Aprilia RS 457 - What is your opinion?

Aprilia RS 457 has caught the attention of most supersport motorcycle enthusiasts. Here's what these enthusiasts have to say about this parallel-twin motorcycle.

BHPian surajonwheelz recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Planned to utilize the extra day of the leap year by checking out the Aprilia RS457.

I need to bend my elbows for a proper Supersport stance, still the bike looks good on me. Or is it the other way round? 

Some observations and points already shared here for Pune.

1. First showroom which will have the RS457 will be A K MOTORS, Baner Road, Pune.

2. Another showroom is planned in Kalyani Nagar (later)

3. Made to order, book your bike and get it in a couple of months!

This is a strange strategy as somewhere down the line, there may be some cancellations and there can be a bike standing in the showrooms. Anyways, I shared my contact with them for a test ride!

The twin spar frame is the highlight of this machine.

These were pre-production models and mostly the ones used by media teams for test rides. Aprilia has not removed the OEM parts branding. Usually these are re-branded.

Suprajit cables

Star RR unit

Horn facing downwards

Not sure what this connector is for?

The suspension observations shared above are also spot on. I tried pressing down the front forks with the front brakes locked but I didn't feel it moving, stiff! Rear suspension movement was felt.

Overall impressed.

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