Audi e-tron 55: Observations & battery range after a highway drive

The ghats do eat up battery fast! So we used 97 km of range for 84 km of real world driving.

BHPian Pippoosh recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

One month update on my Audi e-tron 55 quattro:

So we finally took the e-tron out of the city post junior's exams and all. Being the first time, thought we'd do a simple getaway to Khandala from Mumbai. Distance per google maps door-to-door was 84.2 Km each way.

And boy, what an INSANE experience We had read multiple US/UK reviews and tips and tricks about hypermiling in an EV, and folks, this is real in 2022 in India and not a theoretical concept anymore. Stay between 60 - 100 kmph, light foot on the pedal, auto drive mode, ACs at steady 23 degrees, sunroof shut.

At the start: 366 km range on full battery; Real world range is somewhere between 350 and 400 depending on how you drive. The range is estimated based on the last few km you drive, so this is fairly dynamic:

At Khandala: 269 km range remaining. The ghats do eat up battery fast! So we used 97 km of range for 84 km of real world driving:

At the end: 298 km range!! Yes you saw that right, the battery power went UP via regen on the way back, more than compensating for excess draw uphill:

Took us about 1h 45 min each way, mostly because of traffic at the Mumbai end of things and the tolls.

Fun fact: The electricity bill for this trip nets out to Rs. 100 only, while the tolls we paid added up to Rs. 486. So for anyone thinking about an EV today, go for it!!

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