All Audi cars to have a petrol variant by next year


Audi India has announced its plans to launch a petrol variant of all models in its portfolio by the first quarter of next year. This step is being taken to adapt to the changing customer preferences in the Indian car market.

The dropping price difference between petrol and diesel, and the diesel car ban in Delhi have cumulatively resulted in a significant inclination in market demand towards petrol cars. Though the diesel ban has now been removed, the lasting impression it has left on the market has increased demand for petrol cars, as compared to diesels.

Audi has internally estimated a sales loss worth Rs. 760 crore this year due to this change in customer preferences. Higher excise rates for diesel vehicles that were imposed in the Union Budget have further negatively affected market sentiments towards diesel cars.

In order to mitigate these effects, the company will be introducing petrol engine options on all vehicles in its portfolio. Only the A3 and A8 sedans in Audi's Indian portfolio are currently offered with petrol engines. The Q range of SUVs is available only in diesel variants. But Audi's India claims that a petrol Q7 will soon be launched. Moreover, we had recently reported that the company has imported a Q3 petrol model in India for homologation, pointing towards its launch in the near future. Audi will also launch the new-gen A4 sedan next month, which will be powered by a 1.4-litre, turbocharged petrol engine.

Interestingly, Mercedes-Benz India is also taking a similar strategy of introducing petrol models across its portfolio.

Source: ET Auto

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