BMW to re-introduce M Performance power kits in India

Big shoutout to Akshay1234 for sharing this information with other enthusiasts. Thank you!

BMW India will soon be re-introducing the M-Performance power kits for the 320d, 520d, 530d, and X5 30d. These kits were discontinued in the country in December 2014 due to homologation issues, a decision which was hugely condemned by customers.

The BMW M Performance Kits consist of official engine remaps and specific hardware modifications that significantly boost the engine performance. A general BMW performance kit would include a reprogrammed ECU, larger intercooler, redesigned air intake, powerful cooling fan, and a new optional burpy exhaust. This can change the car's character and performance without hampering the car's factory warranty.

The M Performance kits for the BMW 320d and 520d will include a larger intercooler, while the costlier 530d and X5 30d will also get larger brakes at the front. Prices and other details about these M Performance Kits haven't yet been revealed.

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