BMW 320d owner buys an iX1 EV: Booking & ownership experience

EVs considered with a budget of Rs 80 lakh - Kia EV6, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Volvo C40 & XC40 Recharge

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I started driving up in an era where fuel was Rs 25-30 a litre, ABS was a type of plastic, and Traction Control was folklore.

The roads were empty, the air was purer .....- Oh god I am sounding like every middle-aged uncle I used to hate!  Cut to 2024

We are an endangered species, you and I. We are lovers of speed. We are devotees of power, performance, and noise.

“Go away”, we are told, “and take your carbon-fiber and your fire-spitting V12s with you”.

There’s hardly a place out here for us anymore, not amongst all the commuters and congestion.

Not in this growing age of safety and restraint, where practicality trumps adrenalin.

Where the ratio of miles to the gallon is championed over horsepower to the weight.

The evidence is everywhere. You and I are being squeezed out, pushed aside, and hunted down at every hairpin turn.

And yet there is hope.

V12, V8s, and Diesel are getting phased out, city AQIs are downright poisonous and car modifications are now illegal. The only thing that remained constant in life is that I still can't afford a V8.

So what car nut with a budget of 80 Lakhs do? Invest in an ICE car and be at the mercy of Pollution Control laws constantly? I present to you, an alternative- The EV.

Put those pitchforks away and hear me out!

I am not proposing EVs because they are enviromentally/economically better. They probably aren't. The electricity in my socket still comes from a coal plant, and the chemicals/life of the battery are potential problems.

Personally, I think that Li Ion-powered EVs are a stop-gap solution - at best. But EVs can be quick. EVs can be fun.

And this is something I discovered in my long search for a new car - (Midlife Crisis Remedy - Help me choose a car for ~80 lakhs)

Choosing the iX1

Power :

I own a 10-year-old F30 320D. It's tuned to stage 1 and I guess would be delivering close to 200 BHP. The new car had to be quicker. And more fun to drive.

Body Type :

Kolkata roads aren't the best. Howrah roads are worse. I don't drive to work and get chauffeured. An M340i would have been ideal honestly, but it would not be great an SUV will be far more used and useful.

Brand :

My 10-year-old F30 still drives like a dream. It's been a joy to own and still brings a smile to my face when I drive it. I also own a 4-year-old Hyundai Tucson. This Korean has had more niggles and issues than the decade-old german, and this is while the Tucson is still under extended warranty.

The Budget :

80 Lakhs - MAX

The Contenders - and the Reasoning

  • The brilliant BMW M340i - I love this car. But it wasn't practical for my work usage. I also already own a 3 series.

     The day I sold the 320d, I found myself a pre-used one and made it my project car.

  • The insanely quick C40 and XC40 Recharge - I loved the power. But the rear seat angle and bone-jarring rear seat ride made these cars a strict no for me.
  • The IONIQ 5 - Great practical car, but not exciting enough - Not enough grunt for my usage.
  • The Kia EV6 - I fell in love with the looks and the power of the dual motor version. But the price and my experience with Korean engineering kept me from pulling the trigger.
  • BMW X3 M40i - Over my budget + dated interiors.
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG GLA35 - Great car - And I was really tempted.
  • And many many more.

In the quest for my perfect ride, I found myself torn between the raw allure of BMW's six-cylinder legends and the pragmatic, yet futuristic charm of other electric vehicles. Budget whispers (read: loud screams) and a soft spot for technology nudged me toward the quick EV options.

The booking process

I had been in touch with the local BMW Dealership for the M340i. In September 2023 BMW announced the iX1 is launching soon. I immediately hit YouTube and saw about 50 reviews. I also requested a test drive of the ICE X1 so I could get a feel of the car and the interiors. I liked what I saw. The iX1 had 313 BHP from Dual Motors, 500 NM of Torque, and all-wheel drive. 0-100 time was 5.6 secs and it came with the new generation BMW interiors. M Adaptive Suspension. The offered range was adequate for my duty cycle.

On 28th September, the car was launched on the BMW website and after recovering from the initial shock of the price of almost 67 Lakhs ex-showroom, I weighed my options and made the booking in Space Silver with Mocha Interiors.

What followed was a 40-day radio silence from BMW. Mid-November, the dealer informed me the car was arriving in their yard. After a quick PDI, I completed the paperwork, and registration proceedings began. I opted for 5 year warranty and 6-year service package. In the last week of November, I took the delivery of the first iX1 in the city.

The BMW dealership - OSL Prestige was professional and pleasant during the entire deal.


In less than 24 hours of taking delivery, I gave the car to PPF. I wanted the car to be protected against daily usage scratches and also wanted to personalized look to the car, so I ended up opting for Matt Garware PPF.

The application was done by WrapClinic and I was very satisfied with the quality of the application. (Note to Mods - I am not commercially associated with WrapClinic in any way)


BMW sells this car in Matt Colour options in other countries, and in my personal opinion, it really suits the car's shape. Given the new Matt look and complete lack of noise, we named this car - The Ghost.

Life with the Ghost

  • This was my first EV. So the complete silence with the instant torque provided a very pleasant experience. The performance is phenomenal and the running cost is negligible.
  • The iX1 has seamlessly fit into my daily life—be it the mundane work commute or those spirited evening drives that make you feel alive. The rear seat doesn't boast a throne's legroom, but it's comfy enough for me to be driven to work in. The silence and lack of vibration in this electric marvel make it a soothing cocoon, perfect for dozing off. It's like being in a library, minus the shushing.
  • Now, the front seat is where the magic happens. The BMW's 2024 interiors? You'll either love them or hate them, but they had me at "hello". Wrapped around the driver like a high-tech embrace, it's got everything I need (though I wouldn't have minded a 360 camera and a HUD).
  • The coffee brown vegan leather interiors, splashed with aluminium accents are edgy and interesting, to say the least. The M Sport seats are like a firm handshake that turns into a hug on the corners. That steering wheel—chef's kiss. And those massaging front seats? Heaven.

Driving the Dream

  • This isn't just a car; it's a teleportation device to joy. Driving dynamics? It's a 313 BHP go-kart! 0-100 in 5. x secs and neck-straining acceleration whenever you want it. For reference, the ICE X1 delivers half the horses.
  • The all-wheel drive and M Adaptive Suspension make every turn an adventure with no drama. All this while the car is comfortable during work commutes.
  • Sport Plus mode transforms the iX1 from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde, surprising everyone with its instant power. It's not just a mode; it's a mood.
  • Even after 2 months of driving it, I still grin like an idiot every time I flex my right foot.


  • I'm not one to hold back, and neither is the iX1. Even without babying it, I'm covering 150 kilometers+ between 80% to 30% charge cycle. The total range for me at 100 percent charge is about 300-320 kms. Sure, a gentler foot might stretch that further, but where's the fun in that?
  • For reference, my 2020 Hyundai Tucson 2.0 AT returns about 8.0 kmpl on the same roads/same run.


  • BMW provided a 3-phase 11 Kw charger and I got that installed at my work parking. It charges the car from 30% to 80% in about 3.5 hours.
  • I also bought a 15 AMP 3.3 KW charger from Amazon for my residence parking. The single-phase charger tops the car up from 30% to 80% overnight - i.e. In about 10 to 11 hours.

Final Words

The iX1 isn’t for everyone. But if you're in the market for a vehicle that marries performance with daily usability, take a test drive. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

So, here it is—the beginning of my journey with the Ghost.

The car shares its interiors with the ICE version and it is brilliantly covered by Team-BHP -

(BMW X1 Review)

Stay tuned, this should be interesting. I'll keep adding more details to this thread - i.e. more photos, living with the car, charging, the BMW app, etc.

Because what's a ghost story without a glimpse into the beyond?

“We are an endangered species, you and I. We are lovers of speed. We are devotees of power and performance. We either evolve or we die out."

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