800 km in 3 months with my TVS iQube S electric scooter: Observations

With my riding pattern, I'm getting a range of close to 100 km.

BHPian callvvijay recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

After booking the iQube S variant on May 20th (it was launched on May 19th), I got the vehicle delivered on August 26th - so, today marks the completion of 3 months.

I was initially told that I would get the delivery in the month of July. But, there were no words either from the dealer or from TVS. After making some mail escalations, I was able to get the delivery.

Now, regarding the scooter - I have driven more than 800 km in the scooter in these 3 months and it has been really a pleasure riding it. Pretty smooth and fun to drive. My drive is mostly inside my locality with occasional rides outside - like, I have taken the scooter to the office (which is around 10 km from my place) a couple of times.

While I drive in a mix of Eco and Power modes, my wife & dad drive it only in Eco mode. With this kind of pattern (80% in Eco and 20% in Power), I am getting a range of close to 100 km.

Things which are not so good:

  1. Heavy - the scooter is quite heavy. There is no way you can lift the scooter when parked in a congested area. Thankfully, the reverse mode helps here.
  2. Tall - The rear seat is a bit tall (not so much). But for folks who are lesser than (say,) 5'5", it is a challenge to get on the scooter.
  3. No provision to install the ladies' handle/grip that usually sits on the rear-right side.
  4. No way (or at least that is what I was told) to install a small basket in the front footboard area. I have a TVS-Scooty which has a small carrier in which my wife would usually put her mobile and wallet while riding. In iQube though, we will have to open the under-seat storage for everything.
  5. Sometimes the DTE doesn't show the correct reading. After plugging out of the charge, it would show 105 km. But, even after riding for some 10 km, it would still be at 105 km. This is not the usual pattern though.

On a lighter note: My family has become an unofficial brand ambassador for TVS iQube. We are regularly stopped by folks on the road who are interested to know more about the scooter. A couple of days back, while I was riding, a gentleman who was in his Scooty asked us to stop and we had a conversation on the roadside for some 15 mins about the scooter.


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