75,000 km update on my Jeep Compass Limited (O) 4x4

The old timing belt still looked good. The technician did a thorough check but couldn't find any damages.

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75,000 Kms service @ PPS/MPS, Hosur Road, Electronic City:

This one is the first major servicing as it includes the timing belt replacement. The timing belt needs a replacement every 75K. Apart from the regular servicing, there was no major complaints to be reported.

Standard service includes replacement of engine oil, engine oil filter, cabin filter, air filter, fuel filter along with the timing belt replacement.

I updated the service manager two days in advance just to make sure that all the required parts are available and he confirmed the availability immediately. He asked me to come early by 8:45 am so that they can attend my car straight away. I was told that their load has increased these days and it is better to be there early if one plans to stay and get the car serviced.

Service reminder on the MID, 273 Kms short of 15K kms and 77 days to 1 year. This is probably the longest duration between services for me, took close to 10 months.

I was there by 8:45 am and mine was the first Jeep that day. After preparing the job card, by 9:00am they put Scarlett on the service bay:

Front brake pads after 23K kms, this is the second set:

Old vs fresh oil:

Parts for timing belt replacement:

The old timing belt still looked good. The technician did a thorough check but couldn't find any damages. However 75K kms is the mandatory replacement schedule:

Cabin filter:

Air filter, the old one was in bad shape:

After all the required replacements, Scarlett was put on for one final check. I didn’t ask for a wash:

Now it's good for another 15K kms:

Rattling issue:

I do have a minor rattling issue on the front right side door (has been there for a while now) but it is intermittent and difficult to replicate. We went out for a test drive on some bad and rough roads but this rattling sound never happened. It doesn’t irritate me much though. So, we left it as is.

Another rattle I hear is from the dashboard. This is again a very rarely occurring noise.


Clutch condition is good and I don’t see any issues during gear changes as well. It is not light as new but I don’t feel any difficulty while applying the clutch. The service advisor didn’t raise any concern either.


Regarding suspension, since last two weeks I have started hearing a mild ‘Krrr’ sound (like the one which comes when ABS kicks in) intermittently while taking mega speed breakers at more than normal speed. I thought it could be the bumper lip touching the surface but it doesn’t look like that. No issues while taking medium size speed breakers at higher speeds. During the service they inspected the suspension parts but couldn’t find any issues. Will monitor this further and take to the service center if required.

Brake disc/pads:

Brake disc and the rear brake pads are still on the stock and they didn’t require any replacement. Front brake pads were replaced at around 52K kms.

Wheel lug nuts:

Its a known issue with these cap type lug nuts that if the cap gets miss-aligned then it is difficult to remove it. This time 3 had issues and hence got them replaced.


The service was done by 12:00 PM and the final road test and billing took another 45 minutes. No complaints on the time taken for the servicing or the quality of work done. They were very good.

The final bill is 26,733 /-. This doesn’t include the wheel alignment and balancing.

After this servicing, I drove directly to Madhus for wheel alignment and balancing. Not much waiting and they did a good job:

Scarlett with Nikhilb2008’s Octavia vRS and RSUDARSANAN’s BMW 320d. He had come there for a puncture and it was nice meeting him after long time:

Service cost till date:

After from the above maintenance, the tyre replacement costed me Rs.36,900/- This was at 51,180 Kms.

ODO share graph:

Here is the fuel efficiency chart, normally it ranges between 12-17 kmpl. And the MID figure almost matches the full tank method calculation:

 Below graph is based on the overall average FE number calculated after every refill:

Some numbers on fuel refills, fuel price:

Days taken to cover every 5K kms, the usage has come down lately, mainly because our drives have come down since the pandemic:

After a wash:

Looking forward to another trouble free 15K kms.

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