine oil, oil filter, air filter and AC filter were replaced, along with 2 wiper blades (per my request). Tyres were rotated and the brakes were cleaned up (brake pads passed the health check). Since it was raining, I asked them to vacuum the interiors and give me the car. Overall bill came to Rs. 9204.

I received these images on WA while waiting for the car

Saw this Yacht blue EV6 at the service centre. It's a thing of beauty if not anything else. Reminds me of a blue whale.

My friend got the delivery of his Astor turbo a couple of weeks ago. So we went for a breakfast drive today morning to catch up and check out his car. While there, I saw this diesel mammoth gracefully waiting at the parking. It was running without any number plates.

It was raining and hence, I couldn't click better pics.

The new MG with the old Kia.

Rest of November should be dull, I hope.

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