An Ather 450 owner buys the Ola S1 Pro

I've owned the Ather for a year now and here's how it differs from the new Ola S1 Pro.

BHPian Bhaveshmestry recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got my Ola S1 Pro last week and I am loving it.

I have an Ather 450 Plus too and I love it very much. It's a no-hassle bike with straightforward functions and driving.

I would like to state some differences between the two as I have had Ather for a year now.

The ride of Ola is smother compared to Ather which has a stiffer suspension.

At lower modes, Ola torque is much quicker. On higher torques, Ola is an absolute beast. I live in a small town and have had to drive in hyper mode for more than 5 seconds. You will not be able to control hyper speed in cities or traffic.

Ola looks more like a traditional Vespa, whereas the Ather looks futuristic.

The screen response for both is similar. I guess it's the low powered cheap CPUs companies use to keep costs low. But they both get the job done.

Buttons are much more finished on Ather than Ola which don't feel premium at all.

Ather has a much louder noise than Ola. But the sound is very swoosh like futuristic.

Well, the biggest difference is range. I still don't understand why people made a fuss about the 180 km range. Ather charges more and gives half the range. OLA takes the cake in this. I have paid 1.53 for 450 Plus which was before the Maharashtra subsidy so according to me, Ola at 135 km is a steal and then some.

That's all I can think of. Do drop questions if u have any.

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