BMW 630i M-Sports GT or BMW iX1: Upgrading from my 2016 Mercedes C200

I would ideally jump on a BMW X5 as I love that car, but I don't know what justification I can give to my wife and parents, even though I can afford it.

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Hi Team,

My name is Glenn. I am from Mumbai but settled in Melbourne, Australia.

I want to upgrade from my Mercedes C200 (2016). I started by looking at a used BMW 530i M Sport but I am now considering buying a brand-new car instead of a used one. So, I have 2 cars in my mind:

  • BMW 630i M-Sports GT
  • BMW ix1

The dealer I spoke to has offered me both cars in the same price range - some 3-4L difference. That's it. There is a heavy discount on the 6-Series. The on-road price is about 75L. However, I am in a dilemma about which one to buy!

The BMW ix1 is an amazing car. I love the new dashboard and interiors of the BMW iX1 and it's electric too! I have solar at home so it will be just free driving. However, my challenge is that it's a bit too small, and for spending 70L+, getting a 1 series even though electric, is not a favourable scene for me psychologically! Had it been a bigger size, like the X3, I would have definitely opted for it.

I like the 630i too. It's a 6-Series and petrol and drives very nicely! However, it's also a bit too long - longer than an X5. But still, that's not a huge deal for me. However, I feel the interior and infotainment system are a bit old. Another problem is that the 6-Series will also be discontinued sometime soon. So will I be at a disadvantage?

So, I am really in a bit of a fix here! Not able to come up with a decision.

I would ideally jump on a BMW X5 as I love that car, but I don't know what justification I can give to my wife and parents, even though I can afford it. Hence, 70-80L is a safe amount for me to play around with.

Also to consider:

  • I am an NRI and stay in India for ~3-4 months of the year!
  • I have a KIA Carens top spec too for chauffeured drives.
  • The roads to my house are small and 630i will be a nice big car on those roads.

Looking for some productive feedback & suggestions from you that can help me close this deal!


Here's what GTO had to say about the matter:

The 630i is well-priced because it's an old car and to be discontinued soon. The iXi is overpriced because it's a CBU and brand-new tech.

Between the two, go for the 630i eyes shut. It's a big, wonderful, luxurious machine and whoever owns it loves it.

If you want electric, then look at other superior options (Volvo C40 Recharge, EV6, Ioniq 5).

Here's what BHPian Turbanator had to say about the matter:

BMW usually depreciates more than Mercedes, at least here in the North. But a car if it meets your requirements and you can use it for the next 5 years. If your purchase prices are lower, at the time of resale, the loss will be lower. If you are buying a brand new model or a CBU, as in this case, I expect higher depreciation.

Take a drive of both (iX might be difficult, though), sit in the car listening to music, alone and visualize what you like more. Negotiate hard on 6 series across dealers/regions.

Here's what BHPian sirjokhi had to say about the matter:

I would suggest you go for the 630i without thinking twice. It is a very luxurious product with a very spacious cabin. Also if you need help in getting a good deal, let me know. I have good contacts with dealers in Surat. Cheers!

Here's what BHPian TheAllKnowing had to say about the matter:

I am in the same fix with the 6 Series.

I am planning to upgrade from my current Mercedes A200d. Decided to go for BMW. 5 being not available, I test drove 3 series. Didn't like it on below points

  • Ride height is too low for my liking.
  • Center trunk looks way too obstructive.
  • Boot space is same as my current ride.

Next option was 6 series. To keep it short, I absolutely loved it.

My preference was and has always been Diesel. Current line of 6 series is 620d which is a 2-litre Diesel engine. I also got to know that the older version had a 3L engine.

I am okay with taking used 630d, but need to understand if there are any major differences between them, the former being powerful at least on paper.

I request knowledgeable gurus to share their valuable suggestions on this.

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