Alto K10 to 2022 Maruti XL6 upgrade: Delivery & first impressions

The XL6 is a big car in the city for me, coming from an Alto & Activa.

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Took delivery of my XL6 Zeta MT yesterday!

Upgraded from Alto K10 2015. That was one rev-happy monster, I had many fun rides with it. Overtakes at 80 on a 2 lane highway in a heavy downpour, didn't feel insecure one bit. Amazing FE, it cost us less than one flight ticket for a Hyderabad - Bangalore trip each way. However, the 8-9 hour trips were taking a toll on my lower back and knee, so decided to get a more powerful and comfortable car with higher seating

Initial impressions

A steep learning curve, having to drive a BIG car after weaving through city traffic with my Alto almost like an Activa. Apart from that, not as on the feet. Takes a bit of planning for overtakes or inclines, but that is likely part of the initial learning curve as well.

Immensely smooth and refined engine. It almost feels like you're floating on Aladdin's flying carpet. Compared to the older MT that I took a TD on, this one has way lesser traffic noise creeping in. The "pickup" seems to be lesser, however. Suspension is improved, I believe.

About the delivery, the PDI and payment were done the previous day. Took a cash discount for the accessories, and said I'll choose the accessories. The accessories guy came to me all high and mighty, I opened up Maruti genuine accessories website and trashed his price sheet, where all the items were at least 20% more expensive.

  • "Sir you will get the accessories only Sir for that price, for the showroom price we will fit the accessories also."
  • "OK, I will raise an enquiry online and get it fitted for free from your service centre, OK?"

He was much nicer after that. Took me down to the accessories rack and showed me the different qualities of mats and all. He said that the seat covers for the new XL6 have not come yet, and he'll call me once he receives them (the front seats are slightly wider). I will wait for the Maruti seat covers to come, will keep the plastic on till then.

Opted for Maruti insurance to make it a hassle-free experience, however because of some technical trouble (payment confirmation pending from bank), it wasn't. Maruti has tied up with SBI for Maruti insurance with a high premium, so I would advise getting insurance yourself OR agreeing with the showroom to get Bajaj or some other insurance. This delayed the TR and consequently the delivery by almost 4 hours.

Finally, the NEXA stuff. Cake cutting, pictures, etc. The quality manager came up to me with a request to not inform Nexa about the hassle with the insurance. I have planned to write a long scathing email to Nexa though, the "Quality Manager" was least bothered when I was running around on the floor trying the sort out the Insurance and TR, and conveniently popped up to save herself at the end. Not gonna happen.

On stock tires, for now, will likely get Michelin tires around 20k km or so. Will get the reverse parking camera later, as the accessories guy said that the old XL6 camera is apparently not compatible with the new one, need your opinion on this. Interior styling kit also, sometime later.

Now, I am on the lookout for a good dashcam. Any recommendations?

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