Audi e-tron 55 at 4 months & 2500 km: Battery range & other updates

The car has a setting that you can leave it plugged in and it will start charging only at the set time, this works brilliantly.

BHPian Pippoosh recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

So at the 4 month / 2500 km mark (clearly we don't get around much!), all good actually.

It works just fine in the Mumbai rains, high ground clearance / jacking up the car in areas with some water on the road is easy enough and I've not had any worries about water ingress / battery damage at all.

Road presence is of course awesome with those green license plates and we've been stopped many times by people asking about the car, including a couple of cops.

In city range is around 350-360 ish, mainly because you never get to optimal speeds of 60-70 in a city like Mumbai and the AC eats battery if you get stuck in a traffic jam like in Dadar / Sion areas. The 360 camera massively helps and it is a bit of like playing a video game!

Charging is indeed at 22 KW AC - most times we charge at night to take advantage of lower per unit costs (at 5.25 + taxes in Mumbai) between 10 pm and 6 am. The car has a setting that you can leave it plugged in and it will start only at the set time, works brilliantly. We typically recharge whenever we fall below say 100 km of range and stop at 80% charge, which is around 280 km. So effective utilization is 180 km range, which is comfortably enough for a whole week of office / school runs and the last 100 km acts like a buffer if we need to do anything extra.

Only two minor niggles so far. One is the wipers - makes a bit of squeaking noise at low speeds when its say just drizzling. The silence of car otherwise perhaps makes it more noticeable, but it kind of goes away quickly.

The other is really something we knew upfront - Android Auto needs your phone plugged in to do the navigation. If you have a driver, then you either need to ride shotgun or get your driver a smartphone or leave your phone in front while you sit in the rear.

One notable incident we had was we drove under a flyover that was getting painted (we didn't notice it) and then the whole car was covered with fine specks of grey paint all over the body that wouldnt go off with water or gentle scrubbing. Finally we sent it to the friendly Audi Mumbai South service center and after some experiments, they said had to redo the ceramic coating to get it all off - end outcome was that it looks like the event never happened, so all was well. Read Team BHP for guidance on cheaper alternatives to get the paint specks off, but in the end the car was too new for me to want to take chances at this stage.

Adding a couple of pics including one of the charger for reference:

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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